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Ironed on Ink... Temperature Changes... Wowza!

A great toy for someone looking to expand their toy arsenal with some glass. Not too expensive and a good size for most make this toy a great one for anyone familiar with their body. My suggestion: give it a try chilled (but not frozen....) for a totally new experience.
Temperature changes, material safety, easy to clean, all-lube compatible, good size.
Tattoo of toy takes away from smooth texture, too hard for beginners.
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Warm or cold, this toy provides for a unique experience all its own. For those who have never tried glass, well, give it a try. It is fantastic!

This toy is labeled as a probe, which to me implies it is made for anal use, but It really is just a smooth glass dildo with a slight curve to hit the G or P spots. It can be used vaginally or anally.

The product claims it is hand blown to make it unique, however, I question the validity of this statement. Nonetheless, that doesn't detract for the quality of this toy, what you can do with it, and the new boundaries you can explore with it.

I wouldn't suggest this toy for a beginner as glass is well, hard, and does have the possibility to hurt if used improperly or too roughly.

Material / Texture

This probe is made of glass. I know what you are thinking, it will break inside of me and leave some nasty cuts. While this is a legitimate concern, nothing could be further from the truth. While the package does not state what kind of glass this is, it appears to be borosilicate, otherwise known as Pyrex, which is very strong and difficult to break. If you can manage to break this toy while playing with it, I would ask why you were throwing it off the balcony....

For you science nerds out there, borosilicate glass (or pyrex), is made by adding boron into the mixture of sand, soda and ground lime. The boron in Pyrex reduces any stress caused to the material due to temperature changes. It is less dense than ordinary glass, making it much more resistant to shattering and breaking as well, if it were to break it would not shatter or splinter into tiny pieces but instead it would snap or break in large pieces. In other words, its much more strong than your typical glass used in say, drinking glasses.

Another benefit to glass is that it is extremely smooth and nonporous, which is why it is a 10 on the material safety scale. It only needs a simple wash to be good as new and ready for round 2.

Now as for the "inked" feature of this toy... When I saw the image online, I thought the design was incorporated in the glass or at least underneath. This is not the case. The tattoo on the probe is on the outside and reminds me of iron on numbers you would put on the back of a sports jersey. I am unsure of the composition of material for the image, but I would guess it is some sort of plastic. I don't think it will peel off or anything like that, but it might wear off over time for cleaning. If you dislike it, I think taking some steel wool to it would take it off no problem. It definitely has a different texture than the rest of the glass toy.

The majority of this toy is very smooth glass. There is essentially no texture to this toy, which means for easy gliding. A benefit to this smoothness and non-porous texture is that very little lube is needed to use this toy.

Design / Shape / Size

The main design feature on this toy is the graphic that has been "ironed" onto this toy. I had the idea that each toy would have somewhat different graphics on it, but this appears to be a mass marketed design. The toys tattoo is that of a red heart, an anchor that is kind of feminine looking that is grey and red, with an orange cross that looks like it was inspired by a similar Celtic type design in the background. There is also a light brown ribbon looking thing swirling in and out of the image, which is all 2D.

This toy did contain one surprise for me one I opened it. The head has 2 little indented ridges in it. I am unsure why the manufacturer put these in, but it adds for a little character to an otherwise smooth toy.

The measurements...
5 3/4" Length
5 1/2" insertable length
1 1/2" Diameter at widest point in the head ( the head consists of the first 1 1/2" of the toy)
Majority of the toy (Shaft) is 1" Diameter

Weight: 7.10 oz (I think this toy is solid glass, not hollow based on the weight)

The toy does have a flared base, but it is only 1 1/2" wide, so one still needs to use some caution when using this toy to make sure it doesn't get stuck....

The only other noteworthy design aspect to this toy is that it is slightly curved, so it should hit the p-spot if used anally (for you guys) or the G-spot if used vaginally.

Overall, this toy is a good size for most users, however you should remember that glass does not give like most toys, so I wouldn't suggest this toy for anyone who is a beginner.


One of the great things about glass is that it holds temperature well, which lends an entire new element to this toy.

My girlfriend noticed this and brought it up after she used the toy. She said that it was interesting because the part that was inside of her stayed very warm, but the bottom part of the shaft stayed cool and she could feel the difference while thrusting with it. She tends to be a bit apprehensive about toys in general, but she was excited to try this one out and enjoyed it a lot! But be careful, it can slip out while thrusting and you could ram it into, well... you know.... definitely not a good sensation. The size of the toy is not too big, not too small, but just right.

As for me, I tried this toy anally. As I am becoming more experienced with hitting my p spot, I tend to be harder on reviewing toys than I should. I think this one stood up to the challenge and compared well to the other toys I have tried. It didn't make the top of my list as my absolute favorite, but it wasn't at the bottom either. Like my girlfriend, I enjoyed the changing temperature. I tried using it while it was somewhat cold to begin with and that was a different sensation altogether.

It has a great curve to it that it just about right for p/g spot massage which makes it even more versatile.

Care and Maintenance

While the packaging states that only water based lubes should be used with the toy, any type of lube is compatible with glass. Water, silicone, oil, hell, you could use peanut butter on it of you wanted, although I would not advise this... especially if it's crunchy peanut butter....

As always you should use condoms with this toy if sharing, unless you want to clean it before using it again.

To clean it, simply use soapy water or use some sex toy cleaner. You could also boil it, but remember the toy will be hot and it will hold its heat for a while, so don't expect to use the toy right away if you do this.


This toy has pretty standard plastic packaging set up to be hung on a rack in a store. It doesn't have that melted edge stuff, so you can open it without destroying the package.

The paper insert is mostly red with some simple graphics to make the toy look cool to go along with the 'Inked' theme. There is very little information on how to use or care for the toy, so what you see if what you get.
Follow-up commentary
While this is a good toy, the "ink" on this just ruins it for me. It has a different texture, it kind of flakes/scratches off if you clean it with a brush or anything like that....

I did enjoy getting to explore glass at a reasonable price to see if I liked it, which I did. The temperature element adds a new dimension to using toys which makes it that much more fun.

I am ranking this toy as "don't like it anymore" purely because of the ink and that I feel it is a tad bit small for me. My girlfriend however would probably rank it as liking it more because she likes the temperature element this toy offers and doesn't mind the "ink".

I definitely plan on exploring glass toys more in the future, and for that I am thankful I got to try out this toy. I would still recommend this toy to anyone looking fro a basic, affordable glass toy to give a try. I would tell those who enjoy something larger, that this toy might be a bit too small for you to really get much out of it.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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