Dual use S shape - sex toy by Nob essence - review by Essin' Em

Dual use S shape

Double ended dildo by Nob essence

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Dual use S shape sex toy review

I have found it: a toy to rival all penetrative toys. This bad boy had me moaning, screaming and bucking as it hit my g-spot (and all my other spots) perfectly. Give me this, a Hitachi, a good book of erotica and I'd be happy being single forever!
Everything. Perfect shape (both ends); great material; beautiful toy.
Not sterilizable; hard to hold sometimes.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Holy mother of... of something.

I requested this toy because I wanted to check out wood.  Now, I know wood in the vagina sound like a bad combo, but these toys are completely smoothed, and then coated, so no splinters allowed.  I mean,  you eat out of wooden bowls... serve salad out of wooden salad bowls, run your hands over coffee tables.  Why not stick a branch in your vagina?

Anyways, I was excited about this toy for the material, but wasn't expecting any miracles.  I just wanted to see the wood in action.

Well, talk about far exceeding my expectations!  First, I lubed up the end with the four bumps.  I have a relatively small cunt, and didn't even think I'd wind up trying the other end.  I lay in bed, Hitachi Magic Wand|Hitachi magic wand vibrator in one hand,  and Dual Use S Shape|Dual use S shape - Double ended dildo by Nob essence in the other, working the wooden toy into me slowly.

W.O.W.  My ex did this thing with his fingers, that made me moan and pant and almost jump off the bed.  Nothing has ever been able to replicate that; not me, not dildos, not even the unbelivable Pure Wand|Pure wand - Anal sex toys - Anal Probes... at least not until now.  The angle of the curve on the bumpy side is PERFECT.  Together with the Hitachi on my clit, I had the longest lasting orgasm I've had in a VERY long time. I was on the edge of it forever, and when I came, I CAME.  I think I may have scared my cats.

This gave me enough courage to try the other, larger, HUGE-R side.  Again, more lube (and you can use silicone lube on this one! Yay!) and slowly, I got the first bump in.  I added the Hitachi, and I felt like Moses; my vaginal walls parted, and somehow (don't ask me how), I got the whole freaking thing in there. And it was good.  I came again, and again, and again.  I didn't know where each orgasm began and ended.  It was amazing.

My only complaints: using it with the Hitachi vibrator|Hitachi magic wand vibrator - Sex toy reviews - Vibrators was difficult.  I felt like I needed an extra arm... and the handle was a little hard to hold onto; I had to move my fingers in weird ways.  And it isn't sterilizable, which kind sucks, since the wood feels so nice, and I'll have to use a condom to share it.

Regardless, 5 stars.  6 if i could.  It may tie the Pure Wand|Pure wand - Steel wand by Njoy - Sex toy reviews - Anal toys as my favorite penetrative toy... and let me tell you, that's saying a lot.
Follow-up commentary
Ok. This toy is amazing. It thought it was amazing before, but it's really grown on me over time. It's now my second favorite toy, beyond only the Hitachi Magic wand|Hitachi Magic Wand review.

The curve of this is amazing; it hits my G-spot like nothing else, except for a real person using two fingers in a "come hither" motion. I mean, wow. I don't know if I can find words to properly describe the amazingness of this wooden dildo. I know, it's not sterilizable, so it really is a "me" toy, but it has more mileage on it than any of my other insertable toys|Dildos, and I haven't even had it that long.

I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a toy to replicate the sensations of having your partner fuck you with their fingers, or anyone who is having trouble locating a toy that hits them at *just* the right angle. It really is awesome.
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  • i had to read this out loud to my girlfriend, it was so much fun to read!  great review. 
  • That looks like a fun toy.  Great review!  
  • great review although i may never think of the story of moses and the parting of the red sea in the same way again
  • Jessica Rabbit
    I had the same assumption that wood and vagina don't go together but now your tempting me to try it out.
  • LiftedUp
    Very cool looking toy!  How sturdy it is when holding on to the small beaded side?  Looks like someone could get carried away and break that handle off!  haha.
  • Wish someone will make one out of pure silicone (in the exact same shape) so it's easier to sterilize!
  • LiftedUp
    Asia, wouldn't silicone lack the rigidity?  I doubt it would feel the same.  Perhaps glass or stainless would be a better solution?  Maybe you should check out the njoy fun wand.  I haven't personally used either, but it looks similar, and is easily sterilized.  Just a thought.
  • Great Review! I know what you mean about "one of a kind" orgasms that can never seem to be duplicated...God wouldn't it be nice to have all of those back lol! Thanks for the fun read :)
  • It's super sturdy (and let me tell you, the orgasms have stayed amazing with it. this + the hitachi = OH EMM GEEEEEEEE).

    Glad y'all had fun reading!  I highly highly highly recommend it, and LiftedUp, while you can't sterilize it, you *can* wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, which is pretty much the same cleanliness as sterilizing....     
  • It's good to read a reliable review about a wooden toy. "Why not stick a branch in your vagina?" That pretty much summarizes the images conjured up in my brain when thinking about wood products all up in my vag'. But I'm much less skeptical after this review! Thanks!
  • Miss Lizbet - glad I could help reassure you.  I need to write a follow up review of this, because honestly, it's now my favorite toy, only behind the Hitachi
  • Dame Demi
    Is it *really* your favorite dildo now?  Please, please write that follow up!  I've got my eye on this one seriously and wouldn't mind a little more advice.  It looks amazing!
  • It is, and I will, and it is :)  Get it!
  • Dame Demi
    Get it?  But that would be SO unlike me! ;)
  • Essin' Em
    Riiiight.  Plus, I posted the follow up review for you!
  • Minxy
    Essin' Em,

    I'm gonna miss u !!!! That is a fantastic review!! TOO  funny and informative. You make me want this toy,the Pure wand is more in my price range though and I do LOVE cool metal.Hope you visit frequently. M
  • Minxy

    sorry about the pink in the last post.
  • I'm not going anywhere, just not working full time.  Don't worry :)
  • Anjulie
    Great review
  • anonomous
    Great review!
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