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Blossom, Dearie, You're Awesome.

This is a really great toy for g-spot play, or for simple vaginal or anal stimulation. The shaft is swirled which adds enjoyable texture to the whole toy, and the wide head means you get more g-spot action. Although the packaging is, quite possibly, the worst I've ever seen, the toy itself by far makes up for that.
Beautiful, great for temperature play, good for g-spotting
The packaging is awful.
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The Awesome Blossom is a glass dildo meant for vaginal and anal stimulation. With a flared base, this toy is anal and harness compatible, making it versatile and multipurpose. The Awesome Blossom works well for vaginal g-spot stimulation, and can also be used to stimulate the p-spot when used anally. The head of the dildo is large, and will provide extra stimulation internally, when combined with the swirls of the base. This toy should be used with caution, though, as rough handling of glass can bruise the cervix. The head of the dildo is patterned with a beautiful inlaid flower.

Material / Texture

The Awesome Blossom is made of extremely textured pyrex glass, and as such it is odor, taste and worry free. Although this toy is completely unrealistic, not looking like a real penis or a real flower, the glass does provide other benefits. Glass is great for sensation play, it heats and cools well, and this toy is an excellent temperature conductor. However, glass is not the greatest toy for a beginner, as you must take so much care when using it as you can bruise your cervix or find the dildo caught on your pelvic bone during removal.

Normally, glass toys are slick, but this toy has a different appeal. The head of the dildo is completely smooth, but the shaft has a continuing green swirl all the way up which provides great sensation during use.

Design / Shape / Size

Measuring in at 7 3/4" long, with an insertable length of 7 1/4", this toy is long, strong and ready to get the friction on; its circumference is 4 1/4" and its widest point is the bulbous head. I found that removing the dildo was a little painful post-orgasm because of the size disparity between the head and shaft, but I enjoyed it during use. It has a slight curve that will help to pinpoint g or p-spots during use. Even though the head is bulbous, the entirety of the toy is a moderate size and those who are unused to penetration won't have much difficulty using it, especially with practice.

This toy isn't very discrete, it does look like a dildo, but if you have no display qualms, it does stand upright on its own and is a beautiful display piece.

Aesthetically, it is a beautiful toy. The shaft of the toy is a green swirl pattern, and the head and base of the toy are clear glass. Inlaid in the head is a red and yellow and blue five-leaf flower that is, quite honestly, beautifully done. There are nearly no air bubbles that would mar the surface. It's really a beautiful toy.


I found that this toy performed extremely well; it stimulated my g-spot during penetration and was slick enough to not require that I relubricate it every five minutes. I did need to use more lubricant than usual, due to the swirls of the base, but once I slicked it up before use, the inherent slickness of the glass made penetration easy. I also enjoyed being able to chill this dildo out before use; the temperature extreme of the cold on a super heated vagina was exquisite. The swirls of the shaft provided vaginal stimulation with each thrust, as well.

Although I did not use this in a harness, it is harness compatible; the weight of the dildo will cause it to droop down a bit but barring that, there would be no problems with use.

As there is a flared base, this can be used anally--just remember to boil it between partners or use a condom to prevent bacterial spread.

Care and Maintenance

A normal cleaning routine for this toy can be done with antibacterial soap and water, as long as you wash with care. As this toy is made of glass, it is totally sterilizable, and can be swapped between partners and orifices with proper cleaning. This toy can be sterilized by boiling, dishwashing or even a 10% bleach solution, so there's no excuse for not sanitizing! Because of the swirls on the shaft, you must take extra care when cleaning so you remove the lubricant and bodily fluids from each crevice.

Because it's glass, you MUST store this toy with care. It should be housed in a padded storage case (you can purchase one, make one, or use several pairs of old socks, but it must be well padded) and stored gently; this toy should not be clanked around more than entirely necessary as glass is, inherently, temperamental.

Glass can be used with any kind of lubricant you'd like, and has no storage compatibility issues.


The packaging on the Awesome Blossom totally sucks. Here's why: it comes housed in a plastic box which is wrapped in tissue paper. The box has some basic information about the toy, and a clear window in the front so you can see your toy. When you remove it, it is nestled in a protective sleeve which leaves the front window completely exposed; the blister sleeve is also a little too large for the toy so it can rock around in the packaging. Unfortunately, this means the Awesome Blossom can, if, for example, you shake it to the front, smash up against the front window--now imagine this toy smashing against the front window as it's placed against the wall of the USPS truck delivering your box. The packaging is clearly meant to be a store display, and no thought was put into delivery options.

There is also no storage pouch included with this toy--a major faux pas for a glass dildo. This means you'll have to spend the time or money to acquire a storage case, or risk breaking this beauty.

Personal comments

I want to warn users that, the first two Awesome Blossoms that I received were cracked; the first had a large chunk that broke off, the second was just split in nearly the same place.

I think the breaks were due to the lack of protection in the packaging, combined with the rough handling of USPS mail delivery. This should just emphasize that you MUST MUST MUST check your toy for fractures or chips before EVERY use.

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    Thanks for the review. Sounds like a design defect AND packaging are to blame. If they weren't careful to fully anneal it, then any structural weaknesses caused in forming it remain as stress points that take much less force to break than normal.
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