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Bend Over And Feel This Doe's Thrust

If you're having trouble finding a harness that fits or feels comfortable, then the Feeldoe is you're man! Or perhaps you sport a feminine physique and enjoy packing. Ever wished that packer would become erect by some miracle? When you're ready to feel a firm penis down south, simply insert the bulb and carry on with your fantasy.
~ Silicone
~ Powerful bullet
~ Realistic
~ Not compatible with all harness styles - if needed
~ Some may have trouble keeping it in
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Although I'm single at the moment, I have a couple of Fleshlights and the Realistic Cock and Ass that I used to penetrate while being the wearer of the Feeldoe. When it came to being the receiver, I just used it as I would a normal dildo.


The Realdoe Feeldoe is the most realistic in the Tantus' double ended dildo range. It's crafted from medical grade platinum silicone and made in America. The bullet is made from plastic. Eden has given it a safety rating of 10 because it is hypoallergenic, non porous, food grade as well as being latex and phthalates free. There was no real obnoxious odour when first opening the packaging; just a faint silicone scent that can only be smelt if held up to your nose. It's recommended that only water based lubricants be used, as silicone types have the potential to ruin the Feeldoe's material.


Although there are other Realdoe dildos which come in unrealistic colours, the Feeldoe comes in a natural tanned skin shade. It's the same as the company's other caramel toned dildos. The bullet that is included is silver.
Down the shaft are some large raised veins which can only really be felt with your finger. They aren't prominent enough to stimulate internally. At the base of the receivers end features three large ridges to tantalise the wearers clitoris. The wearers bulb and the rest of the dildo is a smooth matte texture that creates a reasonable amount of drag across dry skin. On the ball section is some raised printed writing “Realdoe Classic” and “Patented” which aren't on any internal portions. The entire dildo is very flexible, but firm enough to keep its shape and to be able to penetrate any orifice. The bullet has a semi-shiny matte texture.


Feeldoe has a definite realistic shape on the receivers end. It has a prominent mushroom head with a small natural meatus that runs down the underside creating a shallow groove until it forms a frenulum. Along the shaft slightly is a few mild wrinkles to resemble where the foreskin has been cut on a circumcised penis. Mid way down the shaft is a delicate upward curve. The receivers end measures 6 ½” in length and 4 ½” in circumference. This is attached (permanently) to the base at an angle to resemble an erect penis. The base is a strange looking flattened scrotum that is 2 ¾” wide (from the side view) and a groove on the underside. In the back is a 1 ½” deep hole where the bullet can be placed to turn this one into a vibrating dildo. Directly off the top of this base is a large oblong bulb on a slim flexible neck for the wearer to insert. The bulb is 2 ½” long with a circumference of just under 5”. The neck is only about ½” in length by 2 ½” in girth. When looking at the dildo from the side with the penis shaft pointing to the right, the Feeldoe looks somewhat like the top half of the letter K.

The bullet is 2” long by 2” in circumference. There is a rubber seal ring between the tip and the cap to make it waterproof. On the cap end is a large black squishy button that operates a single steady vibration. Like most bullets of this type, it has a high pitched buzz, is very powerful and requires 3 LR44 button cell batteries. There's a slip of paper that lines the inside of the battery compartment which should not be removed.

Also note: the bullet is rather difficult to retrieve from the hole in the dildo, so a little lube will help it slip in and able to be removed easier. It won't slide out while in use cause the lube tends to create a suction. It can still be a little difficult to break that suction, but easier than without the lube.
The vibrations travel well throughout the entire dildo.


This set can be cleaned using anti-bacterial soap and water or toy cleaner. Both could even be sterilised using a 10% bleach solution. Just be sure to rinse any residue off. The dildo on its own could be boiled for 3 minutes or placed in the top draw of a soap free dishwasher cycle for extra sterilisation. It likes to collect lint, but not as much as most silicone toys do.

Feeldoe arrives in a clear moulded plastic package that easily pulls open; no knife needed. There is nothing discreet about this one, as the toy is visible to all. It can be resealed if you so wish to use it for storing your dildo, but it will take up more room than required. Unfortunately there is no pouch included with this one and would never fit in a standard one. Inside the package is a cardboard slip that features information about the toy, tips on using it and cleaning. On the back is an almost naked chick (side view of the top half of her) who seems to be in ecstasy.


This double ended dildo is really for anyone who enjoys a realistic toy; no matter which sex you happen to be. If you have a female anatomy, simply insert the bulb end in vaginally for girl on girl action or for pegging. Being inserted vaginally will encourage your kegel muscles to tone up as they grip to hold the bulb in place. This may take a bit of getting use to unless you have larger thighs that will help keep it in place. For those who have a male (or female) anatomy, you can insert the bulb anally and deliver your partner some DP action.

If you live with others, you may want to turn some soft music on or the tv on low if you plan to use the bullet. Even when it's inserted into the dildo, it has a high pitched buzz that could be heard through a closed door if someone really wanted to listen.

It can be used in a harness while inserted vaginally, but it will depend on the type, as it tends to pull the harness down towards your vagina. I tried it in my Bare as you dare harness which worked fine, as it allows the front to sit down further than what a bulky front one might.


My thighs are rather big, so I didn't have any trouble at all with keeping the bulb end in place. I enjoyed the sensation that the bulb created when inserted; naturally, it gives the wearer the full penetrated feeling as you thrust. Even when you're not penetrating anyone/thing, it does a great job of resembling an erect penis if you're female and ever wondered what it would be like to be the owner of a sexy hard member.
I'm hoping Tantus will create another one in their dual core O2 material. That, for me, would score a full 5 stars.

I'm giving Feeldoe 4 stars.
Follow-up commentary
I hate to throw out an expensive toy, but Mr Feeldoe took a one way trip to the dump.
As time goes by, I find myself preferring a specific shaft shape when it comes to the more rigid type of dildos. This guy wasn't cutting it in the end and was making any play times with it rather uncomfortable.
Seems a terrible waste, but I don't the point in having toys I won't use taking up precious real estate in the cabinet.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    I know some people offer their silicone toys to friends etc, but I don't have friends who are willing to take on secondhand toys.
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