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G is for Gigi, that's good enough for me

A decadent treat for the vaginal region, Gigi is sweet as a cookie. Perfect for clitoral and g-spot stimulation, she is my favorite toy. Ever. Losing her would be a monster-osity!
Works well for the clitoris and g-spot
Very quiet
Some will want a thicker toy
Wish it held its charge longer
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Gigi, a member of LELO's Femme line, was meant to stimulate either the g-spot or the clitoris. I would not recommend this toy anally since it lacks a flared base, and it has a short handle. I would also imagine that the bump and curve would feel uncomfortable in one's backside.

I read in an article (no citation, sorry) that this toy was named after the g-spot, since its bump was designed to target that area. Simply insert the silicone end into your vagina and tilt upwards in the appropriate spot. Those with shallow g-spots may dislike the bump as it could catch on your pubic bone.

Gigi's flat head also lends itself to clitoral stimulation. Her vibrations are moderately strong compared with most clitoral toys. Those who need intense stimulation should look elsewhere. Many find that her smooth silicone and pulsation patterns feel luxurious externally, and internally.

Material / Texture

Gigi's body is made from 100% body safe phthalate free medical grade silicone (phew!). Her handle is ABS plastic. This velvety silicone is the softest that I've ever seen. Don't be decieved however, Gigi's body is rigid unlike that of many Fun Factory toys.

Beginners and advanced users will appreciate the texture of Gigi, and other LELO toys. Beginners may appreciate Gigi's softness.

Design / Shape / Size

Gigi's body assumes a slight u-shape. Her defining feature is the bump at the end of her shaft, similar in shape to the beveled end on the Ella, meant to stimulate either the clitoris or the g-spot. Her controls are located in the center of the ABS Plastic handle. Since the handle and buttons are plastic, they might be hard to grip, especially if the toy is lubricated excessively. Many have also complained about accidentally hitting the control buttons. While grazing over the buttons is unavoidable, I've rarely changed the settings accidentally.

I believe that most will appreciate the shape of the Gigi because her extra length will make it easier to reach the clit. The beveled head will also transmit vibrations over a wide area. Gigi is also an effective g-spotter. Unfortunately she may catch on the pubic bone if angled improperly.

I have read that some women found Gigi difficult to insert. With proper (water based) lubrication, I doubt this will be an issue for most users.

Gigi measures 165 x 35 x 33 mm and weighs 92 grams. She has a Lithium ion 500 mAh 3.7 V battery, which should not be charged longer than 24 hours.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Gigi has 8 vibration intensities, 3 pulsation patterns and 1 "wave" pattern (it feels like a wave instead of a pulse). Since all patterns can be used at every intensity level, Gigi boasts 40 different vibration combinations. A 2 hour charge can provide up to 4 hours of pleasure (working at 70% capacity). One charge lasts me about 2.5 hours, although I use it on its highest speed. Gigi also gets weaker when she's losing her charge.

Gigi is controlled by the circular control panel on her ABS plastic handle. To turn on, hit the + sign until she starts to vibrate. Gigi will always start at constant vibration, on her lowest vibration level. To increase the vibration strength, hit the + sign again. Hit the - sign to decrease the vibration strength. Hit the up/down arrows to cycle through the different pulsation settings. If a pulsation is too strong/weak, you can hit the -/+ to adjust the vibration strength. I highly recommend reading the user manual before using this toy. It is a good idea to play with the vibration settings before experimenting with Gigi as many have complained about her complexity.

Care and Maintenance

LELO recommends that you wash Gigi with soap and water. I use moisturizing Softsoap, which seems to keep Gigi's silicone extra soft. I would not recommend using a natural soap as this might decrease the softness of your toy (I'm speaking from personal experience). You should avoid cleaning with acetone and alcohol. Also, Gigi is water resistant but not waterproof. When cleaning, be sure to keep the control panel and the charging port dry. If water does get in the port, blow into it to push the water out. Gigi does have a plastic cover for this port, so make sure that it is plugged in during cleaning. I always let my Gigi dry overnight before charging as a precaution (this is probably unnecessary).

Gigi is very friendly however she does not mix well with silicone lubricants as they will destroy her body.

Gigi can be stored in her white satin pouch. This pouch is identical to Ella's pouch. It is very durable, however it is not reinforced like Iris'.


Gigi comes packaged in a lovely black cardboard box, which is protected by a thin box whose color matches the color of your toy. LELO's logo is embossed in the center of the lid. Cradled in plastic, Gigi is well protected upon arrival. Gigi comes with a manual, her charger and a white satin pouch. The manual is very useful, I highly recommend reading it before operating Gigi.

Gigi's presentation is superb, so she makes an excellent present. Numerous reviewers have pointed out that the packaging has changed on newer items (ie Mona and Ina), so the packaging for Gigi may be different now. Either way, I'm sad that the covers for my boxes for Gigi, Iris, Ella and Mina are now "outdated."

Personal comments

If my house was on fire and I had to save one thing it would be my Gigi. Well actually it would be my one vibrator drawer. Assuming I couldn't carry that out of a burning building, I would bring my Gigi. I literally use it every time I masturbate. I use it with dildos. I use it with other vibrators. I always use it.

Unfortunately my Gigi has gotten louder over time. It's still quiet, but it does "sound like a vibrator." It also has a higher pitched noise, which is common for many rechargeable vibrators.


Surprisingly my journey with Gigi hasn't always been orgasmic. Gigi was my third(ish) vibrator. My first was a bullet. Second was the Iris. Third was... the Gigi. I purchased the Gigi after I was confident in my orgasmic abilities. But when it finally came, well, I couldn't. It just didn't have the pure thumping power of my fabulous bullet. Fortunately Gigi did not go to waste as I used her to stimulate my g-spot (every few weeks though!)

Then a funny thing happened - I started getting hand cramps from my bullet. I used it so much, and pressed so hard (my clit was always sore), that my hand would involuntarily spasm into my masturbatory grip. That would have been embarrassing, but I doubt that any of my friends knew why my hand stiffened in that position. So I decided that I should take advantage of Gigi's ergonomic design and use it as a clitoral stimulator. Cutting myself loose from my bullet was extremely difficult, but it was worth the effort. My hand stopped hurting, and my clitoris became responsive to softer vibrations (I still climax with Gigi on high, but it wasn't as powerful as my bullet).

In a few months, my bullet died. While I was quite sad (it was my first!), I was ecstatic that I had rediscovered my Gigi in the process.
Follow-up commentary
This should be of no surprise... Even after getting my Form 2 (which I now use more often than the Gigi), I still absolutely love my Gigi. Yes, I use the Form 2 more. But the Gigi just feels softer. The vibrations in the Form 2 are a little bit rougher (this is not me complaining, they're just different), and the silicone in the Form 2 isn't as smooth. But Gigi is still a champ. And it's still beautifully blue.
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