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Crystal wand

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Your New G-Spot Friend

The Crystal Wand is amazing. I absolutely love the g-spot pleasure that the Crystal Wand can provide. It does a great job of providing two different sensations right on the g-spot for great orgasms.
Great g-spot stimulation, Light-weight, Two different sensations, Comes with instructions
Can be scratched, Pointy end is a bit too intense
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Crystal Wand is a lucite dildo that has an extreme double-curve to it. It's made by Nectar Products. This wand can be used both anally and vaginally. The Real-Size widget is pretty accurate; mine has more extreme curves, but it's about the same size. The wand is about seven inches long and has a diameter of about 3/4 inches, so it's not a very thick toy. The Crystal Wand is made from lucite.

The Crystal Wand comes in a plastic baggie. The plastic baggie can be opened to find the Crystal Wand, the instruction books, and a velvet storage baggie. The instruction book actually gives information on how to care for your dildo, how to use it for g-spot stimulation, and how to use it anally and for prostate stimulation. The baggie made from a single layer of velvet material, and the drawstrings work really well to keep the storage bag closed. The dildo will not fall out.

Lucite is an interesting material. It feels like glass, but it actually is much, much lighter. It "weighs" more like plastic, but the material itself feels like glass. In the name of science, I did decide to bang this up against a table. Pretty hard. It didn't break the dildo at all, but it did leave a scratch in the purple coating of the Lucite, so be careful about knocking this on sharp corners. (This was after the video review, so you won't see it on film.) Lucite does lubricate really nicely, and it only requires a bit of lubricant (if you need any at all). I had no problem using this without any external lubrication. Lucite is very durable and doesn't seem to break - even if I'm trying to break it.

I wanted the Crystal Wand because it was so close in shape to the Bent Graduate. The Bent Graduate and I are in love because it's one of the few toys that hit my g-spot because of the nice curve. I'm happy to report that I can now add this dildo to my g-spot toys as well. It works! It's lighter than the Bent Graduate which makes it much easier to maneuver, but I think I prefer the heft of glass a bit more than the light weight of this Lucite toy. However, it works! I'm really excited about that. I've been relying on my Bent Graduate for g-spot stimulation for so long that it's nice to have a new toy for g-spot sensations.

My g-spot is tricky and picky too. Most toys will never touch it. Even ones made for it. If that's been an issue for you, the Crystal Wand will zone in on your g-spot and stimulate it. Since the toy is made from a firm, rigid material, it also works great to provide pressure and rubbing to the g-spot. You can use this toy in a rocking motion (my preference), or you can rock your hips against it or use shallow thrusts.

If you look at the pictures, you can see that the dildo has two different ends. This can't be used simultaneously by two people, but you can use both ends for different sensations. They both seem to have the same extreme curve to them, but it's not hard to insert either end at all. You just have to insert with the curve in mind. Because of the extreme curve on the opposite side, you also have a great handle to hold the wand with during use. The sex toy can get slippery, but using the curve, it's much easier to hold onto than if it didn't have the curve.

I much prefer the rounded end for insertion than the pointy end. The rounded end allows me to stimulate the g-spot really nicely while the pointy end ends up feeling really pointy and slightly awkward. It's not painful at all, but I think I prefer the larger-surface stimulation of the rounded end than the smaller-surface stimulation of the pointed end. Both ends do end up working pretty nicely though, and I'm impressed at how well they hit my g-spot.

Lucite is compatible with all types of lubricant. It's extremely easy to clean - you just have to use warm water and antibacterial soap. It can be sterilized by boiling it or using bleach since it is non-porous. The dildo does come with a storage bag for storage, and since this doesn't seem to break easily, the storage bag will do nicely for storage.
Is this a great toy? Yes. Very much so. If you've had problems finding/hitting your g-spot with other sex toys, this one will come to the rescue. It offers two different sensations with the two opposite ends, and it allows you to achieve targeted g-spot stimulation with no effort at all. The Lucite is nice and slick and easy to insert. This is definitely one of my favorite sex toys now.
Follow-up commentary
I still love this Crystal Wand dildo as one of my favorite g-spot toys. It doesn't quite beat the Bent Graduate for me on a regular basis, but it does still give really amazing g-spot stimulation that most other toys do not. The Lucite still has that scratch I gave it for testing purposes, but aside from that, I've been making sure to keep it away from sharp objects ('cause my usual sex toy storage is in a pit of spikes, guys), and it still looks fantastic.
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