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Elodie is the French Vanilla of the Lovemoiselle sisters. She's got none of the bells and whistles, but her simple design delivers the smooth, silky pleasures you've been craving. Crafted of hygienic, nonporous ceramic, Elodie is a sturdy, down-to-earth toy who cuts the small talk and gets right down to business.
Hygienic, nonporous ceramic, beautiful, simple, smooth, gets the job done.
No fancy curves.
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The Lovemoiselle Elodie comes in a sturdy black box with a thin seal around its equator. Slip off this little band of cardboard and open the tightly fitted box. Firmly nestled inside a piece of fitted foam is the simple but lovely Elodie. Lift her foam tray out of the box, and underneath you will discover an information booklet and a little velvet pouch for storing your new best friend.

You must be yearning to remove the Elodie from her tray and start your playdate right away, but first, I would advise that you read the booklet. It contains much useful information that will help you ensure that your Elodie lasts a lifetime.

When you are done reading the booklet, take the time to admire Elodie. Unlike her sisters, Noemie and Aveline, she is minimalistic and functional without the frills and naughty curves. She is roughly cylindrical, with rounded heads and constant thickness through her entire length, save for a thick green silicone band 2/3 down her body. This band provides enough friction for your fingers to grasp the toy when making love to Elodie without fearing that her smooth body will slip from your grasp. Her white body is decorated with a single green flower that scrolls delicately over her. Running your fingers over it, you can feel the difference between the painted flower and the rest of Elodie's body. When sliding Elodie in and out of your slick entrance, however, you cannot feel the difference at all.

The Elodie is made of sturdy ceramic and glazed with a slick, frictionless finish. It's so smooth that you might not even need lube, but in case you reach for your favorite bottle: no worries, all lubes are compatible with Elodie. She is also completely nonporous, making it safer than toys made of jelly, rubber, and other materials that absorb moisture. Elodie is also built to last a lifetime, given she is cared for properly. Show a little love, and Elodie will warm up to your body temperature--literally!--within seconds. If you'd rather be touched by an ice princess, however, feel free to set her inside the fridge for a few minutes.

The Elodie requires relatively low maintenance for a luxury toy. She can be cleaned after every use with a quick warm water rinse, and then dried with a clean cloth. Her black velvet pouch is perfect for stowing her until the next time her services are required. The booklet warns to never use abrasive scrubbers, as this may damage the finish.

Although Elodie's a tough girl, be careful not to drop her, as you risk cracking or chipping her. If she is dropped, check over her carefully to ensure that there is absolutely no sign of damage before using again. If any evidence of harm is visible, then she is no longer safe to be used.

Ceramic toys are fun for temperature play, but don't take Elodie from one extreme to the other (i.e. straight from hot water into freezer or vice versa). Please don't pop her into the oven or microwave, either. This may damage her.
Elodie wins top marks in my books for simplicity in design but 100% effectiveness in execution. It's true that she doesn't sport a g-spot curve, or any of the other nifty things Noemie and Aveline have. That doesn't mean that she isn't an awesome thrusting toy, though!

I took Elodie into the shower with me (a rite of passage for nearly all my new sex toys). I hardly had to do any work at all. Even with the hot water washing away my natural lubrication, Elodie slid in effortlessly. She's not what most people would call "thick", but she is good and heavy. I found my favorite angle and thrust her slowly in and out, then sped up, thoroughly enjoying how good she felt. I never expected a smooth, featureless toy to feel so wonderful, but Elodie blew my expectations out of the water. She's my first ceramic dildo, and she is absolutely wonderful!

A small warning however: Upon first opening the box, the foam is a bit smelly. Not completely unlike new car smell, but maybe a little stronger. This smell does not cling to the toy and goes away after a little bit of airing out.

I recommend this toy to anyone who's been eying the Goldfrau or other, more expensive ceramic dildos, but who have shied away from the price-tag. The Lovemoiselle series can help you discover what ceramic can do for you. Elodie in particular is like a well-written haiku. Lovely, simple, and gets to the point in a surprisingly short amount of time!
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