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Doesn’t Vibrate, But Your Neighbors Will Still Know

This 100% silicone dildo by Tantus has a great shape and a modest but filling size. The ridged head is by far the star of this toy and is perfect for brushing against your g-spot. The balls not only add to the realism, but are also a great handle. The Scout is an amazing addition to any toy box and perfect for all sorts of play.
100% silicone, Phthalates-free, great shape, defined head, balls are a great handle, veined details.
Not exactly harness compatible, cheap packaging.
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The toy itself might not be loud, but the moans it brings out of you will be.

Simply put, the Scout is a gorgeous cock. The black color is incredibly sexy and suggests power for some reason. Something about the color, the pronounced head, and the heavy balls makes this cock feel impressive in my hand. The Scout by Tantus is the smallest in the same line as the Maverick and the Hoss, but in this case we found it lacked nothing for its modest but still substantial 5 ¼ inch insertable and diameter under 2 inches—short enough for modest cunts but not so short that it’s difficult to reach the g-spot. What I wasn’t impressed by was the packaging. Scout came in a plastic bag with a strip of cardboard at the top, which reminded me more of packaged Swedish Fish than a quality cock.
But the Scout is of great quality. Made of 100% silicone, it is nonporous and can be sanitized though boiling, a 10% bleach solution, or a run through the dishwasher (top rack, no soap). Just make sure you stick to water-based lubes only with this one. While it does not have a traditionally flared base the testicles should work well enough to make this one safe for anal. The silicone is dense and heavy feeling, not too hard but not too soft either. The surface is smooth and almost velvety. There is no unpleasant smell or taste, which is great because that center vein pretty much begs to tongued.
The ridge of the head is very raised and defined and along with the narrow pointed tip we were both a bit worried that it would be uncomfortable, but we were completely wrong. The smooth pointed head made for easy insertion and the distinct pop of the ridge as it enters feels amazing. I have a very sensitive cervix, but the pointed tip did not bother me at all even with rigorous thrusting. The textured veins are subtle along the shaft with the central vein on the underside standing out much more prominently than the rest. The top ridge on the head when moved in and out catches on the swollen g-spot like a crooked finger even though the toy itself is not curved. Unlike some overly curved toys which can be uncomfortable for some, the Scout provides great g-spot simulation while still being amazing for fast thrusting.

I would highly recommend the Scout to anyone who enjoys insertable fun. Anyone. It’s great for those who like intense g-spot stimulation usually found in curved toys, like me, and those who like a more straight forward fuck, like my lover. It’s a very high quality toy from a reliable company and will remain at the top of my toy bin.
In solo play, the testicles make a great handle although the most comfortable position for my hand was to hold the Scout upside down; balls up, it’s easier to hold. The silicone made rapid thrusting smooth as silk and the ridged head the only resistance as it pressed and rubbed inside of me.
My one complaint about the Scout is that it is not exactly harness compatible. While I enjoy my cocks, handheld, my lover prefers them attached to me. While it is not listed as being O-ring compatible, I was able to make it work. I had one episode of trouble using it with my double-strap harness when the lack of base at the top made the cock slip and sit parallel to stomach. But when used with a g-string harness with the bottom strap resting between the two balls, holding them close to my body, the Scout preformed perfectly fine with no slipping. I felt like I was in control of my angle and thrusting.
The Scout was elevated to being tied with my lover’s favorite toy for me to fuck her with after only two sessions. She said the orgasms it induced “were hard, long, seeing white, amazing, mind blowing orgasms.” She also wrote in her list of things she liked, “CAN WE DO IT AGAIN?” and who can argue with that?
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  • Jimbo Jones
    Good point about harness compatibility. Initially, I wouldn't have thought that it would depend on the type of harness, but after you wrote it, it makes a lot of sense. I like the points you make about it contacting the g-spot without the standard curve. Girthy dildos just fill things up and make contact everywhere. Excellent review, Saurou.
  • Viv
    Thanks so much JJ, With a bit of practice, we're making the harness thing work which is great. I was really surprised at how good to reached the g-spot as I'm usually a huge fan of drastic curves. Thanks for commenting.
  • Bulma
    Very nice looking dildo, especially the more pronounced ridge on the head. I have a Tantus plug that is the more velvety feeling silicone, and I love it...definitely going to add this one to my wish list. Thanks much for the review :)
  • Viv
    very welcome! i've had silicone dildos from tantus before, but never one that felt so velvety. usually, the texture catches more on your skin when you run your hand over it, but not with this one. thanks for the comment.
  • Cock Wrangler
    Totally good point about the harnesses. With another Tantus cock I have trouble keeping in harnesses (though it has more of a flange to theoretically be harness compatible), the Joque is perfect for that.
  • Viv
    Thanks CW. the g-string harness i have (the bare as you dare) seems to be working wonderfully. I'll have to look into the Joque. just sent you a quick question about it. :)
  • Miss Jane
    Great review. I have one myself, they're pretty fantastic. :D
  • Viv
    Thanks Miss Jane. Yeah, this has certainly been our go-to cock since we got it. Haven't found anything bad about it yet.
  • jeangel246
    Thanks for the review
  • Sima-pusya
    Thanks for the review.
  • pinkzombie
    Nice review!
  • Rory
    Nice review! Thanks!!
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