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Glass dildo by Orion

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Solid Symphony

The Allegro is a great double ended glass dildo, it has a pleasing shape, and it feels well made and solid. The pronounced ribbing texture may be overstimulating for some, but with slow thrusting I found it a nice addition to the toy. It comes with a nice velvet bag, and is easy to clean and take care of.
Shape, Texture, Super Hygenic, Nice Storage Bag
Texture may be too intense for some
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The Allegro is covered in swirled ribs, and being glass, that makes for some pretty intense sensation. I love this toy for slow thrusting and even rubbing against my clit, but I found that heavy duty enthusiastic thrusting was almost painful. The unforgiving solidity of glass wasn't very kind to my cervix either, but it's a different kind of toy and has it's own benefits.

It is pink, but (being glass) a clear, fresh color. I don't love bubble gum pink toys, but this one looks quality and the pink kind of compliments it, especially with the purple velvet bag.

Material / Texture

One of the benefits of glass, is a smell free, taste free experience. Glass is supremely hygenic, it's hypo-allergenic, phthalates free, it's very safe (tempered glass/Pyrex is designed to break apart in large chunks rather than splintering under pressure) and easy to take care of. If you take care of it, it'll last a lifetime.

As I said before, the ribbing is pretty extreme. Each rib is just pronounced enough that you can almost count them while thrusting slowly. It feels fantastic, but I imagine for those extremely sensitive to texture it could be a bit much. A condom over it might soften the sensation some.

Design / Shape / Size

The shape, to me, wins more pleasure points that the ribbing does. The Allegro is a double ended glass dildo. One end is more elongated and tapers to a gentle point (which makes for an effortless insertion), and the other is rounded, with another bulge about an inch down the shaft. The rounded end is my favorite, just when your pussy welcomes that rounded tip, there's another rounded section to swallow up. The variation in girth really adds to that slow thrusting experience.

As far as size goes, because glass is so unyielding and offers no give, the girth feels larger than it is. A little lube certainly makes it manageable, but because the ribbing is so extreme it did take a little warm up to be comfortable for me. I gravitate towards smaller girthed toys though, so it may not be the same situation for someone who can handle (or who revels in) larger toys.


The Allegro was a great glass experience for me, the ribbing was nice, the shape was pleasurable. Another great thing about glass in general as a material, is that it doesn't absorb lube, so a little will go a long way. A slippery ride for sure, but the ribbing actually helped me keep a good grip on it.

I was especially pleased with the quality of the toy, though, you can always tell when a dildo has a nice heft to it and this one is quite weighty. It feels well made and solid.

And if you look through the rounded end it kind of makes a cool kaleidoscope. =)

Care and Maintenance

Glass is super easy to care for as long as you protect it from damage. Wash it with soap and water, wipe it down with toy cleaner/wipes, sterilize it in boiling water or with 10% bleach, it's totally up to you. It's compatible with any based lube you want to use as well, so no worries there.

Besides dropping, the only thing you need to be careful of is temperature change. Glass is fantastic for temperature play and the Allegro holds temp great, but never take glass from extreme to extreme. An hour in the freezer, to a pot of boiling water, will cause it to fracture and break. Then you have no more Allegro.

So if you want a chilly toy, pop it in the fridge for awhile. Or if you want a warm toy, dip it in some hot water for a few minutes (but make sure to test it on your wrist so you dont burn your girly bits).


Well you can't expect everything out of a $36 toy, and it's the packaging of the Allegro that is lacking. Basic plastic clamshell type case. Name of product, check. Decorative music notes and multiple languages describing the toy, check. Trashy looking girl in state of undress, with breasts displayed...sadly, check.

Though it isn't discreet, or high quality packaging, it does come with a purple velvet drawstring bag to store the toy in. Granted, it isn't padded, and will not go very far in protecting the glass from a fall...but it is pretty and has a little plastic bead to keep the drawstring closed. So at least there's that.
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  • Minxy
    I think you nailed this review, great job! Winking
  • Minxy
    Oh, I just love your avitar by the way.
  • Kinky Kitty
    Wow, you've definitely sold it! It's so pretty and I for, one love those intense ribs. It's also quite inexpensive for a glass toy!

  • Juliettia
    The texture looks amazing, I'm happy that you can actually feel it. Great review!
  • Purple Foxglove
    Thanks everybody!

    Minxy: Thanks, I love retro pin up art, it was hours of searching before I found this one, lol!
  • Sammi
    Wow - I love the texture on this one!
  • Epiphora
    I agree, I have this and the ribs are way noticeable. I like it.
  • Holly Hox
    great review!! I am considering buying this today, actually.
  • Lelogirl
    Thanks for the review.

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    Thanks for the review!
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    good review
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    Well done.
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    Awesome review!
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