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Is the Curve Good for Anal? Boy, is it Ever!

While the Curve may be too much for an anal beginner, it is the best reason for a beginner to hurry up his or her education. After using this a few times you start to think that this is what your ass was really meant for! The Curve has a great look, feels tremendous and produces awesome orgasms. All of this at a very reasonable price. I am a fan for life!
Great head and handle, very realistic feel, perfect size (both thickness and length).
Not good for beginners, not harness or suction cup compatible.
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There are already lots of reviews that talk about the Curve as a G spot toy/vaginal dildo. I found it to be absolutely amazing for anal use. Many people think that simply because it lacks a flared base that it is not anal safe. That is not the case. While using a straight dildo without a flared base can be dangerous, a dildo with as much of a curve as the aptly named Curve is not a problem because your anatomy limits how far it can go in. In addition, the Curve has a handle with a prominent bump that prevents it from sliding in too far. This is best for intermediate and advanced users, but an ambitious beginner might want to give it a shot since it is not insanely girthy like some other intermediate and advanced dildos.

Material / Texture

The Curve comes in purple or pink and is made of high grade silicone. The feel is very smooth. What distinguishes the Curve is that it also has a raised area of silicone that is meant to replicate the helmet shape of the tip of the penis. This is quite a mushroom head (complete with a prominent ridge), and if you are into penises with big mushroom heads, you will like the Curve. Beyond the helmet tip, the raised area of silicone is continued as a swirl running down the side. I have seen various sites where the raised area of silicone is described as hard (I even once saw it described as like hard plastic!) Again, not the case. It is very smooth and flexible and really is just meant to give you that mushroom head sensation.

Design / Shape / Size

The Curve is a bendy curving dildo that is just over 7" long (just over 8" if you stretch it out) and about 1.25" thick (although that great mushroom tip comes in at about 1.5" thick). It has a maximum insertable length of about 6.5", and you will feel every inch of that! Despite the unrealistic curve, it has a very realistic feel, especially with that tip that I have mentioned so much already. It is the combination of the head, smoothness of the silicone, the girth and length that makes it feel so realistic. The pronounced ridge on the head is intended to stimulate your chosen spot (in my case, the P-spot), and it did a good job at that. It is lightweight for travel, but with that mushroom head, it is not at all discreet. Once you use it though, you will be willing to take the risk that your super-curvy pink or purple penis will be discovered in your baggage.


Fun Factory gave a lot of attention to the head of this dildo with all of that extra silicone, and it is the head that makes the whole thing work so well (it also seems to be what scares people off when it comes to using this anally). Remember, this is flexible silicone, so that big head has some give. In short, it looks like more of a challenge than it is. Same things goes for that ridge. And, it is that ridge that will be pressing up against your spot giving intense pleasure. The other great thing about the Curve is the handle. It lets you manipulate the Curve, even when it is very slick from lube. If you want instead to go hands-free, you can use the handle against a firm surface (floor, wall, chair), to make the Curve go in deeper. As I mentioned before, the handle also gives you assurance that the Curve will not go too far inside of you. However, as much as I like the handle, it is not suction cup or harness compatible, if that's what you are looking for.

Care and Maintenance

Soap and water will get the Curve clean and I recommend cleaning it that way before and after you use it. For a more thorough cleaning, you can put it in the dishwasher, as it is dishwasher safe. Avoid silicone lubes and stick to a good thick water based lube. This baby goes in pretty deep, so you will want a lube that is not too thin. Store the Curve away from sunlight and dust (as with any silicone toy, it is a dust magnet). Also, try not to store it too near another silicone toy.


The Curve comes in a nice package that shows you what you are about to get yourself into (or should I say, what you are about to get into yourself). It is a bit bulky though, and unless you have a lot of storage room, I probably would not keep it in the box. It comes with a little brochure of the other Fun Factory products and with a little packet of lube. That's generous of them, but have a nice bottle of lube nearby because this is not a small toy and you will want it to be nice and slick when you slide it in.

Personal comments

I wanted to write this review because I saw so many people express reluctance to use this anally, usually for fear that the tip and the ridge would be too much. I have to tell you, this is probably the best dildo I have ever had in my ass. In fact, it managed to give me a hands-free orgasm! For me, the combination of the texture, size and realistic feel (again, despite the exaggerated curve) make the Curve ideal. The flexibility of the silicone makes this not as imposing a toy as many larger dildos. Don't let the ridge at the tip fool you, this dildo is the real deal for anal.


I recommend warming up with a smaller dildo or plug. 1.5" thick is not gargantuan, but if you're tight, you might not want that tip going in first thing. Riding it with the handle pointing behind you allows you to get more of it inside (all the way up to 6.5"). With the handle pointing to the front you get the feeling of the handle rubbing up against the balls and perineum, but you sacrifice a bit of the length. Try both ways and see which one feels better for you. One tip I must share- use this while sitting on one of those workout balls (if you don't already have one- make that a priority!). You will bounce your way into a frenzy!
Follow-up commentary
The Curve is still one of my favorite toys, although I do miss the fact that with the curved handle, you can't anchor it to a base. However, the handle is good for inserting a vibrator so you can take the Curve to a whole new level.
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