Tiger - g-spot strap-on dildo by Fun Factory - review by ScottA

Growl (and purr) with the Tiger

The Tiger feels fantastic anywhere. A stimulating, soft-but-stiff-enough non-realistic dildo with a marvelous pattern of ridges and a curve to hit the right spots, the Tiger works well in hand, harness or stuck to a smooth surface, whether you're a woman or a man.
Curve and texture wonderful for anal or vaginal use, base supports hand, harness or suction-cup use.
Suction cup can let go with lateral pressure. No tactile indicator showing which way the curve goes.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Curve, texture, head, and base – these make the Tiger what it is; a phenomenal, sensual dildo. Cast in a 100% silicone, this dildo is easy to take care of and completely body-safe for all uses. The hardness is a good choice as well. It's stiff enough for strong stimulation and easy insertion, but soft enough to be comfortable during a long and hard ride.

The tiger’s most distinctive feature is the series of curvy, interrupted, ridges down the entire length of the dildo. The uppermost two help to define a head, making the Tiger the first nonrealistic dildo I’ve seen that can be said to have a head. The prominent ridge forming the upper base of the head works magic, as it rubs against internal bits of the body on every thrust.

Texturing on toys has its devotees and detractors. In my active toy box I have (and enjoy) both textured and smooth toys. The Tiger’s texturing is a good balance and feels great vaginally, anally, orally or even rubbing against your skin. The low, rounded, contours and arched shapes make it gentle enough for anal use by an intermediate beginner; while being stimulating and interesting enough for more advanced users.

The ribs feel fantastic whether they’re slipping by an anus or vaginal opening, and they’re defined enough to give a little stimulation even when they’re inside. Somehow the design of the low bumps, also manages to eliminate the irritation that textured toys often give during long use. They also give a fantastic sensation, that other reviewers describe as wave-like; a description that fits so well I can't think of a better one.

At the base of the Tiger’s shaft where the ribs end, there’s a slightly narrower portion. It’s not enough to let the Tiger be used as a true butt plug, but your anus can get enough of a grip on the Tiger to hold it in.

The Tiger’s sensuality is greater than the sum of the parts. It comes from the bringing together of the curve, the texture, the head, and the base. In a woman the curve and the head work together, to find the G-spot and A-spot, and the Tiger is long enough to ensure that you can reach both. In men the same features serve to bring the tip of the dildo and the lower ridge of the “head” up against the prostate and seminal vesicles, delivering fantastic sensations. At first I was a bit concerned that the very prominent ridge forming the head might be uncomfortable at insertion, but I had no problem at all.

The base has a few tricks of its own. It's an excellent shape for hand-held use. The rounded triangle fits in the hand well and allows you to easily control the Tiger. Since it’s not round, it’s easier to keep the Tiger from unintentionally rotating during use, but unfortunately there isn’t a “this side up” indicator that you can find by feel. If you can see the Tiger then you can use the ribs to easily tell which side the dildo curves towards, though.

The base has a concavity in the bottom that can serve as a suction cup. The good news is that it is very strongly integrated into the Tiger. There is no way that the suction cup will tear off during any likely use. The bad news is that the suction cup doesn’t like lateral pressure. A layer of petroleum jelly, and an impervious sticking surface, will keep it attached for most sex play. If you were hoping to climb the outside of a skyscraper using two Tigers as part of an action movie, you’d better reconsider.

The Tiger is an excellent single-ended dildo for harness use. The diameter of the Tiger coincides with the maximum supported size of many harnesses, giving a snug fit. It’s also a nice long dildo, ensuring that a couple can use it in many positions without it slipping out unexpectedly.

The ribbing along the body helps the wearer gauge how much is inside their partner, and the three-lobed base keeps the dildo securely fastened and helps to prevent unexpected rotation (especially in harnesses featuring three-point O-ring attachments). The one slight downside to the base in harness use, is the fact that it’s concave – whereas a flat base enables the wearer to really grind their vulva and clit against the base of the dildo. The Tiger’s concave base slightly reduces the point stimulation. It's still very good, though, so there's absolutely no reason to not consider strapping on the Tiger.
My first thoughts on pulling out the Tiger, I was surprise at how well the two top ridges suggest a head. Moving on to use, I was amazed at how easily the Tiger slid into place. The head is shaped very well for comfortable penetration, and the curve in the shaft makes it easy to slide all the way down with no problems. The third thing I noticed was the pleasure, as the tip and top ridge danced over all of my sensitive internal bits (there's more than the prostate up there, guys – and the Tiger will find all of them), and the ridges slid in and out of my anus.

The only way to describe the feeling is to say that my bottom was purring. Using the Tiger led me to curse my mortality and schedule. It’s one of those toys that made me wish I could go on and on, riding it for many hours straight, feeling what the ridges did as they slipped past my anus and what the head did as it slid over and against my internal organs with every thrust.

Sadly, I didn't have the time or the energy to go on forever. It was late, so I reluctantly pulled off of the Tiger after a very satisfactory orgasm. I've been back every night since, and every time I stop with regret. I know that the Tiger will be with me for a long time.

Cleanup after every use was a snap, a quick trip to the sink with some dish soap and the Tiger was good to go. If you are going to switch orifices or share with someone else then you might want to sterilize it with some 10% bleach solution or boiling water, though.
Follow-up commentary
If only they had a spot for "I still like it, but even more". The Tiger is great, and as I learn more about how best to use it with my body it only gets better.

The suction cup really likes absolutely smooth surfaces. Any texturing and it starts to have problems coming loose. Even on a pretty smooth surface (bathroom ceramic) you can pop it off by pressing too much to one side, but it sticks pretty well on smooth surfaces. On the plus side for durability there's no way that you'll tear the suction cup off during use, since it's firmly cast into the base of the dildo, with walls about 1/2" thick. This is my first toy with a suction cup, and I love it - being able to stick it to surfaces is very nice.

Once you can relax during play the Tiger feels great anally. The bumps stimulate the anus and prostate multiple times on each thrust, and the ridge at the head feels fantastic sliding over the P-spot. The curve makes it easy to take and adds to the stimulation.

Personally, the Tiger has been the dildo on which I learned how to reliably have hands-free P-spot orgasms, and once gave me a low-end anal orgasm. I adore it, and would now give it 5 stars.
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