Dual use S shape - double ended dildo by Nob essence - review by Dame Demi

Dual use S shape

Double ended dildo by Nob essence

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Dual use S shape sex toy review

The Dual Use S Shape is a wonderful dildo for those looking to invest in a quality product made from a luxurious product. It is also wonderful for g-spot stimulation, especially when used in conjunction with a vibrator. Highly recommended!
Smooth finish, innovative and versatile design, wonderful for hitting the g-spot
The head on the one end can be painful to insert and remove because it is quite large.
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extremely useful review
The Dual Use S Shape is my first wooden dildo|Double ended dildo by Nob essence, and using it was an experience like no other. Just something about the wooden material makes a domesticated suburban housewife like me feel like a hippie love child! The material is totally smooth and seemingly well-sealed, so there is definitely no need to worry about rough spots on this one.

A word of caution--this toy is MUCH bigger than it looks in the pictures; I was rather taken aback when I first saw it. I started out using the smaller, curved and beaded end. I found insertion quite easy and comfortable. However, I did not enjoy vigorous thrusting with this end of the toy--the beads/bumps just made it kind of painful. On the other hand, this end of the toy is ideal for slow stroking, as you can feel each bead pop in and out of you!

I had to work myself up for the other end of the toy, which is far more daunting. The head on this is rather large, the shaft below the head even larger (except for a narrow area directly below the head). I do not know if the shaft is even meant for insertion, but it was far to big for me. I even found inserting and extricating the head rather painful due to its size. However, it is one of those toys that is totally comfortable and quite enjoyable once you get it into place. The head curves and is large enough to hit my g-spot nicely, and also large enough to cover a wide area. I experimented with just wiggling the toy around a bit, and the sensations were intense! For the coup de grace, I then placed my Hitachi on the other end of the dildo to produce vibrations, and this practically catapulted me off the bed! The vibrating sensations on my special spot were unbelievable, and I finished off as a spent and limp pile of flesh. The only downside was the discomfort in removing the toy, but I was so “out of it” by that time it did not bother me that much.

I have not used toy cleaner on the Dual Use S Shape because I am not sure if it will affect the finish or not; instead, I stuck with antibacterial soap and water. Just be sure to clean carefully between the beads on this toy if you use that end.

This is a wonderfully designed toy, and I am definitely incredibly pleased with my first experience with a wooden toy! I recommend this for anyone wanting to expand their selection of toys!
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  • Dame Demi
    Just a side note--if you're going to use a vibrator with this toy, I recommend using one made of a soft material.
  • Sirene
    I've always wanted to try a wooden toy, but the idea of rough spots has been enough to make me very hesitant. I'm glad to hear this one checks out okay!  Your comment on using the toy cleaner is very thoughtful, but I can't help but wonder how the use of a vibrator, even a smooth one, affects the sealant? The given description said to avoid anything abrasive while cleaning so I kind of wonder to what extent a vibrator would be considered abrasive... great review, though! I'll have to add this to my wishlist!
  • Dame Demi
    I used a very soft silicone vibrator, which doesn't strike me as abrasive at all.  I may be wrong in the long run, but it's worked well for me so far with no sign of wear or damage to the finish.
  • How heavy is this? How would you compare it to a higher-end glass toy (in terms of weight)?
  • Bulma
    Sounds wonderful!  This is one more toy that I'm going to have to save up for.  I wish it wasn't so exspensive though.  My Sinnflut was $160, and I really didn't think I'd ever spend more than that on a single toy, but this is just beautiful and looks great for g-spot.

    Did you use the beaded end anally?  It looks like it could be used that way (with a condom of course) because the middle area of the toy is so thick.  Do you think there would be any concerns with this?
  • Dame Demi
    Epiphora - This toy has some heft to it, but it is also very large and thick.  It is definitely lighter than a comparable quality glass toy.

    Bulma - This is definitely worth getting if you get the chance!  I have  not tried the beaded end anally because the beads are a little thicker than my comfort level allows.  I *will* be trying it anally on a partner at some point, and will post a follow up review at that point.  I don't think there would be any concerns with using it anally; it's a very solid toy, and the 'handle' is quite thick!
  • Essin' Em
    Hehehe...I see you've finally taken my advice and gotten this. It's amazing, yes? I use a hitachi on/with it, and have had no problem with the finish.  You can also wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.  Using it anally, I'd probably use a condom with it, if you go back to vaginal (or for the anal).

    I like how light it is, especially compared to my glass toys or the Pure Wand. It's without a doubt my favorite penetrative toy right now.

    Interesting that the beads didn't do it for you...they are the most amazing thing in my opinion, but I just let it sit, and do kegels, rather than thrust in and out.  Shows you how much all vaginas differ in what they like!

    Glad you enjoyed it :)
  • Bulma
    Thanks Dame Demi, and I'm looking forward to your follow up!
  • Dame Demi
    Essin' Em - The beads DID do it for me, just with slow movement, not fast thrusting.  I found them a little too large for that.  I hadn't thought about using this toy for kegels, but that's a great idea!  Thanks!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Wooden toys do have a bit of intrigue for me, but that price is daunting. Every review on here gives them top marks though, so I will need to take the plunge and get my own tree-based toy product eventually. Thanks for another great review!
  • Dame Demi
    Thanks for the sweet comment, Jimbo.  Yes, it took me awhile to get my first wooden toy, as well, but it was definitely worth the wait!
  • ToyBox
    I was wondering how you felt about taking this anally. Do you think the big end is just too big? I looked at it on the full scale, and it is thicker than my largest toy, but I'm still so compelled to try it because I LOVE the "anal toy single" better known as Romp. Thanks for such a informative post!
  • Dame Demi
    Thank you for your compliment! The 'beaded' end of this would probably be ideal for anal play. The other end IS awfully large--much more than it looks in the picture--so I guess taking it anally would be a matter of personal preference and experience. In either case, I would definitely cover it with a condom for use. Good luck if you decide to try it!
  • Anjulie
    Great review
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