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I should have paid more attention in pottery class, then I could be making these for a living..

This is a beautiful toy gave me the full sensation I so desire. While this toy is totally smooth, have no fear for the the ring that covers the firing holes is multipurpose and gives you something to grip while you are playing. This toy has many safety features and with a material safety ranking of 9, I would recommend this to even the pickiest of veteran cunts.
Completely smooth, easy to clean, comes with storage pouch, ring for gripping.
Not made with g-spots in mind, may be too big for a beginner or smaller cunts.
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The Elodie by Lovemoiselle is a simple yet beautifully elegant ceramic dildo. Elodie's main function is insertion, but sadly she was not intended for g-spotting due to her very straight form. Luckily for us toy lovers, what she lacks in curve for g-spotting she makes up for in girth. I would not recommend Elodie to a beginner, for this toy would probably be much too thick for you and not nearly as fun as something a bit slimmer. But for me, a veteran who has plenty of sex with a hung man, this is awesome option for when he is not around. Personally this toy can and does hit my internal bliss button, but only when I angle my hand lower toward my bum, lifting the opposing end forward toward my belly button. I would imagine this would be difficult for many women, especially those who have a hard time finding their g-spots in the first place.

While Elodie is simple ceramic dildo and you do not have to worry about water getting into a battery lodge, you will notice toward one end of her lovely self, there is a green ring. This ring is made of silicone or rubber and is actually a cover for a large round hole that goes through to the opposing side. Getting water stuck in here may not hurt the toy, but I don't think it would be necessarily good for it either. So I can't claim to you this toy is waterproof. But the ceramic itself is and if you are simply in the shower you most likely won't need to worry, but as for underwater activity, such as a bath or in a hot tub/pool, getting water inside may be a concern for you.

Since Elodie is ceramic, she is ideal for temperature play. Leave her in the freezer a while before play time and you will be impressed with how cold she will be against your or your lovers warm flesh. I personally enjoyed her cold over my clitoris, nipples and especially during insertion. My love doesn't like the sensation of cold over his man parts, but he does enjoy a bit of heat. Warming Elodie is a bit difficult(due to the holes under her rubber), but we found three methods to warm her. The first one we thought of that would keep water out of her was to use wash clothes and run them under hot water and then placing the cloths around her longer side. The second way we discovered to warm her was using a heating pad(this is our go to way to warm her).The third way we found was boiling her, but using a hard boiled egg strainer to keep her standing and the covered hole above the water level.

So far I've made this green ring that covers the firing holes sound bad, but it is quite the contrary! Since this toy is entirely smooth, this piece of silicone/rubber gives you something to grip while thrusting. The last thing you want when trying to "get yours" is a toy that keeps slipping out of your hand, and that would be just the case without this little green ring.

Elodie would not be a bright idea for anal. She feels pretty heavy duty and you would need not worry about her breaking inside, but the dilemma for anal lies in her lack of base. Lack of base on her means nothing at all to pull her out by should she be entirely inserted. Temperature play around the anus is still a fun idea, but putting it inside an anus is a no no.
    • Couples
    • Solo
    • Temperature play

Material / Texture

This dildo is made of, if you haven't already figured it out, ceramic. Which makes this toy a 9 on the safety scale. This toy is made of food grade material and is hypo-allergenic, non-porous, latex free, and phthalates free. Being that this toy is ceramic it is also pretty freaking hard. She can not be bent nor squished by squeezing. There is nothing soft about her aside from the rubber band enclosing her firing holes. If you knock your nail against her she will clink, and if you drop her on hard flooring she may chip, crack, or the worst, break completely. If she happens to get a crack or chip DO NOT CONTINUE USE of her. She should be thoroughly inspected if she is ever dropped, for her having a crack and being inserted could spell disaster for you and your cunt.

This toy is completely smooth. The paint of the green flower can be felt underneath a finger, but cannot be felt vaginally. She is completely without texture and has no bumps, lumps, or ridges at all. This is a very straight forward dildo, she is a no muss no fuss kind of gal. I can appreciate her simplicity, but this will leave some girls wanting more. While I do love this toy, I generally enjoy a bit of texture to my dildos. A few lumps or bumps or at least a coating with a bit of drag if it isn't angled for g-spot action. While it lacks these important components for me, the girth is what makes this toy excellent for me. So if you are willing to sacrifice bumps and drag for girth, this beautiful toy is a great option for you.

As for lubes, this ceramic toy can be used with both water based and silicone based lubricants. Either will create a lovely slip and slide for you since she is so utterly smooth.
Since she is non porous, she can be shared. However, she should be thoroughly washed and dried between cunt's to get rid of any bacteria on the surface.
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

This toy has one of the most simple yet elegant designs I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. This off white ceramic dildo is 8 1/4" long all together, with 5 3/4 of that being on the insert-able side of the green band. This dildo is 1 1/4" in diameter, which does make it a tad on the thick side. For me, it achieves the full feeling I desire from a toy. Sadly for some it is not g-spot angled in the least and it may take some effort to figure out how to best use this toy for you. For me personally, as mentioned before, angling the handle side down toward my bum makes the internal side go forward and when thrusting like this I can hit my g-spot. For ladies with smaller or less stretchy cunt's, you may have a hard time with this and may need to look into another toy rather than this beautiful, but totally solid and straight one.

On one side of this toy there is a green flower with a vine running down the toy and past the band over the firing holes. There are also a few vines(5) coming from the stem of this flower. This green is quite lovely, it is not quite a bright green but is not a crayola green either. This flower is very slightly upraised and can barely be felt when grazing your fingers over it. The paint of this flower cannot be felt at all internally.

This toy appears very earthy in my opinion and would make a nice gift for your sexually open minded tree hugging friend.
    • Whimsical / artistic


While this is an awesome toy and I have gotten off with it quite a few times now, I personally prefer bumps, lumps, and/or ridges on my dildos. I don't feel the need to much with vibrators, but with dildos, I've grown to appreciate drag or ridges. This toy performs well with itself girth and perfect smoothness, but personally it left me desiring a bit more. It gives me the nice and full sensation that I love in a toy, so I love it in that regard, but I personally would have liked it a bit more if it at least had a little drag. But everyone is different and you may be looking for something that is utterly smooth.

The green band around the firing hole does excellently guarding the holes as well as for gripping. If you are a particularly wet female or enjoy a lot of lube, this will be very helpful for you. Since it is super smooth as I have mentioned before, there would be nothing to grip onto if not for this band. Which means your hand would do a lot of slipping off and that could be quite detrimental to you reaching your orgasm. Luckily for us, Lovemoiselle gave us this nifty band around the toy.

Cold play was very simple with this toy. 30 minutes in the freezer gets her nice and cold, but she will only stay freezing cold for 10-15 minutes. Ceramic warms quickly and while this is a good thing for those ladies who enjoy heat, it is a slight downfall for those who like long cold sessions. Another perk of it warming quickly is for the girl who wants it body temperature quickly. After pulling it out of its sheath it doesn't take much time of holding it in your hands for it to warm to body temperature.
Hot play is a bit more difficult if you want to keep water out of the firing holes. It is not impossible, but slightly difficult and requires some effort. But if you don't mind the extra effort, this is an awesome toy for you.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning Ms. Elodie is quite simple. Since she is ceramic and non porous simple antibacterial soap and warm water will do the trick. You can also use a toy cleaner(spray, foam, wipe, etc.). Eden even claims this toy is bleach-able and therefore can even simply be cleaned by a wipe down with the 10% bleach and 90% water solution. While this would kill bacteria on the toy, I would be worried about dulling down the brightness of the green decal on the toy, which I personally find quite pretty and would like to keep around in all it's bright glory. So bleaching isn't for me, but it is still an option for you.

This toy comes with a very thin pouch, similar to the red ones that come with a lot of the cheaper glass on Eden. But unlike those toys, this ceramic toy comes packaged in a box with a foam like side sheath. I personally am storing mine in the bag to save a bit of space, but if you are concerned about this toys safety in your toy box(given the cost it is understandable) the box itself is perfect for storing your toy in if you have space. I do not recommend traveling with this toy unless you have kept this box. The bag itself would not keep this toy safe among the potential jumbles and tumbles of traveling.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


This toy comes to you in a an elegantly designed matte black box. This black box has a clear plastic viewing window on the top of the front panel. Through this you can see the top half of your new dildo. The very bottom of the front panel has "LOVEMOISELLE" printed on it, and between this print and the window is a sleek black flower and stem. Both sides of the box have a similar flower in silver and sleek black vines. The back has a bit of info informing you about the dildo as well as advertising it, in seven languages.
While the packaging is beautiful, it is not very discreet. You can tell it is a dildo from the clear front display and after reading the back, any doubt is removed.
This toy also comes with a black velour bag similar to those red ones that come with some of the glass toys on this site. Also included is a little booklet with cleaning and maintenance instructions and every toy made by Lovemoiselle.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
Follow-up commentary
I still thoroughly enjoy this toy. It is one of my non-vibrating favorites due to its beautiful design and hefty girth. If I could change anything about this toy after using it for awhile, I would give it two things it doesn't have now. I would give it a G-spot curve and a few ribs or upraised lines. The toy is great how it is, but if it were designed by me, I would make those changes.

I was initially quite worried about getting water inside the hole on this toy. I am happy to state that I have never gotten any inside and have never had any other kinds of issues due to the burning hole.
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