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Curve, I Think I Love You...

The Fun Factory Curve isn't for everyone - but for those that like strong g-spot sensations, this will be a *very* rewarding toy. For those that don't, give this one a pass.
Soft silicone, ergonomic handle, pronounced g-spotting ridge on a girth head.
Only for those who like aggressive sensations on their g-spot
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I have to admit, I am shocked at how much controversy there is around this toy. It seems like people either seem to hate it or love it, with no real in between.

The curve comes in either hot pink or grape purple – I could not resist the hot pink, but quite understandably the purple is far more popular. Shape-wise, the Curve looks like an ornate 'S', with a girth-y and contoured head swooping down to the 'royal curl' in the tail. The silicone is amazingly soft and squishy – much more supple than other fun factory toys I have used and/or fondled in the past. The shape is specifically designed for ease of solo or partnered use at massaging the g-spot – simply hold onto the toy by the royal curve, and guide it into the willing subject. The bulbous head is angled and sized so that g spot massage will be a snap – furthermore, the ridge of the head is positioned so that it pressed up against the g spot upon removal of the toy.

I found the Curve to be a real dream to use on myself – the royal curl provides an excellent handle, and the body of the toy is designed well so that the proper angle can be reached very easily. My partner had similar comments about using it on me. With this toy I am able to squirt liberally, strongly, and quickly. Seriously, you should see the range I get with this toy. I have no idea what about it is exactly so magical about it – obviously the curve is designed to be *aggressive* on the g-spot, but honestly, I feel like a freshly un-kinked garden hose when I use this toy. If I had to make a guess, I'd say it has to do with the g-spot ridge on the head. I think the ridge jams up against my g-spot upon removal, pushing in on the g-spot as the Curve is pulled out. The general secret with squirting, for me and most of the squirting women I've played with, is that the vagina really needs to contract in order to spurt (as opposed to just drooling all over the place around an invading object). I think the curve provides wide girth, that upon removal allows a contraction. Coupled with intense and concentrated g-spot stimulation right at the moment of removal, the result is a powerful squirt that could take someone's eye out!

I have found that most women I try and share the Curve with don't exactly fall in love with it instantly the way I did. It's a big toy – girth-y, mostly – and it can really take some warm up to accept. And to a lot of women, the g-spot ridge on the head feels painful upon insertion an/or removal if they're not properly warmed up. There seems to be a bit of a correlation, however, to women that really really enjoy g-spot stimulation liking this toy, and those who either don't enjoy g-spot stimulation (or those who don't really do much g-spot stimulation) not liking it as much. So, in my mind, this explains the polarized reviews on this toy – those who like aggressive g-spotting will love this toy, and those who don't....won't.

The Curve, being 100% pure silicone, can be sterilized before sharing by boiling, wiping with 10% bleach, or washing in the top rack of a soap-free dishwasher. I would not recommend it as an ass toy; I think the g-spot ridge would be too annoying to the tender tissue of the anus and anal canal. I'd recommend lots of lube with this toy, particularly after the squirting begins (female ejaculate is the wrong kind of lubrication), and I'd only recommend this toy for a seasoned g-spotter.

And to all you seasoned g-spotters trying out this toy – do your partner a favor and give them some safety glasses. Female ejaculate in the eye kind of stings.
Follow-up commentary
Since writing my review I have shared the curve with a few more women, and I must say that it seems like more women don't like it than do. Food for thought. This is still my go-to squirt show dildo, and one of my all around favorites.
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  • Viv
    This one always looks so appealing to me, so it's nice to a review from someone it worked out for. Smile
  • Carrie Ann
    Awesome review! I lust after this thing!
  • Sammi
    This does look awesome - going on my wish list :--)
    Good review!
  • Epiphora
    Excellent review. I definitely want this!
  • Victoria
    Great review, Red! The ejaculate line made me laugh Smile
  • Red
    @Sauoru Good, I can only hope it works for you!

    @Carrie Ann, @ Sammi and @Epiphora Again, good - I'm glad to present a voice of confidence in the sea of varried reviews about this toy. I hope I've "nailed" the factors that make this toy a supreme win for me - cause daymn, it rules!

    @In the pink It was comical when it happened too Big smile
  • PurpleReign
    A few generous squirts in the appropriate eyes could help end that strange porn staple - the facial!

    Thanks Red...I'll send my wife to read this over; probably end up on her growing wish list as well.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    It was interesting to read your follow up!
  • Hannah Savage
    This is definitely going on my wish list. I think the shape of the toy is simply beautiful. My only concern would be the girth, but your description of the silicone being soft and squishy is quite encouraging. Thank you!
  • pinkzombie
    awesome review!
  • Bunnycups
    I really want this. I hope I'm one of the women who love it.
  • lezergirl
    nice review!
  • A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
    Great review!
  • eroticmutt
    Thanks for the review
  • fredacarl
    Great review
  • Falsepast
    "Aggresive sensations" I may like this...a lot.
  • glitterbombs
    Thank you for the review! It's good to have diverse opinions being shared.
  • ashboo32
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