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Hand-Blown Honey-Coloured Heaven!

Taking functional artwork to an entirely new level, the Icicles #36 strap-on set is an awesomely priced well-performing product that will spice up your private time. Used solo or during couple play the glass dildo feels fantastic in every orifice and fresh from the freezer makes for fun temperature play too. The harness provides excellent control and is easily adjustable while fitting almost any body size.
Excellent dildo size and shape, sterile material, harness fits snugly.
Straps chafe during long term use, rigid dildo design requires care during use.
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The beautiful and functional hand-blown Icicles glass strap-on by Pipedream is an excellent introduction for couples desiring to engage in role-reversal activities such as pegging and for those without a cock to experience the fun of having one to wield at will. The dildo is a good size for beginners however the glass construction has zero give to it and care must be taken to the un-initiated so as not to hurt the recipient especially if anal penetration is the goal. The harness itself is not the best quality available out there but it is very functional, easy to adjust, fits almost any size body and locks the dildo in place quite well. The feminine pink and gold colors are attractive and will let the ladies feel pretty while they bang happily away at their love interest.

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    • Gender play
    • Pegging
    • Strap-on sex
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    • Easily adjustable


The dildo itself is made from high quality hand-blown borosilicate glass. For the lay-people out there it's the same glass as Pyrex used in cookware and it has very good resistance to temperature extremes meaning it won't crack under thermal stresses and temperature play is a go! It's also very adept at not breaking easily and if it does will not shatter or splinter like regular glass breaking into large chunks instead. Comforting to know when it's being inserted into your delicate parts! Besides these benefits it's also super smooth, gorgeous to look at with the golden-honey hue and completely odorless. The main drawback is the rigidity of the material which doesn't come close to simulating a real cock. This means there is zero give to the unyielding hard as a rock glass and if experienced hands or hips aren't operating this dildo then delicate body parts could be roughly and uncomfortably banged.
As far as the harness goes the material isn't nearly as high end and that's how the manufacturer managed to keep the cost of this set low. It still is nice mind you with vegan friendly nylon and polyester materials being substituted for my usual leather preference and the pubic panel and back piece have a soft velvety panel on the inside to prevent chaffing. The gold patterns stitched into the pink fabric are feminine and attractive and I do feel pretty while wearing this harness but the adjustable straps dig into my skin a little too much for my liking. I'm hoping a few hand washings will soften the rough nylon material somewhat.

    • Mixed materials
    • Smooth
    • Vegan

Design / Craftsmanship

Overall this a a very well designed set suitable for beginners and those lucky enough to have some intermediate knowledge about strap-on play. The hand-blown glass dildo is gorgeous with a lovely weight to it and weight always equals quality in my book. From the bulbous upturned head to the flared base for safety this insertable oozes great craftsmanship and the glass is flawless like a well-cut diamond. The two bulges along the shaft provide pleasure with the slight curve of the shaft designed for prostate or g-spot massage. The size mimics that of the average cock and fits well into my pussy and I'd reckon most peoples' asses without too much resistance.
The harness is made a bit more cheaply but is still highly functional holding the hefty dildo tightly without much floppiness. I prefer a thicker fabric such as leather which also makes me feel more wicked but it fits snugly and the four straps easily adjust to most body sizes. Unfortunately the white plastic buckles look cheap but they do a nice job and resist loosening until the wearer decides to remove the harness. The exterior has a satin-like feel and the inside material which touches the body is soft with the part covering the pubic mound slightly padded for comfort-ability. Gold stitching on the pink fabric is attractive and has resisted fraying so far. Four silver snaps lock the o-ring in place to hold the dildo but I'm concerned they may rust over time as I'm unsure if they are stainless steel.
    • Easily adjustable
    • Interchangeable o-ring
    • Stylish

Size / Fit

Measuring in at 6 1/2 inches of insertable length with a maximum diameter of 1 1/2 inches this dildo isn't intended for the size queens in the audience. It has the rather reasonable dimensions of an average penis that won't make your pussy or butt clench in fear. The upward curvature and shaft bulges feel awesome in my lady-parts and I've enjoyed a couple g-spot orgasms just stroking myself with this glass cock. We're experienced in the realm of anal play and neither my husband or myself have had issues taking the toy in the backdoor either and I've been informed that the prostate quite enjoys the shape of this product as well! The flared base has a width of 2 1/8 inches and provides a safe barrier from accidentally inserting the dildo completely into the ass and the resultant embarrassment at the emergency room.
For some reason Eden lists the maximum hip and waist size that this harness can accommodate at 38 inches. I have 38 inch hips and have about a foot of extra fabric available on all fours straps. My guess would be people with up to 50 inch hips could still use this product without problems. As I've already mentioned the straps are very easily tightened by tugging the ends firmly and to release all that is required is lifting up the plastic buckle ends and pulling from the opposite side. For light fabric there is surprisingly little play once donned properly and the pink o-ring fits the dildo tightly. If you want to use a bigger diameter dong then be prepared to buy a larger o-ring as the included one barely stretched to surround the Icicle. I found all the fabric comfortable on my skin except the nylons straps which are a tad rough but hopefully will soften with a few hand washes. The two-strap design is appreciated because it allows access to my pussy and doesn't cause any chafing on that delicate spot. When worn properly the dildo sits perfectly on my pubic mound at just the correct area that a real cock would protrude from.


    • Adjustable
    • Will fit most body sizes and types


For an entry level strap-on set I'm impressed with how snugly the dildo was secured to my body. Usually cheaper models tend to make for 'sloppy cock syndrome' with the appendage flailing all over the place with no control. The harness adjusted very easily with me having it firmly locked to my body with the dildo happily nestled in the o-ring in about 2 minutes. That could be a personal best if they had such a thing as strap-on time trials. The glass surface allows for a little lube to go a long way and my partner easily took this fake cock inside his ass with little trouble and was begging me to fuck him with long fast strokes. I found that I could really go hard on him and still retain control and the harness kept the weighty glass firmly held to my body. Seriously it's one of the rare times that I've really felt like the dildo was a part of me and this cheaper harness outperforms the price. Ten minutes of fairly active fucking does gives me some irritation on my thighs from the nylon straps so that is a drawback but a price I'm willing to pay for the control I have. I haven't had any soreness on my pubic bone though which can sometimes happen with a loose fit and the dildo base slapping against my body.
As much as I've enjoyed the pegging part so far I have also had some great solo sessions with this beautiful piece of glass including a couple g-spot orgasms that had me seriously wetting the bedsheets. I absolutely adore the smooth feel, big round head and delightful curvature inside me.
And besides all that I'd still consider placing the Icicle in a display case or on the fireplace mantle because it's so damned pretty to look at!
    • Chafes
    • Easy to put on
    • Holds toys very well

Care and Maintenance

The glass dildo is an absolute joy to clean requiring only a good scrubbing with antibacterial soap or a trip though the dishwasher to make ready for next use. There are no deep ridges for lube or body fluids to hide out in and the most important instruction I can give is don't drop it on a tile floor. Water, silicone or oil-based lubes are all compatible with borosilicate glass so pick your favorite body-friendly slippery stuff and enjoy!
The harness is a little more tricky to upkeep and I personally wouldn't want to run it through the washing machine and risk ruining the fabrics. Hand-washing has worked well so far (I've only done it twice as of yet) and I just hang to dry. My main worry is the o-ring snaps rusting from moisture because I doubt that they are made from stainless steel but I hope to be surprised.
We are still using the box it arrived in for storage as it's not too bulky, looks nice and also protects our investment.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Pipedream used some very classy packaging for this harness set and I'm actually using it for storage which is extremely rare when it comes to our adult products. The box itself isn't overly large measuring 4 X 4 x 8 inches and it has a lovely magnetic fold out front containing some hot photos of the harness/dildo set being worn by an attractive model from various angles. The graphics emblazoned around the cardboard aren't the usual cheesy or trashy shots often found on these types of items but instead are artistic and showcase the set nicely. The box is very easy to open requiring no broken fingernails and inside the dildo is nestled beside the harness which is wrapped in a clear plastic bag. The straps are all adjusted loosely and ready to be slipped over the hips and legs and pulled tight for immediate use.
While there is no included pamphlet of instructions the back of the box does have some information about ease of cleaning, how to adjust the harness straps and temperature play ideas.


box open
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable
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