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Dai-Do #4

Steel dildo by Big Teaze Toys

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Cold but wonderful ridges

Dai-Do number 4's ridges provides excellent texture and G-spot stimulation. It could be the perfect toy for those who like temperature play, but this is both Dai-Do number 4's thermal properties are both its blessing and its curse. Be prepared to spend extra time bringing it to a usable temperature before use unless you enjoy very cold toys.
beautiful, well-designed, ridges feel wonderful
more time-consuming to bring to a usable temperature than other toys
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Dai-do #4 is a great toy for those looking for a luxurious toy that offers both texture and opportunity for temperature play. Like your toys cold? Number 4 starts out quite cold. Like them warm? Number 4 warms up remarkably fast.

Once you bring it to the right temperature, you won't be disappointed.

Material / Texture

Dai-Do #4 is made mostly of aluminum alloy with a silicone band on the handle and a steel name plate and trim. Over the aluminum is a coating of shiny lacquer or finishing for extra protection of the metal and to add to its gorgeous look. The color of mine is described as 'black passion.'

The ridges provide quite a bit of texture, but they are rounded so its probably not too much texture for most users if you like texture at all.

Design / Shape / Size

Dai-Do #4 has a spherical end with seven ridges along its shaft. More than a third of its length is the handle portion, which has silicone wrapped around it to ensure that its easy to grip even when wet. A small name plate is attached securely over that to remind you who manufactures this toy. At the very end of the toy the words 'Dai-Do no 4' are etched.

Its a beautiful toy that looks even better in real life than in the photographs on this site.

The storage pouch is made from two layers of satin and has a drawstring closure. It is several inches longer than the toy. Its clear that Big Teaze makes one size of storage pouch to store all Dai-Do toys. The pouch is not padded but is sufficient to keep other objects its stored with from scratching it.

Its heavy weight, ten ounces, makes it less suitable for travel than other toys.


My first try with #4 was just ok. I concluded that it wasn't the toy for me and that it was too narrow to be effective. But I think the problem was that I didn't warm it up first. And #4 is so very cold that it can numb you. Some people might like that but it has a dampening effect on my responsiveness.

The second try was weeks later. This time I let it soak in warm water for just a minute, but it absorbs heat so fast that it was then way too hot. I had to run cold water over it to cool it down before use. But at least that session was very good. Number 4 fully redeemed itself that time. Even though its straight it gives excellent G-spot stimulation.

I believe that #4 has a higher heat capacity than other metal toys I've tried, i.e. Flow and the Pure Wand. What this means is that it will absorb heat more quickly than other metal toys. When I put one hand around Flow and the other around #4, the latter feels distinctly colder.

Fun Fact: #4 isn't really colder than a non-metal object next to it. Its just that when you touch it, it absorbs heat from your skin so quickly that it lowers the temperature of your skin, making your skin feel cold. And I'm quite sure that if you took #4 into the sauna it would heat up much faster than you would and could burn you.

Every time I've used it since the initial time, its been quite good. I no longer think its too narrow.

Care and Maintenance

Dai-do #4 is made of durable materials so caring for it is straightforward. Just wash and towel dry after use. Store it in the included satin bag.

Its non-porous and can be sterilized with a bleach solution.

Any lube is safe to use with it, but be careful not to allow silicone lube to touch the silicone portion of the handle. I find that I always reach for a silicone lube when using this toy, then remember the silicone band, but it hasn't been difficult to keep the lube from touching the band during use.


It comes in a glossy black box with beautiful photography of the product. On the sides are product specifications and a list of its features. Inside is a formed black velvet insert to keep the toy securely in place. Under that is a satin storage pouch and a small booklet showing B3's entire line of products.

Personal comments

Dai-Do #4 feels incredible once its at the right temperature, but I must say I find it to be a bit of a hassle to have to warm it and cool it so its in the right temperature range before I use it. Its not a toy you can just grab and use unless you enjoy cold temperatures.

If I didn't have to be so particular in warming it to a usable temperature without making it too hot, I would give it five stars. But it seems that each time I warm it I overshoot, making it too hot. Then I have to cool it down before use. Maybe I'm just inept at warming and cooling.

You cannot just toss #4 in a sink of warm water and go about preparing for your session with it. Instead you need to hold it in the water or under a faucet and remove it frequently to check its temperature until its in the right range.

Warming it requires constant supervision. But the extra time is worth it. This is not enough of a hassle to keep me from buying other Dai-Do toys. I already have.
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