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Oh Gigi, you're so good!

Gigi is the G-spot Wonder Woman, this girl will have your toes curled in no time. Made from buttery smooth silicone, her flat head is perfect for applying her various vibration patterns and intensities to that pleasurable little spot that can be difficult at times to locate and stimulate. As a bonus, you never have to worry about running out of batteries with Gigi, as she is rechargeable for fun and pleasure when ever the mood strikes up.
G-spot homing device
Not waterproof
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Lelo has gifted woman kind with the wonderful Gigi, a G-spot vibrator with a perfectly shaped flat head for G-spot stimulation. Along with awesome G-spot capabilities, she boost several other positive attributes as well, like being rechargeable, made from silky smooth silicone and plastic making her perfectly safe, and offering up a variety of vibration patterns and intensities.

While G-spoting is what Gigi excels at, you could use this beauty for more than just that. The flat head is also great for clitoral and nipple stimulation. You could use Gigi all by yourself or leave her in your lover's capable hands, whatever fits your fancy. While she makes a great G-spot and external stimulator, it is not recommended to use Gigi for anal penetration as she does not have a flared base, doing so could be dangerous and end in a trip to the ER.

Unfortunately Gigi is not waterproof, this girl prefers dry land. No taking Gigi with you for a day at the pool or a relaxing bath.
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Lelo uses the silkiest silicone I have ever felt, I noticed how buttery smooth the Gigi is along with my new Picobong by Lelo toy. The silicone on Gigi is very firm, it is a silicone layer over plastic, Gigi is not flexible at all. The base of Gigi is made from white plastic. Both silicone and plastic are great materials for a toy to made from as they are hypo-allergenic, phthalates free, latex free, and non-porous. Silicone rates a 10 on the Eden Fantasys' safety scale, while plastic rates an 8. All of the insertable portion of Gigi is silicone. There was a slight odor to Gigi, but it can only be noticed when directly holding Gigi up to your nose to smell her. After a few washes it has started to fad and I am sure that shortly it will be gone for good.

There is no texture on the insertable portion of Gigi, she is perfectly smooth.

Silky, buttery, fantastically smooth.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Gigi is the perfect size for users of all experience levels, she is not too large that beginners should feel intimidated to use her, and her glorious G-spot head makes her something that everyone should at least try out once. Overall she is 7 inches long with an insertable length of 4 inches. Gigi is angled with a broad flat head for perfect G-spot stimulation. The head on Gigi is 1.75 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. Gigi's circumference at the head is 3.75 inches. After the broad head, Gigi narrows down to a circumference of 3 inches on the shaft. The plastic base is 4 inches in circumference.

G-spot head

While I find the G-spot head on Gigi to be absolutely fantastic, it can create some problems for other users. First, some people may find that insertion and removal of Gigi to be a bit awkward and maybe even a tinge painful with her broad head, hopefully she is too not girthly that for most it shouldn't be an issue. Second, the design of the flat head can cause it to hook on the pubic bone in use. It is not recommended that you do intense thrusting with Gigi to prevent this from accidentally happening and ending your playtime with a tinge of pain.
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Gigi offers up a variety of vibration intensities and patterns, they are all controlled by the button on the base. It is one big button with four different sides to it, a plus, a minus, an up button, and a down. The plus and minus buttons control the intensity of vibration from low to high and the power level on Gigi. Pressing the plus button turns Gigi on, holding it down will turn the Gigi's vibrations up. Pressing down on the minus button will turn the vibration intensity down, once you are at the lowest setting, pressing down on the Gigi's minus button turns Gigi off. When Gigi is first turned on she will be vibrating at a constant rate, pressing down on the up button will cycle through the five patterned vibrations.

Gigi's vibration patterns are:
1. Steady vibration
2. Pulse
3. Fast pulse
4. Faster pulse
5. Escalation

Once you have cycled through the patterns to change back to a pattern you have already been on you need to press down on the down button. Once Gigi is going on one of her patterned vibrations you can still increase or decrease the vibration intensity by pressing on either the plus or minus button.

Overall I would rate Gigi's vibrations to be fairly powerful, about 4 vrooms. When her head is applied directly to my G-spot it is too intense for me on high, I have to use Gigi on one of her lower settings. She is powerful but quiet. You can use Gigi behind a closed door without worries of anyone on the other side of the door hearing what you are doing.

Gigi is also equipped with a travel lock. To lock Gigi press down on the whole button, the indicator light around the button will illuminate, once it turns off Gigi is locked. To unlock press down on the whole button again for a few seconds, when the light around the button turns on Gigi will be unlocked.

One of the wonderful things about Gigi is that she is rechargeable, no burning through batteries with this girl. Included in the package with Gigi is a charging adapter that plugs into Gigi. The charging port is located at the end of the base, It is covered by a white plug with the word 'Lelo' on it. When Gigi is plugged into the wall and charging the indicator light around the control panel will blink. Once the blinking has stopped and the light remains on the charging is done. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge, and this should get you around 4 hours of play.

Gigi is not waterproof, do not submerge her! Take care when cleaning to avoid getting water near the control button and the charging port.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Being that Gigi is made from silicone and plastic her care is fairly easy. To wash Gigi you should use some warm water and antibacterial soap, making sure to keep the water away from the controls and charging port. You could always wipe her down with some dilute bleach or toy wipes as well. She is non-porous, so after a proper cleaning and disinfecting you can safely share her between users. To disinfect wipe her down with a 10% bleach solution. She cannot be boiled or ran through the dishwasher, this would destroy her motor and she would no longer work. You are going to want to use water based lube with Gigi only, as silicone based lubes can bind with the silicone she is made from leaving her permanently tacky to the touch and not longer silky smooth. Gigi comes with her own little black satin storage pouch to keep her in between uses.
    • Easy to clean


Gigi has come wonderfully packaged, perfect for gift giving. There is an outer thin cardboard box which is color coordinated to the color of the toy, mine is rose so the box is the same color. On one side it just says 'Lelo', the sides have various information printed on them, then the back is a picture of Gigi on a white background. Once you remove the outer box there is an inner box which is a sturdy black box. 'Lelo' is the only marking you will find on this second box. If you wish to give Gigi as a gift, remove the outer box and present the lucky woman with Gigi in her inner box. Once you lift the lid of the inner box you will find Gigi nestled in a black foam cut out, and a black flap which conceals the accessories. Included in the package is Gigi, the charger, a manual, information regarding the 1-year warranty, a sample of lube, and a black satin storage pouch.
both boxes
Gigi in box
whats included in the box
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift


I have been very pleased with Gigi. She is gorgeous! I had wanted Gigi for a while, and in the rose color which always seemed to be out of stock when I was ready to purchase. I was finally able to grab it and boy was I pleased! Gigi honed right in on my G-pot, it was so intense that I had to really back down the vibration intensity of Gigi. The broad head on Gigi plus the firm pressure was magnificent. I have also been really pleased with Gigi for clitoral stimulation. This is my first real Lelo toy, I have a Picobong rabbit which I had before Gigi. I know Lelo gets some flak for not being waterproof, but I am willing to compromise on that for a toy that I get this much pleasure out of. I am seriously considering buying the whole line! I am a very satisfied customer and would gladly recommend Gigi to anyone with a G-spot or to anyone looking for a gift for a G-spot possessor.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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