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Dildo by Nectar products

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(Magic) Crystal Wand Earns Name

An ergonomically superior dildo that is likely one size fits all, with remarkable tensile strength, hardness, and relatively low friction, the Crystal Wand is a go to product. The Lucite used to create this intelligent design dildo warms quickly compared to glass and steel, while providing similarly smooth and intense stimulation. A versatile orgasm lever to woo a g-spot or p-spot, this product earns its name.
Highly ergonomic, Appears to be one size fits all, Hard, Warms Easily, Nonporous, Amazing.
You can scratch the finish if you aren't careful.
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extremely useful review
The Crystal Wand has a bit of a mystical shape, in that it’s rather hard to get at first glance. The dramatic ‘S’ shape is not as self explanatory as a typical phallic object… but… once in hand, the drama ceases to live in the shape, and begins to be in your body and its relationship to that shape.

Lucite is chemically similar/identical to Plexiglas. This is the stuff they make motorcycle helmets out of, and safety glass. Incredibly hard, Lucite possesses great strength. Right out of the box, I grabbed both ends and twisted as hard as I possibly could. I could not alter the toy’s shape, or even elicit a tiny creak out of it. Unfortunately, Lucite does scratch relatively easily. So, after you’ve used the toy and it’s become precious to you, you’ll want to keep it as respectfully as you can. Lucite is safe to use with water and silicone based lubes, but veer away from oil and alcohol based products. Considered nonporous, Lucite may be shared if cleaned properly between use, or if a protective barrier is used (naturally).

As for the care of Lucite, water and soap works, and non-alcohol based toy cleaners. If you want something more hardcore, the enclosed paperwork recommends hydrogen peroxide. If you’d like something more natural, the enclosed paperwork recommends 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract in 1 cup of water – what a treat to have an option!

The finish on the Crystal Wand is high gloss, so scratches show easily. While it does mimic glass during use, it produces more friction than glass. I found it necessary to use lube at least one time, but others may not need it at all. In hand, it’s as glossy glassy and globby as any Phallix dildo, but does not hold temperature as well. This would be an excellent feature for anyone who feels that a chilly dildo is an unfriendly dildo. I really love cold steel/ceramic/glass, so this is more of a drawback for me, but not enough for me to actually complain about given its ridiculously perfect performance.

I, personally, found the shape to be an act of genius. I could not understand it on page, but when I finally used it, everything clicked in place. Eureka!

Once inserted, the dildo does not rest as one naturally feels it should rest. The longest part of the S shape is not in a straight line, but rather, the shortest part is. This causes the other side of the dildo, the dildo that rests outside of your body, to raise up quite high. So high, I suspect that it would stimulate someone else’s clit, just not mine since my clit is sensitive only on top. Thrusting isn’t like others, due to this resting position. Instead of pulling out and pushing in, you push down on the external bit, and pull it up… as if you were endlessly flipping a lever. Each time you push down, the part that’s inside your body moves inwards, and the sharp curl drags smoothly and deeply against the sensitive G spot area. The length and curl of the insertable part ensures that your g-spot will always, always, always be engaged no matter where it is. The feeling is unmistakable, and for the first time, I knew where my g-spot was as a direct result of stimulation by a sex toy.

The manufacturer website gives several tips for use, one of which I intuitively used. If you move the Crystal Wand into place, and your g-spot is engaged, if you simply rock it back and forth, from left to right, the sensation is deeply fulfilling. However, another recommendation speaks of Hands Free stimulation, which I immediately tried. Their hands free technique was harder to pull off, and required a lot of fussing and moving about, but in the end, it was totally worth it, and it did work very well.

All in all, I can’t possibly recommend this toy enough. It deserves its name. I even suspect this toy is one size fits all, due to the way the g-spot stimulation works. It is essentially, ergonomically perfect. Hell, if I felt it were socially appropriate, I’d buy one for every sexual woman I know. Every star deserved.
Nevermind the sexual journey for a second. Just focus with me here. The deepest part of my sensual body, that is so frequently missed by so many well intentioned toys, stimulated to a pitch and degree that… each warm moment is not less or more, but rather continual, and undulating. Exhaling is rhythmic and deep, and inhales are not remembered. Surprise! G-spot orgasm.

I have always been drawn to this toy. It’s a little famous, I even saw it once on cable TV. After the unusual depth of my experience with the Crystal Wand, I can’t for the life of me figure out how I managed to convince myself not to buy this toy. This toy and I have been star crossed lovers, for so long. I elected to buy other toys, I was too poor to buy… I was in the middle of the holiday season, I was having my ‘time’. Hellfire and damnation.

I spent the first 4 days of ownership, reading up on it. What is Lucite? Who is Nectar Products? I was impressed by Lucite’s butch heritage, and faintly amused and respectful of Nectar Product’s new-age personality.

The Crystal Wand arrived without fanfare, inside a plastic baggie with a velour storage bag and a duo-fold pamphlet that spoke briefly of use and care, and extensively about the G spot. I liked that, it appealed to the environmentalist in me, that it did not arrive with a whole crapload of junk for me to throw away. Most of their useful information is on their website, which is a tad circuitous to navigate but totally worth getting lost on.

A sexy, transparent magenta (purpley-pink), the Lucite mine had, had a couple weird little puckers, scratches, and ripples, but not enough to call it poorly made. None of the very minor cosmetic differences altered my usage of the product, or the care. There was one tiny seam that I could not feel with my fingers or my pussy. It seemed to make it more wholesome, in fact, as if I were handling a product that was man made, from a company that was very new age. I couldn’t be bothered by a tiny ripple, the ripple was not worth my time.

Circle back. I’ve applied a little Toy Fluid, I’ve laid back and begrudgingly allowed the Crystal Wand into my life… and it slides into place, and the rounded head of the vaginal side immediately taps my G-spot, something I had never experienced. I jump, the feeling is surprisingly good and then I spend 40 minutes rolling it around, flicking the external lever the Crystal Wand has formed, adjusting the pillow under my legs and rocking my hips…. stimulating over and over again my G-spot. Surprised to find that it fit, that it required no fiddling and fussing, that it just did what it claimed to do.

I’ve read a lot of very short reviews that say what I’m trying to say right now, enthusiastically exclaiming, “Amazing!”

This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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