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Soft, Squishy, and Maybe Creative

The Hump Bump & Vibe probably makes a great upgrading attachment to the Sportsheets product line, and even without them, all you need is a little creativity to make it work for you.
Soft material, with a strong bullet and Velcro on the bottom to stay put.
Maybe a little too squishy, and the bullet would NOT stay in place.
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When I received this product, I was worried by the fact that it is, most definitely, an accessory to a set of products by the company Sportsheets. After giving it a closer look, however, I wondered if it couldn't be a creative endeavor waiting to happen.

The Hump Bump|Hump bump & vibe itself is a small half circle pillow covered in soft, almost velvet material, with Velcro on the bottom and two holes for the vibrator on the sides. It's meant to be an accessory to the "I Like It Doggie Style Strap", the "Pleasure Pillow Case", and the "Sportsheets". I, as I've said, don't have any of those, so I decided to make my own.

Creating my own makeshift "Doggie Style Strap" was pretty simple. The Velcro on the bottom of the Hump Bump made sure it would stick to just about anything. And while W (my boyfriend) and I are at odds with "doggy style" because of a height problem, we actually found that the strap idea worked great with "reverse cowgirl" (more details under Experience, if you'd like to know).

The idea behind the Hump Bump & Vibe seems to be to get the clitoral sensations (created, in this case, by a small Bullet Vibrator that is included) closer to your clitoris. This is a great idea, but doesn't entirely work well in practice.
No matter what we did, used, or tried, the Hump Bump is too squishy to do much of anything but act like another bit of bedding underneath us.

We made it work pretty well with our makeshift straps and pillows, but one thing remained consistently annoying; the bullet.
The bullet comes with its own container in the pillow, safe and snug tucked into a hole/pouch/slit on one side. On the other side is another slit where, I assume, the bullet is supposed to go when in use.

Both of these holes are pretty badly made. You can't use (what I'm going to call) the storage hole because the vibrator tucks inside completely so you can't feel as much through the fabric.
But when you put it in (what I'm going to call) the active hole, too much of it is out of the pocket, and it falls out all the time! No matter our position, I had the hardest time keeping the bullet inside its pocket on the pillow. I tried turning the Hump Bump, changing positions, everything. It just didn't want to stay in place, so I had to hold it there. That sort of defeated the purpose.

I tried using it on my own; laying on my stomach with it underneath me, but it didn't want to work. Riding it wasn't really possible because it is so squishy, it just kept sinking into the bed. I believe that's what the "Pleasure Pillow Case" or one of the other attachments is for, but while I tried creating my own solid pillow base for it the Hump Bump just kept squishing into itself and the bullet just slid around.

I didn't rate a Vroom or Bee, because the product itself is just a pillow. It does, however, come with a typical bullet vibrator, which typically has a Vroom of about 3-4, and a Bee of around 4 (on brand new batteries).

So, for me the Hump Bump created an interesting experience, despite it not being quite what it was supposed to be. I bet, though, that it would be fantastic when paired with the "I Love It Doggie Style Strap" that it is supposed to come with. That is, if the bullet can ever stay in place.
If nothing else came from this product, I must say that I accomplished a miracle while using it.

For the first time (...ever) I had an orgasm at the same time as my boyfriend. It was pretty awesome.

It more than likely has nothing to do with the product, but it happened while using it, so I can't say I'm not glad I got it in the first place. It happened very interestingly.

Using the Hump Bump, we were trying its use during a reverse cowgirl position. With him lying straight and me on top, we positioned it against me and used a makeshift strap to semi-hold it in place. I gave both edges of the strap to him, and it was a fantastically strange and wonderful sensation, like I was riding him, but he was holding the reins.

I had to keep my hand on the Hump Bump to keep it in a good place, but after about fifteen minutes, some consistent bullet buzzing, and equally consistent Kegel squeezes, he was tipping over the edge and I was already there.

Few things in my romantic life have been as fantastically satisfying as that experience.

I, of all people, know that the idea of orgasming together is a very Hollywood-based, unrealistic fairy-tale concept that no one should ever really hold as their ideal because it is very very unlikely. But now, finally, I also know that it isn't impossible.
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  • Epiphora
    Those bullets just aren't strong enough to get me off. I'm glad it worked for you, at least once.
  • Naughty Student
    Wow, I dont know I would have been as patient as you with this toy. I would probably have gotten fed up and put it aside. Atleast it got you and your lover off at the same time. Its fun trying new things when they work for you and give you new ways of being creative in bed. Grest review :)
  • her.royal.redness
    *Lol* Good for you for finding a way to make this work! I wouldn't have had the patience! Thanks for the review!
  • maebey
    good review!
  • Tart
    Great review!
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peg
    Thanks for the review!
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