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Allegro rubs the right way

Allegro gives just the right amount of texture to stimulate without irritating. It may not be curved but it works excellently as a G-spot toy, giving sensations you cannot find with other toys. It requires more lube than other toys, however.
just the right amount of texture, storage pouch included
storage pouch isn't padded
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Allegro is a great toy for those who like a little texture in a beautiful glass toy. Its best for those who know they like texture. Each end is slightly different to give you just a bit of variety. It may be a straight toy, but it gives excellent G-spot stimulation.

Allegro would be a poor choice for anal use since it lacks a flared base and is probably too textured to feel good used for that purpose.

Material / Texture

This toy has a subtle texture that all but the most sensitive users will enjoy. The difference between the sensation Allegro's ridges give compared to a smooth glass wand of the same shape and dimensions is analogous to the difference on your skin between a washcloth and a loofah sponge. You will definitely feel the texture in an enjoyable way.

Allegro is made of tempered glass, so it is break resistant, phthalate free and body safe.

Design / Shape / Size

Allegro measures out exactly as stated on this site, but looks larger. Each end is slightly different from the other. One end is blunt. The other tapers off more gently.

It feels bigger than it looks, but its size is likely to work for all but the smallest users.

It has wavy irregularly spaced grooves spiraling all around it. Only the very ends are smooth. The grooves are only about 1/16th of an inch deep. The width between the grooves varies from 1/16 to 1/8th of an inch. Its really beautiful.

Its also fun to look through its ends. This gives you a magnified view of the inside of the grooves.

A deep purple crushed velvet storage bag is included. Its quite thin and not padded, but is adequate for gently storing it with other toys. The storage pouch has a drawstring closure with a sliding plastic mechanism to keep the opening closed.


Allegro feels really good. I wasn't sure that I would like the ridges. I don't always like texture. But Allegro's texture feels wonderful. Its ridges enhance sensation and make it easier to climax than if they weren't there.

I've used this toy every day since it arrived to test whether it would become irritating with regular use. It hasn't. I can see how it could be irritating for sensitive users though. I thought it might be for me especially since vaginal tissues can become more fragile during menopause, but this menopausal user has not had that problem with Allegro.

I would estimate that Allegro's texture feels about equally intense as Rascal and The Original but far less intense that Sedeux Wave. Allegro gives more texture stimulation than the bumps that some of my other glass toys have.

Care and Maintenance

Since Allegro is made of tempered glass, its easy care. It can be simply washed then towel dried after use. Even the ridges aren't difficult to clean. The instructions state that its shatterproof.

Do not put Allegro in the freezer or on a radiator, but it is safe to clean it in the dishwasher.

I've been using a silicone lube during my sessions with Allegro, although any lube is fine to use with this non-porous toy. The odd thing about Allegro is that while usually you need to be somewhat quick to spread silicone lube once its applied if you don't want it to drip off, that's not necessary in this case. The ridges allow lube to flow around the toy, spreading itself without intervention. I can apply two pumps of lube without any dripping off.

With Allegro, two pumps of lube are necessary. For some reason more lube is needed with this toy than you would expect. I know its not absorbing the lube, but it feels like it does. It must be the texture, but I absolutely need much more lube with this toy than with other toys this size or any size.


It comes in a clamshell package with brief information written in numerous languages. Unfortunately there is no recycling material triangle, so I cannot recycle the packaging. Maybe those symbols aren't used in Germany, where Allegro is made.


Using Allegro has been such a positive experience. I've found that as I'm on my way home from work, I think of Allegro and feel a small burst of happiness knowing that its waiting for me. I admit my cats inspire the same reaction, but in an entirely different way.

Allegro not only feels like a much larger toy than it is, it also feels a bit like there are suction cups on it. Its as though it hugs and grabs onto the insides of your vagina. This is a good sensation and quite different from any other glass or textured toy I've tried. I have many glass toys and this one feels quite different from all the others.

It also makes a noise like you hear when you try to use a toy when you're too dry. No matter how much lube you apply, it feels almost like you need more and you'll hear that sound. This is one strange aspect of Allegro.

While it isn't curved, I had no problem at all stimulating my G-spot with Allegro. I highly recommend this toy.
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    I'm glad you enjoyed this one. It just wasn't my cup of tea.
  • Tuesday
    I'm surprised it was my cup of tea too!
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    I love your comment about thinking about this toy and experiencing a burst of happiness AND that your cats inspire a similar response. Made me chuckle. Lovely review!
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    I love your reviews, they're always excellent and so useful to me. This is going on my wish list now. I need to get it. Thanks Tuesday!
  • Tuesday
    bzzingbee and Bunnycups, That's interesting that you like that part. I almost removed it for being to trivial.
  • Tuesday
    Aak! ...too trivial.
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    I always love your videos. Your voice is so soothing
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    Great review. I have been looking at getting this one myself. I love texture!
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    Jobthingy, thanks for the kind words.

    shellz31, If you like texture at all you'll love this one.
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    I loved the cat comment, too. And I agree about your voice being so soothing. Every time I read one of your reviews, I can hear your voice in my head reading it to me!

    I love your reviews, but should avoid reading them at all costs because you always lengthen my wish list! This is totally going back on my list (after I'd added it once before and then taken it off).
  • Tuesday
    Thanks SS. I took this off and put it back on my list many times before I finally ordered it.
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