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A toy for all experience levels, the versatile Crystal Wand brings a new degree of comfort and intensity to g-spotting. It’s fun for anal play, and also a nice massaging tool. The Wand is made of high quality Lucite and even comes with its own storage bag. This S-shaped wonder is a solid five-star product.
Great g-spotter, versatile, rigid, nonporous, tasteful design.
Can chip, may cause vaginal “slurping”.
Rating by reviewer:
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When you first hold the Crystal Wand by Love Nectar, you may like its friendly curves. You may like its translucent, dark fuchsia color. You may like how incredibly smooth the Lucite surface feels. There’s a lot to like about the Wand, and these things are just the beginning.

The Wand has a blunt end and a tapered end. It’s recommended that the blunt end be used vaginally. I found that the blunt end gave much better g-spot stimulation than the tapered end. The tapered end is recommended for anal use, and I found it to be quite enjoyable.

Material / Texture

On my toy, I can barely feel a seam with my fingers near the blunt end, while the tapered end is completely seamless (your model may vary). I didn’t feel any seams during insertion. Gripping the toy firmly with both hands, you can feel the strength of the smooth Lucite. It’s as unyielding as glass toys, but feels lighter.

Design / Shape / Size

With a diameter of 7/8”, the Wand works well as a warm up toy, and its firmness delivers intense pleasure once you’re ready for it. Its modern design might allow you to pass it off as a massage tool, since its shape doesn't scream "dildo." Its smaller size makes it both discreet and convenient to stash in a bag.


Let’s start with vaginal use. The Wand goes in easily, and its curve allows for very precise pressure wherever you like it. My g-spot takes a little while to wake up when I’m playing, so I like that I can direct my pleasure to other areas before concentrating on my g-spot. The curvature of the Wand allows for very comfortable maneuvering of the toy. As someone who routinely has to extend her arm fully to control most dildos, having the tapered end as a handle was a wonderful convenience. I felt much more comfortable during stimulation than with straighter dildos, and much more in control of the exact motions of the toy. My favorite movement is to oscillate the Wand’s end back and forth inside myself like a windshield wiper.

When I’m ready to give my g-spot some hard lovin’, I’m again grateful for this toy’s S-shape. When I first discovered my g-spot, I’d rub it as hard and as long as I could, but inevitably my arm would be exhausted before I could finish. Luckily, with the Wand, no arm exhaustion is required! The Wand stays right where I put it and provides firm pressure for as long as I want. Is this a great toy for long, luxurious g-spotting sessions? You bet it is!

The one somewhat negative aspect of this toy also deals with its otherwise lovely shape. When I use the Wand, sometimes the curve of the toy opens my vagina a bit. This caused numerous occasions of what I lovingly refer to as “slurping.” Air can enter and exit the vagina during use if you insert the curved portion of the toy and move the Wand around a lot. While it’s not a big deal to me, people with privacy concerns may need to evaluate their personal slurping possibilities.

Because of its curved shape, the Wand can also be used anally. The tapered end was easy to insert, and I appreciated that the other end of the Wand could point toward the tailbone or toward the genitals. This versatility comes in handy for different positions or for partner use. The Wand gave me a nice, full feeling without stretching my ass. The tapered end felt good going in and out, but I mostly just left the toy in and wiggled the handle a bit for internal stimulation. My boy also enjoyed his anal experience with the Wand. He specifically appreciated the rigidity of the toy because he could guide the toy into himself and avoid the area of his rectum that has scar tissue. With more flexible anal toys, he has not had this option. He also liked that the handle provided both ergonomic comfort and something to grip if things got slippery.

This toy earns even more versatility points by also being a surprisingly wonderful massage tool. I frequently get muscle pain in my back when I’m at my computer, and found that the Wand works quite well as an over-the-shoulder self-massager. The tapered end naturally delivers more pinpoint pressure than the blunt end. The curves of the toy can also be used for more broad stimulation.

Care and Maintenance

Lucite is compatible with both water-based and silicone lubricants. The included pamphlet warns against using alcohol-based products on the Wand. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean the toy, as well as soap and warm water. In the “Use” section, the pamphlet states that the user should “make sure your wand is clean, have a lubricant or massage oil nearby.” I read that statement as deeming the Wand safe to use with oil-based products, so I rubbed some massage oil on the middle of the toy. I didn’t notice any change in composition or texture, and the oil washed off with warm water and soap. I haven’t used oil as a lube with this toy, but it might improve a massage or anal experience.


Accompanying the Wand is a royal purple velvety bag that helps keep the Wand safe. While Lucite is a hard material, it scratches easily, so keep it away from rough or sharp objects. Also included is a “Crystal Wand Guide Book,” which has lots of helpful information about using the toy, cleaning instructions, and the G-spot. The pamphlet is geared toward women, with only one paragraph describing prostate stimulation. Love Nectar also has a website that includes more information about their products and sensuality in general. Their site is useful, but many of the fonts are best described as “artistic.”

Personal comments

Overall, this toy is a wonderful addition to my collection. Its versatility and high quality material really make it stand out in my mind. Despite its simple, modest appearance, it really rocks my world.

For additional pictures of the Crystal Wand, including size comparison shots, check out my blog post.
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