Feeldoe more - double ended dildo by Tantus - review by Safo Garcia

The Feeldoe More Really Gives More

The Feeldoe More is the longest double dildo available in silicone. I'd recommend it especially to larger-bodied people, size queens, and anybody who likes to get their silicone cocks handled and sucked.
High quality, longest silicone double available, almost infinite possibilities.
The extra length is a gift from the goddess, but am I greedy for wanting even more?
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The Feeldoe line previously offered three different sizes, and the Feeldoe More|Feeldoe more is the fourth, the newest, and the longest in the line. The extra length was a major attraction for me because length was precisely what I felt was missing from the Feeldoe Stout|Feeldoe stout model I own. You should know, at 7.5 inches, that the cock end of the More is longer than any other silicone double dildos on the market, including Share and Nexus.

I have owned the FeelDoe Stout for about a year, but I don't use it too often, because even though it's a well-designed toy, it's a little too short for my full-bodied lover and me (check out my Feeldoe review|Feeldoe stout review for more details). But the Feeldoe More gives me everything I was missing, and then some.

For starters, the phallic end of the More is a full inch longer than the Stout's. It’s very substantial, but a little less thick than the Stout, and the base of the cock near the bulb is slightly tapered, which makes it more flexible than the very-thick-throughout Stout. The flexibility is a good thing because I realize, in retrospect, that the stiffness of the Stout makes it harder to maneuver. The fact that the Feeldoe More can sway just a little makes using it for penetration that much easier. The bulbs on the More and the Stout are about the same size, and feel equally delicious when inside you.

Perhaps most importantly, the More has a slightly wider angle, which means that it doesn’t lay against my stomach the way the Feeldoe Stout does and is easier to use. The slightly wider angle might result from the heavier cock being pulled down a bit more by gravity and/or the slightly increased flexibility I described above. Whatever the reason, my lover and I definitely appreciate it! It fits us better, and that means it stays inside better. I definitely recommend it to larger-bodied people or anybody who just wants more length.

The Feeldoe line got me excited about the possibility of a harness-less fuck, and the More finally makes it an attainable reality. The changes in design mean that it’s easier to use in a variety of positions. I still haven’t mastered the missionary position, but I feel that with practice, I will get there. Girl-on-top is a breeze.

The vibrator is not the main attraction for me with this toy, but the slight buzz does enhance the experience. It’s made of high-grade silicone, one of the safest materials available, so you can easily sterilize it.

The More is a wonderful addition to the Feeldoe family. But I would love to see even more sizes and variations introduced, to fit an even more diverse group of people. Every body is unique. Maybe I’m just hard to satisfy, but I’d love to play with another inch or two. While I’m at it, I’d also love a straight and very flexible 18 or 19-inch double because I love that style, but there aren’t any of that design available in silicone.
The Feeldoe line is unique in that it makes possible harness-free sex and also provides double stimulation for those who use it with a harness, but the fact is that while some people take to their Feeldoe like a duck to water, others need practice to learn how to work it. But practicing is fun! And giggles in the bedroom are a wonderful thing.

I'd recommend starting your play with this toy by arousing the wearer, slipping the bulb in, stimulating them further with a hand-job or blow-job, and then having sex with girl-on-top. Don't try to start with missionary sex, because it's harder than girl-on-top. I've heard that you can use a Feeldoe through button-fly jeans (which will help keep it in place), but I've never tried it. Also, if you're into stronger vibrations, you can replace the watch-battery-operated mini-bullet with another mini connected by wires to a battery pack with 4 double AAs

I'm not particularly into giving myself hand-jobs or receiving blow-jobs, but I must say, the bulb makes you feel wonderful inside when somebody is manipulating the other end, so if hand- and blow-jobs are your thing, definitely try this.

As I said in my review of the Feeldoe Stout, this dildo style offers so many unique possibilities: use without a harness, with a harness (especially Outlaw, which accommodates it easily with its two holes), with the bulbous head as a butt plug (for an experienced ass), with the bulbous head as a convenient handle, with the bulbous head inside the person receiving a blow job. Imagine all the positional combinations: pussy to pussy, ass to pussy, hand to pussy, mouth to pussy etc.
Follow-up commentary
My lover used this on me the other night for the first time, and it was divine. Even though you might say she's less experienced than I am at penetrating, she sent me to ecstasy several times. In missionary position, as it turn out. We've been practicing and missionary harness-free sex is indeed possible with this toy. The trick is to not pull out very far and to focus on gyrating movements instead of hard thrusting. She really wanted me to fuck her from behind with this, but that position proved much harder to master. For one thing, when you're kneeling and wearing the Feeldoe, gravity will tend to have it's way. Also, if your lover has an ample ass, even these 7 inches might not be enough for vigorous thrusting. A harness would certainly help with the first factor, however.
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