Feeldoe more - double ended dildo by Tantus - review by deceased

The Red (size) Queen is not a chess piece, but she rules supreme!

One of the most exciting dildos I have ever owned, the very best double dildo I have ever owned. I still can't bring myself to use the word toy here... Feeldoe does not fit the toy category, it’s more like an extension of self...
Size, design, quality, vibration,performance.
Only one color.
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extremely useful review


Let me first tell you that I'm the butch daddy of strap-on-tools. Strap me in and I'll drive all night. My latest hobby has been trying out great big strapless dildos. I've had plenty of fun with the Nexus Sr.; except it is so heavy, and a little too bouncy that it falls out.
(I'd been trying to walk around with that two ton treasure, to build the pelvic floor muscles of steel) Clunk, oops. I was working on the Share XL, in frightening Fuschia. (Gawd I hate pink-unless it’s Pink or Pink Floyd). It’s got size, but it’s a bit too floppy for getting furious and serious, and it does not offer much in the way of clit stimulation for me.

Not one to give up, I tried the Feeldoe More. The Feeldoe More is also a strapless extra large double dildo. Like the other two, the bulbous end, or the pony, is held by the driver's PC muscles. The pony was nicely firm, and aimed at my G spot. Not only that, but at the bottom of the pony, there is a ridged area (the saddle) which does a nice job of stimulating the clitoris. It’s definitely not two dildos bolted together. More is supposed to have higher ridges than all the other previous Feeldoes prior to its inception. The insertable end is also longer and thicker than prior Feeldoes

So who can use a Feeldoe? Anyone!!! Lesbians, trans gendered folks, straight women who peg their straight male partners, bisexual/pansexual people, asexual people who use the pony as a handle and the horse (shaft) as a dildo, celibates, and men with erectile dysfunction as a prosthesis, and those with spinal cord injuries. You are only limited with your mind to what a Feeldoe can do for your sex life.

The creator of the Feeldoe, a self proclaimed "nice lipstick lesbian" took ten years perfecting her design and she says "80 percent of our toys are bought by straight customers".

Material / Texture

The Feeldoe is as smooth as the finest Russian Vodka. That's just flawlessly smooth and shiny as new ice. It only comes in the color red. The Feeldoe More has a More pronounced area under the head for More stimulation to the recipient. It’s platinum, medical grade silicone. It’s odorless and firmer than most dildos, yet does have some flexibility without any of the "floppiness" of most extra large double sided dildos. It also has an insertion site for a silver bullet, and arrives with a silver bullet (sealed so the postal officials won't suspect you are getting some sort of bomb).

It’s totally hypoallergenic. If you want to create a foreskin like sensation on the horse end (the shaft) take two condoms and apply one, put lube on top lightly if it isn't pre lubricated, then apply another condom over that and lube it. Use the bumpy, ridgey kind for more fun. It gives a cool skin like sensation!!!

Design / Shape / Size

The design took the creator ten years to hone down to what she wanted, and Tantus Inc (who's CEO is a woman) picked up this line and distributes and manufactures it. It's a green toy, and a quality one at that.

If they buried you with your Feeldoe on and dug you up 200 years later, only some bones and a dusty Feeldoe would remain. So it was designed to last and last and last. Longer than that tattoo you paid more for. Longer than the fillings in your teeth. INVEST!

For all you size queens, the Feeldoe More has an insertable length of seven and a half inches, its head is an inch and three quarters, its shaft (the pony) is an inch and five eights - or a circumference of five and a half inches. The driver sits on a G spotting bulb, three and three quarters inches long (too long and you miss the Gee!!! spot) and five inches in circumference.

The bullet fits in the back between the pony and the bulb end. Both parties get some vibration. Before you insert that vibe, you better lube it up like a freak with water soluble lube; a thick one like Maximus, or Thick and Rich or Silky or Astro Glide Jelly. Otherwise, you will never retrieve the bullet without invasive surgery.


I was able to hold this in with my PC muscles, but I did prefer to stick it through my black leather Jaguar Harness. It also goes nicely through many harnesses like the Spare Parts Harness.( I used a 2 inch o ring, and I prefer chrome rings.)

The bullet and the firmness made a difference, as did the length and the girth. Not freaky thick, but really nice. Its the closest we came to having a mutual orgasm. Amazing. I also thought the ridges for the driver's clit was brilliant. No more stone butch blues anymore. I got mine.....

Care and Maintenance

How easy is this? You can drop it in the washing machine (not the dryer though), you can soak it in 10 percent bleach, you can boil it for three minutes, you can use toy cleaner or anti bacterial soap, top shelf dishwasher treatment, it’s durable and cleanable. I wrap mine in a paper towel and put it in a gallon size zip lock baggie.


It was boringly packaged with minimal writing, no booklet or samples of lube; just a plasic minimalistic packaging, with a picture of an attractive woman on the cover. Not sleazy, not a hint of what it’s for. It looks like I purchased a red boomerang. I tried this function and it did not return to me. At least there were no dogs nearby. The pony (shaft) end does look rather penis like, if you did in fact for some reason have an extremely inflamed member. Other than that, not too conspicuous for travel.

Personal comments

How about some more colors?


Well, we both loved Feeldoe more, and I like using it as a Kegel exerciser.
Follow-up commentary
I still give it a five, it's perfect. If there was a dildo Olympics, this would be my favorite.

There is actually a Feeldoe Yahoo Group for hard core Feeldoe fans. People have strong emotions for the Feeldoe. I can understand why. It's also done a job on toning my PC muscles.
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