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Double Delights

The Nexus Maximus is an excellent choice as a harness dildo for a woman to use for harness sex, either with another women or to peg a guy. The soft silicone of this non-realistic dildo feels fantastic, soft enough to slide around bends but stiff enough to offer control, and the giver's side is equipped with a clit ridge and vibrator to increase stimulation.
The silicone is the perfect density, and it works great both in a harness and used by hand.
The getter doesn't get a vibrating clit ridge. A stronger vibrator would help in a toy this big.
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The Nexus Maximus is a silicone masterpiece, the largest of the Nexus double-dildo line. While you can contrive a way to use these without a harness, the Nexi were not designed as "strapless strap-ons,” instead they are among the ultimate harness dildos.

Why would you want to mess with a harness for the Nexus when you can use dildos like the Feeldoe and Share without one? Stability and security - once you're all buckled up with your Nexus you don't have to worry about Kegels to hold on to the giver's end or keeping your butt relaxed if you're receiving anally - both partners can lose themselves in the moment without the risk of the giver's end coming out.

The Nexus Maximus is about the least realistic of the two-person doubles. The "getter's" end (end that points out of the harness) is smooth, with a slight curve up and a bump at the head for added stimulation. Simple, but it feels good and doesn't have any issues to come up against during hard, passionate lovemaking. It slides in easily, and we never had a problem with it coming out due to the length and the slight head that allows you to get a feeling of where the end is.

The "giver's" end has a few tricks up its sleeve, starting with the curve that slides easily into the vagina and gives internal stimulation to the giver. It's very comfortable, and gives G-spot stimulation. On the central bulge there's a clit ridge that does a good job of stimulating the giver's clitoris and labia, especially when the included silver bullet vibe is inserted in its slot (right next to the clit ridge). The vibrations are not particularly strong for the getter, but they do a good job on the giver's side (and the resulting orgasmic frenzy gives the getter plenty of stimulation). Unfortunately there isn't a corresponding clit ridge on the getter's side (while it wouldn't work for harness use, it would be great when the Maximus is used by hand). While some people have reported success with a guy holding the giver's end anally for dual penetration, I wasn't able to do this with the Maximus – it's just too big to control without a harness.

The basic design is pretty good, but the silicone density makes it fantastic (Vixen Creations uses the same silicone across the Nexus line, so you can enjoy it in a smaller size if you want). It's wonderfully soft and feels great when I clench my anus down on it while the Maximus is in me. The first time I held the Maximus I was a bit concerned that it would be too soft, possibly needing several hands to guide it in and keep it on track for anal use. Not so - once it was put in a harness and strapped on it ceased to be floppy, requiring only two fingers to aim the head at my rosebud as a long, slow thrust drove it home. In fact, the consensus here is that the Nexus is better in a harness than many single-ended dildos, as the giver's end adds stability, control, and a "connection" (both physical and psychological) that a single-ended dildo lacks, even when it's in a harness. Once inside, the getter's end did a great job of stimulating me anally, and the soft silicone flexed to both follow my internal curves and J's movements. There were no problems with either of us having trouble in places where our personal geometry differed from the design of the Maximus, something that can be a problem with stiffer toys.

The surface holds lube well (also hair and dust, unfortunately), and the central bulge is big enough to where you won't have a problem with contaminated lube running onto the other person's side. While you can potentially use a condom on the getter's side, it's probably easier to just wash and boil (or bleach) if you're using it for multiple partners (there's no easy way I could find to get a condom on the giver's side, since it would need to go over the central bulge and clit ridge).

The biggest problem that I had is storage. The included plastic sleeve is 15 inches long and 3.5" in diameter, which can be a bit much for a smaller toybox. The other thing that needs consideration is finding a compatible harness. My Aslan Wonder Woman worked perfectly, but if you need to get a new harness look for something with a hole all the way through that rides low and allows you to put the central bulge up against the giver so the clit ridge can work its magic.
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  • Contributor: Victoria
    Your suggestions and reasons about using a harness are well thought out. I'm especially glad you mentioned a specific harness that works for you. Great review!
  • Contributor: CaptainBunnyKilla
    This is a truly awesome review!
  • Contributor: ToyingCouple
    Excellent review ScottA, told us everything we wanted to know!
  • Contributor: Liz2
    I have been looking at this one. I just know it will be perfect with my Aslan Jaguar harness. I am impressed that is has some flexibility. Great review!
  • Contributor: Airlia
    Wow there's so much information here, great review.
  • Contributor: ScottA
    The Aslan Jaguar harnesses should work great with this, as will any of the ones built on the same pattern as the Wonder Woman. Other good choices would be any of the Outlaw Leather harnesses, the Terra Firma Dee (the pad's removable) and the SpareParts Joque (that looks like a nice, comfy harness). So far, I've had dual-strap harnesses because they offer more control with single-ended dildos, but for the Nexus something like the Bare As You Dare or Peekaboo harnesses could be controllable and very sexy
  • Contributor: ScottA
    I'm very impressed by the durability of the vibrator that Vixen ships with the Nexus Maximus - it's above and beyond what I expected in terms of water resistance. Details will be in the follow-up, but first a warning: the batteries are held in by a strong spring, so be careful if you're opening up the vibrator near water...
  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    This sounds great! Too bad I can never see myself in a situation to use this.
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    Interesting review. I know you focused on using a harness but I know others have done the same with the Share/Feeldoe dildos as well. In that light, this isn't anything new, is it? Also, did you have any experience without a harness?
  • Contributor: ScottA
    The Nexus' design and silicone mean that you have to have something to hold it in - it's entirely too floppy without something, and the smooth giver's dildo doesn't offer anything to "hold on to" with your PC muscles. You can use clothing to hold it in (men's briefs kind of work, or a pair of jeans (tight is better)), but in my mind that cuts down on the intimacy because you're having clothed sex (the underwear is better in this respect, but as it's lighter weight it doesn't hold up the Nexus as well).

    What I think the Nexus offers compared to the Share or Feeldoe (neither of which I have used, so this is all hearsay) is the wonderfully soft silicone (the Feeldoe seems to have a stiffer silicone), the (compared to the Feeldoe) wider bulge that stimulates a wider area and spreads out the force of heavy fucking (my suspicion is that the size also cuts down on the possibility of lube/juces being interchanged, but I have no empirical data here), and the fact that the Nexus bulge has a shoulder that the harness can "grab" (possibly an asset if you like wild sex). I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "not anything new," since the Maximus is a new size in a classic product (just like the Feeldoe More)
    A while back there was a video blog on Eden comparing the three ergo-doubles - it's at the Eden Blog
    Of the other ones, I'm most interested in the Share (softer silicone, bigger pony), but haven't got the capital together yet.
    What are your thoughts Adriana?
  • Contributor: ScottA
    The link didn't come through: it's []

    What are your thoughts on the doubles, Adriana?
  • Contributor: deceased
    I loved this dildo. I use it as a Kegel exerciser too.I put it on under a nightshirt and hold it in with my muscles as I vacuum or dust. I still have to use a harness when I fuck with it, its a little floppy, but not as floppy as Share. More like bouncy....and it came with a vibe, but my vibe did not work. Thankfully, bullets are easy to swap out with other toys.Great review!!!!
  • Contributor: David88
    Scott do you think this would work well with the harness that comes with the flame harness kit?
  • Contributor: ScottA
    While I'm not positive, my guess is that the harness used in the Flame Harness Kit is the Sportsheets "Buzz Me Tender", and Sportsheets makes good entry to mid level harnesses. I have the Latigo Leather harness that comes with the Curve kit, which is very similar (except for the dildo backing pad). Either of these harnesses should work just fine for the Nexus Maximus as long as you take off the backling pad. To do this undo the snaps from the O-ring and pull the straps out of the pad (best to do this one-by-one so you don't get confused trying to figure out which strap goes where).
  • Contributor: Sera
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Mr. E
    Scott, Your reviews are always so thorough and filled with lots of great info.

    Great review!
  • Contributor: MagicVibe
    Nice job!
  • Contributor: kawigrl
    great review scott
  • Contributor: Enchantedkitty
    great review
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