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Wave wand

Glass wands by WHK GmbH

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A Wave Of Pleasure

As all glass toy out there, this is a hypoallergenic, non porous, smooth and visually stimulating dildo; that will provide very sensuous and pleasurable experiences again and again. An extremely versatile beautifully designed toy that is worth every penny.
Material, shape, price.
May not be large enough for some users.
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This glass dildo is a wonderful addition all around. This dildo is advertised as for vaginal use but we have also found it quite stimulating anally also. Since the bottom or base has a fairly large round ball, we would have to recommended if using anally to insert only the 3 bulb or wavy shaft, as the round ball gives you a significant handle to prevent any mishaps with loosing the toy or hurting yourself or partner. As always, use extra caution when using any dildo with out an actual "flared" base anally.

Material / Texture

The Wave Wand by WHK GmbH is made of tempered glass or otherwise know as Pyrex. A slippery non-porous surface allows for easy penetration vaginally, anally or orally. Tempered glass is also odor resistant, hypoallergenic and easily sterilized. Because they have an extremely smooth texture, a little lube goes a long way with your glass toys; glass is also lube friendly leaving you open to your favorite type of lube, silicone, water or oil. Also since glass insulates and holds temperatures, I love alternating between usages with different temperatures. I simply run under some warm or cool water to reach the temperature I am looking for. Always be sure to gradually heat or cool a toy as sudden temperature changes may damage or crack the glass making it unsafe for use. Additionally if you are heating this toy make sure you always test the temperature of the glass before inserting as to not cause any degree of burns to you or your partner.

Design / Shape / Size

This is a beautifully crafted glass dildo! With an insertable length of 5" and a circumference of 3 1/2" at the widest part of the wavy shaft this toy would be suitable for both beginners and the advanced alike. Being glass, this is a very hard rigid toy that provides no give or flex; always be mindful of this as to not hurt yourself or your partner. The insertable shaft has a wavy or bumpy design incorporating 3 different bumps into it, ending in a large round ball that is 5 1/4" in circumference; that provides for a good handle. As for weight, while glass provides a nice weighty feel when inserted I find this toy not to be to heavy or light.


This toy has performed wonderfully time and time again for us!!! When used as a vaginal dildo aside from the smooth silky feeling of the material, this toy is wonderful. The wave shape of the shaft has a pleasant subtle feel against your hole while being inserted. After insertion it stimulates the G-spot with almost pinpoint accuracy, which given the shape this toy may not strike you as being a G-spot toy, but it has not failed to miss mine yet.

We have also used this toy anally, and it feels just as amazing, inserting into your ass one bump at a time. It is great for warming up for larger toys, inserting and using in the manner of a butt plug, or for thrusting. Now I have left this toy in while having sex and it feels wonderful. The positions are limited to basically only missionary or doggy. My boyfriend also loves this for massaging his prostate, not only does he love the feel of the bumps entering him slowly one by one, once in I can get angled just right to massage his p-spot and he is instantly moaning with pleasure. The round ball at the end provides a wonderful handle when using both vaginally and anally. But you may want to keep some wipes around for wiping up any excess lube to insure you have a good grip on the handle.

Care and Maintenance

With the Wave Wand being made of tempered glass your options for cleaning and sterilizing are endless. For a quick clean up your favorite toy cleaner, hot water and non-abrasive antibacterial soap, or wipe down with rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl) all will do the trick. For a sure fire sterilization you can set in boiling water, clean with 10% bleach solution or in the dishwasher on the top rack with no soap.

Store your glass in a plush padded bag or even a wrap in cloth or a sock, just be sure to keep them in a safe place to avoid damage since even a small nick in the glass will make it unsafe to use.

Personal comments

As I have mention we have used this toy anally, please always use extra care while using any sort of dildo in the ass. Always listen to your partner. Make sure not to insert to far and be mindful while this toy does have a round ball at the end that we use for a handle; those more experience in anal play may have no problem with inserting something this size anally. Always be cautious as to not insert to far to the point that toys may get lost. I suggest always having a partner use this on you anally. Also as always even though this is a non porous easily sterilized toy, the use of condoms is always strongly encouraged when sharing any toys.
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