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G-spot pink

Double ended dildo by PHS International

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Hits the spot

Named after its target, the G-spot Pink by PHS International excels at providing G-spot (and in all likelihood p-spot) stimulation. Ideal for beginners yet suitable for advanced users, this toy should help most users locate the elusive G-spot. In terms of quality vs. price, this toy is one of the best bargains on EF.
GREAT G-spotter, relatively inexpensive (aka get more bang for your buck!).
No storage pouch.
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The G-spot Pink, a dildo by the vegan friendly PHS International, is a Pyrex toy meant to stimulate the G or p-spots. Either end could be inserted into the vagina or anus however I doubt that I'll use the handle anally after writing this review since the grooves between the balls are difficult, but certainly not impossible, to clean.

The curved end is ideal for G-spotting. During manual stimulation, most experts suggest positioning your fingers in a "come-hither" motion. The G-spot pink effectively replicates this gesture. Since this toy has a thinner neck and head, you can probe around the vagina.

The first flat ridge separating the balled end from the curved end will make an effective flared base for most. Assuming you can make it past this bump during anal usage, I doubt that most users would completely insert this toy into the anus (DO NOT TRY THIS) due to the curve in the shaft. If you can work past the base, be sure to have a strong hold on the external portion.

If you're going to use this toy anally, make sure to keep a firm grasp on the external end. Since both ends are weighted, it is possible for this toy to slip out of the anal cavity. Be especially cautions if you are going to insert the three balls since the flare may not be large enough to act as a flared base. It was effective for me, however I'm sure that it won't work for everyone. During anal usage, both ends were long enough to stimulate my G-spot through the rectovaginal septum (aka the tough fibrous tissue that separates the vagina and the anus).
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Material / Texture

The G-spot pink is made out of non-porous Pyrex (borosilicate) glass. Remember that glass toys are 100% unyielding therefore they will not adapt to your anatomy in any way, shape or form. The curved end of the G-spot pink has absolutely no texture, minus the bump separating the "head" of the toy from the shaft. There are no bumps, wraps, waves etc. Those looking for more stimulation can use the handle for insertion, however the grooves between the balls are difficult (but not impossible) to clean.

Pyrex toys are also ideal for temperature play. Heat/cool them with hot/cold water for unique sensations. Even though it doesn't retain temperature like aluminum or stainless steel, glass still holds its own. I like to run my G-spot Pink under hot water before use.

Design / Shape / Size

This might get confusing, but I wanted to measure different lengths/widths since this toy is an odd shape:
Horizontal length (excluding curve): ~7"
Length of shaft (excluding curve): ~3.5"
Length of Handle (excluding circular divider): 3"
Height of curve: ~1.5" up
Angle of shaft: ~140 degrees
Circumference of shaft: 2.5"
Diameter of head: ~1"
Diameter of shaft: .8"
Radius of shaft: .4"
Circumference of largest part (divider between shaft and handle): 4.3"
Diameter of largest part: 1.37"
Weight: .5 lbs

If you have any other specific measurement questions, please let me know and I will gladly break out the ruler/protractor.

You'll notice that the shaft is relatively thin. At least I thought it was relatively thin compared to the G-spot wonder. Fortunately the curve of the shaft created the illusion of a girthier toy. I would have appreciated a 1.25" diameter in the shaft, however a thinner toy might be easier to manipulate in the vagina. As much as I love larger toys, sometimes a petite piece of glass is more enjoyable.


The G-spot Pink performed beautifully. I found my G-spot and I came ::this:: close to a G-spot only (aka no help from Gigi) orgasm. Unfortunately this toy arrived the day before "that time of the month" so I haven't had much success. I did try it this afternoon, but it was too painful with the cramps and all.

The tip at the end was very easy to manipulate in the vagina. For kicks, I tried to hit as many spots as I could (It's amazing what I do with my free time, I know). I discovered many erogenous areas unrelated to my G-spot. The curved end has an insertable length of about 3-4 inches, so this toy should be long enough to reach most users' G-spots.

Both ends make fabulous anal stimulators. Really, fabulous. I was able to slide the shaft inside without any issues. The handle took a little more work, but it was definitely worth it. It was very very filling. I recommend using both ends with a partner since most will only be able to insert half of the toy into their anuses. Without a guiding hand, the excess external weight pulled the toy out of my behind (or in a really awkward angle). Again I don't think I'll use the handle regularly because it is hard to clean.

Care and Maintenance

Made of pyrex, the G-spot pink can be sterilized via boiling or immersion in a 10% bleach solution. Remember to rinse your toy multiple times after bleaching. Make sure to sterilize this toy before sharing with others. Also sterilize between anal to vaginal use. For everyday cleaning, antibacterial soap and water is effective. Do not scrub with abrasive cleaners.

As this is a glass toy, it is compatible with all lubricants.

Ideally I would tell you that I stored this toy in its included pouch. Unfortunately there is no included pouch, so it's sitting in a Ziploc in my toy drawer. I do not recommend this as a Ziploc does not provide any protection against the big bad world. I will buy a toy pouch eventually.


The packaging of this toy was fine. Housed in plastic, the G-spot Pink sat in front of a funky blue, pink, green and white cardboard information panel. However it didn't come with a pouch for storage! I was very disappointed with this because its shape doesn't exactly fit most containers, so buying one will be rather difficult.

In summary: Good presentation, bad preservation.

Personal comments

I was most impressed with the quality of this toy. Sold at a reasonable price, construction is simple yet effective. I highly recommend this toy as a first glass dildo because:
1. It is relatively thin
2. It is not intimidating
3. In all likelihood, this toy will help you find your G-spot
4. The handle is very easy to grip (see "Experience" section for some tips)
5. Pyrex is extremely durable

I wish I found this toy a long time ago!


I found that the best way to use this toy was to drag the tip all the way up and down the top wall of my vagina, in a straight line. It definitely hits my G-spot, as well as other erogenous zones in my vagina. It also builds my arousal because I'm constantly teasing my G-spot. After many repetitions, I just rubbed my G-spot for some amazing sensations. I haven't yet perfected the "letting go" part of a G-spot orgasm, but the orgasm that I had while stimulating my clit, with the G-spot Pink pressing against my G-spot, was A-MA-ZING.
Follow-up commentary
This is a quality toy that will never get old. Yes there are thicker toys out there. And yes, I generally use my thicker toys more. But this one is great for probing the g-spot, and it's so easy to hold. And it's pink! It's a winning combination, and a great addition to my arsenal of toys.
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