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Cast A Spell With This Wand.

This Glass Wand will cast a spell on you - whether it be massaging your g-spot or making your anus flutter, it's sure to please with its simple and effective design.
A glass toy that is simple, efficient and versatile.
Made of tempered glass, not Pyrex.
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If I were a fairy princess, one of the many wonderful and magic things I would be sure to have is a magical Glass Wand. Now, granted, this Glass Wand from WHK GmbH does nothing magical, per se, it still has a number of fantastic and wonderful tricks up its sleeve, making it fit for a princess, sex toy collector, or even a timid beginner.

The Glass Wand is a simple glass toy, rigid and straight, with two distinct sides: the skinny triple ripple end, and the fat round end. Both ends offer and deliver very different sensations while the toy is overall compact, easy to maneuver and easy to grip. The triple ripple end is slender and long – three quarters of an inch in diameter at max (half an inch at min), but an insertable length of five and a half inches overall. This end is suitable for a long and leisurely massage of the g-spot or the vulva by running the ripples slowly and firmly against tender surfaces. It is particularly pleasurable as an anal dildo (yes, it can be used anally, the final round at the end is enough of a flare to prevent mistaken loss – but use common sense!), with the ripples causing fluttering of the anus as they are plunged in and out. The rounded end is perfect for intense and localized g-spot massage, and can be easily used to press evenly and firmly in the area. It also feels very pleasant popping in and out of the vagina – combining this with g-spot massage is a sure recipe for squirting. With the round end inserted, this toy also makes for a lovely and effective vaginal barbell. Note, using the toy anally in this orientation is a no-no – there is no flare to prevent loss!

Being made of glass, this toy is non-porous (so it can be sterilized and shared between partners or orifices) and is compatible with all types of lubricants. Because glass is so beautifully non-porous and slick, it needs very little lube to get really slippery and is a real joy to use during wet and wild sex for exactly that reason. To sterilize, simply boil to toy for 10 minutes, put in the dishwasher on the top shelf with no soap, or soak in a 10% bleach solution. Do note, this toy is made of tempered glass, and not Pyrex (which is tempered, but also has a different “formulation”), so it is a bit more susceptible to breakage from fatigue – don't put it through extreme temperature changes and inspect for dings after each cleaning – but is also generally lighter on the pocketbook.
Follow-up commentary
This little number is an amazing piece for an amazing price. Simple, direct and deliciously textured, I have yet to tire of my wave wand. I do wish it came with a protective case of some sort, but a makeshift terrycloth-ziplock holder has worked out just fine so far.

I've been a little clumsy on occasion with this wand - nothing major, just letting it clang against other toys - it shows no signs of weakening or damage. At first, I was very nervous (how could such an inexpensive glass toy be so cheap? It must be fragile!) but it's so far been extremely hardy and robust. Great product, killer price. What's not to like?
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