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Icicles No. 36

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Feminine grace

This toy and harness combination is really a beautiful addition to any collection. As long as you don't mind the feminine colors, the harness is well made, easy to take off, and even easier to put on. While the dildo is made of a super rigid material and isn't the best for beginners, you can always use the harness with another dildo until you work up to it.
Great material, comfortable, feminine, easy to put on and take off, will hold a variety of dildos
Straps can cut into you after a long time of use, dildo not for beginners
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This is a harness and dildo combination, so you get everything you need to either start you exposition with harnesses or to add to your collection. Both the harness and dildo work great on their own (the dildo by itself and the harness with another toy) so if you want to buy the set for just one part, that's fine, too.

Harnesses can be used for several uses. The first use, and the most common, is to allow two people, neither of whom own a penis, to have penetrative sex. While it obviously doesn't feel like actually penatrative sex to either party, it is a good way for some couples to 'make up' for what they can't have, especially if one happens to be transgendered.

Harnesses are also used to allow someone without a penis to penetrate a man anally. Again, this can be used for transgender people or for ladies who just want to 'do' their partner. This is known as 'pegging,' and should only be done on guys with prior anal experience.

The other, less 'useful' use for a harness is walking around like you have a penis. Some harnesses can also be used for 'packing,' or keeping a realistic dildo in your pants to make it look like you have a penis. Again, this is usually done by people who identify as a man but don't have the 'proper' parts, and don't want or have the means to have drastic surgery.

The main feature of a dildo is that it does not have a motor. This allows it to be more versatile in shape and uses, and it means that you can use it even if you have to worry about being heard by others. The dildo that comes with this harness is made of glass, a very firm material.

This dildo can be used both anally and vaginally, and both in and out of the harness. The flared, round base is what makes it easy for harness use and safe for anal use. The curve makes it great for g-spot or prostate stimulation, and the smooth texture makes it lovely for thrusting.

If you're looking for your first harness as a couple, this is a pretty cheap, very attractive choice that is super adjustable. As long as your partner is used to penetration, this would be a great investment. If your partner is not used to penetration you may want to start with non-harness toys that are a softer material, and if this is your first harness you may want to invest in a softer dildo to start with, anyways.

If this is your first toy for solo use I might recommend something else. Glass is not a good material to start with because of the rigidity, the size is pretty large for a beginner, and if you're using it solo you have little use for the harness other than trying to attach it to a pillow or a chair.

This is a perfect toy if you live in close quarters with others, and 100% passes Ryu's Dorm Seal of Approval. It has no motors, so it's silent, and it's a good material to hide. It's a bit large, but as long as you have spare room in a drawer or box it's easy to stash away.
    • Gender play
    • Pegging
    • Strap-on sex


The dildo that comes with this set is made of borosilicate/Pyrex glass. Glass is rated a 10 out of 10 on the Eden Safety scale and is nonporous and body safe. This means that bacteria can't thrive inside the material itself and that it won't leak any ucky chemicals into your body.

Glass being nonporous, this is a great dildo to use if you want to switch partners/orifices. Simply boil it for a few minutes or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution and you're good to go. This prevents the spread of bacteria and infection.

While being nonporous makes it an ideal material to use with a harness, it's super firm. This makes it hard for some people (read:me) to not bruise themselves when they use it on their own, and it makes it a challenge to not bruise someone else with it. Because of this, glass is not the best dildo to use if you've never used a harness with that partner before.

There is little to no information about the harness material, but it's been mentioned in reviews before mine that the material is probably a cotton/polyester blend. The straps are for sure nylon, and the 'buckles,' the adjusty things that are on back pack straps, are made of hard plastic. The snaps are made of metal, and the ring appears to be made of silicone.

Because of the metal and plastic, this probably should not be tossed into the washing machine and certainly not the dryer. You also should avoid getting it wet, but the dildo itself is 100% waterproof.

Though I can not be sure that the material isn't made of eggs or the tears of unborn children, I assume that this is vegan-friendly. There is no obvious reason for it not to be, as it's certainly not leather- or milk-based.

In all, glass is a spectacular material for many reasons to use as a 'substitute penis' in a harness, as you can have multiple partners, switch users, and switch orifices after disinfecting it, the rigidity makes it a bad choice for beginners.
    • Mixed materials
    • Smooth
    • Vegan

Design / Craftsmanship

While this is easy to put on, the harness itself isn't made of steel. There is a slight fray of fabric on the front of the harness, but other than that everything is sewn on well. While it is all well made, it's just not made of fabric that's going to hold up to years of heavy use.

The dildo on the other hand is going to be tough as nails unless you drop it from pretty high onto concrete flooring. Being glass, it's going to last as long as you care to take care of it. It also is pretty resistant to chips and cracking, but don't toss it from the freezer into the oven or store it where it can bang into your other pretty, glass dildos.

The front and back of the harness is made of light pink material with golden yellow embroidery. It really looks like an 'Asian' design, and is very pretty and feminine. The golden dildo matches the embroidery perfectly, so you won't have the fashion police after you. While it is gorgeous and feminine, if you're a 'trans man' looking for a penis it's going to be a bit emasculating to wear it.

While I have never owned a harness before, I had myself strapped in and wiggling my hips confidently within about 60 seconds. It's a breeze to put on and adjust, so you're not going to have to worry about disappearing for 20 minutes into the restroom to untangle yourself before sexy time.

While it's easy to tighten the harness to be a perfect fit, the cloth has some give to it and the heavy dildo lead to a bit of a 'droopy' look. It wasn't pulling the fabric away from my mons pubis, mind you, but it didn't look as 'perky' as it would with a lighter dildo.

The straps are made of the same stuff as back pack straps, and have the same kind of adjuster clasp. They pull similarly, and as I am a student it was like second nature to yank on them until they were tight. There are snaps around the o-ring so that you can remove it, but it's not super adjustable if you want to replace the o-ring with one that's much smaller or larger than what it comes with.

The dildo itself is about 7 inches long and 5 inches around at the widest points. The two bulbs along the shaft are thicker than the bulb at the tip, and they do give a 'popping' feeling when inserted. The ring itself is a 2 " one, in case you were wondering what all would fit into it. It is a bit of a challenge to get the ring over the two thicker bulbs, so keep that in mind.

Here's the dildo VS a pen:
36 VS Pen 2
36 VS Pen

A closeup of the pattern:
36 pattern

And a close up of the strap/buckle thing:
36 buckle
    • Fits many size toys
    • Multiple ways to use
    • Stylish

Size / Fit

The harness is listed as 'one size fits most' and it really is. I have unusually large hips for my body size (about 42 inches) and this fit with oodles of room to spare. Unless you have trouble fitting into a normal sized car, this should fit you fine.

Similarly, this would fit someone with about 30 inch hips, as well. If you're much under that measurement you might want to be wary, but I think that this will easily fit about 95% of the population. You can adjust for both thigh and hip tightness, so if you have small hips and wide thighs, or wide hips and slim thighs, this is still going to be great for you.

While it will fit everyone, the thin straps do tend to dig into my fairly round hips. This makes it a bit unflattering and can give you a 'muffin top' look. While wearing it with a lighter toy will make you need to tighten it less, even then it still digs into my sides a bit.

Here's it on me:
36 on front
36 on back
    • Adjustable
    • Fits comfortably
    • Will fit most body sizes and types


When it comes to performance, both the size and girth of this dildo make it great for both vaginal and anal penetration. While it's not a good material or shape for vaginal insertion unless you know your body well, and it's certainly not good for anal beginners, the firm material and great curve make it superb for both g-spot and p-spot stimulation.

This toy is hard to insert into the harness, but it is made easier with a bit of lube and/or a bit of patience. Smaller toys slide in easily without a hitch, especially if they're made of a softer material like silicone.

While this is comfortable and easy to put on, when tightened to where it fits 'right' the straps can dig into your skin after prolonged play. I think that that is a pretty universal concern with harnesses of this type, though, so I think that it comes with the package.

If the need arises, this is also super easy to remove. You just lift the 'buckles' and loosen the straps, and slide right out of it. It's not going to get you all tangled up or anything in the process.

You can use this toy for temperature play, though it would be a bit harder to do it when trying to use it with a harness. You should always dip the toy in either warm or cold water, and shouldn't put in in the oven or cooler itself.

In all, this is a great toy. The dildo performs great for both anal and vaginal use, and for use in the harness or solo outside of the harness. While the harness can get uncomfortable with prolonged use, I think that that is a flaw with almost any harness of this style.
    • Comfortable during use
    • Easy to put on
    • Holds toys very well

Care and Maintenance

This toy is fairly easy to care for, but the harness is a bit harder. Glass is not a lint magnet at all and is nonporous, so you can toss it just about anywhere without worry. As long as you keep it in a clean place you can stick to only cleaning it after every use. I clean mine with an antibacterial toy cleaner, but soap and water or a toy wipe also work fine.

You can disinfect glass by boiling it for a few minutes or wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. This should be done every time you plan on switching users or orifices to prevent the spread of bacteria and infection. It's also dishwasher safe.

The harness itself is best spot cleaned. If it's a worst case scenario you may be able to wash it on gentle in a delicates bag, but I would just avoid getting it too dirty if you can. It also doesn't collect lint or grime easily. I store it in a cool, dark place with the rest of my toys.

This set is compatible with all other toy materials, though glass shouldn't really be stored with other glass to prevent chipping from occurring. Similarly, it's compatible with all types of lube.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Icicles toys always come in attractive packaging, and this is no exception. While the toy isn't packaged in the padded foam that most of their glass toys are, it still arrived at my doorstep safe and sound.

The front of the package features a large image of the set. It shows off the attractive colors, states the name of the line, and in small print in the corner tells you the 'name' of the toy, being No. 36. It's attractive, but not discreet.

There is a flap that opens up on the front to give a full bodied look at a lady wearing the harness, showing off how it frames her rump, and showing off a few more features about the toy. It has no written words or information about it.

The back has a blurb trying to sell the toy and includes information about safe temperature play, how to adjust the harness, and how to clean the toy. The only information it's really lacking is the material and care of the fabric parts of the harness.

While it's not discreet, it would still be classy enough to wrap up and give as a gift. The naked lady under the flap isn't too tacky, especially since it's fairly well 'hidden.' The cardboard box is a bit flimsy and not the best for storage.

Here's the front:
36 front

The flap:
36 open

And the back:
36 back
    • Minimal


When I requested this toy for my monthly assignment I really went out on a limb. There was little else I was interested, and this was just SO pretty. I'd never owned a harness before, and I had never been a huge fan of glass toys in the first place.

This toy 100% surprised me. The harness was super easy to get on, adjust, and take off. This was news to me, because they always sounded and looked very complicated in other reviews and videos that featured them. I really appreciated that I wasn't on the end of the 'one size fits most' scale with my 42 inch hips, and that there was at least room for 15 more inches of hip.

While the dildo didn't change my mind about glass, I did get a huge thrill out of the almost-too-girthy middle bump. It also did a great job at hitting my g-spot without jabbing it, something that the rounded tip is just great for.

In all, this is a great combination. I would highly recommend it, weather or not you're a more advanced user who wants to jump in with the beautiful glass and harness combo, or if you want to start with the harness and a softer dildo to work up to the glass piece of art. It's a total 5 star toy!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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