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Latin Nights 8"

This toy has both good and bad points, and if the cons are not deal-breakers for you it is worth a try. The biggest con for me was the smell, if that eventually goes away completely I will be satisfied with this toy. I was very happy with how well the suction worked for this being such a large toy, and with how flexible and bouncy it is.
Realistic looking and feeling, soft, good suction, flexible
Smell, porous material, water-based lube only, not for beginners, high-maintenance
Rating by reviewer:
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This is a large toy! Not for beginners at all. You could use it in a harness, but would need to have a 2" ring. You would also need to put the ring after the balls, because the suction does not have a lot of space around it and is very flexible. Also be careful with what harness and ring you use because this toys outer material can easily develop small nicks in it. It would be safe for anal use (provided you can take this monster), due to its large balls. The suction cup also makes for great hands-free play. Whether using it vaginally or anally, I would recommend warming up before trying to take this on to avoid injury or discomfort.
    • Solo

Material / Texture

This toy is made from UR3, which is very porous and has a rating of only 2 for material safety. It is latex free and phthalates free, and the box states that it has a anti-bacterial sil-a-gel formula. Use condoms when sharing, and honestly I'd use one for solo to be on the safe side (I'd recommend getting larger ones for this, regular ones are a very difficult fit). Plus, it smells very strongly and I wouldn't want that in me without a condom on it. The smell tends to rub off onto hands, but did wash off my hands just fine. The smell is a mix between a plasticy and powdery scent, and honestly the scent bothered me more than the smell of the last cyberskin toy I had gotten. For such similar materials it is surprising the scent is so different. Fortunately the smell lessened after a couple days and has gotten much weaker in the couple weeks I have had it, but has not gone away completely.

It has a nice squishy and stretchy outer layer with a slightly firmer inner layer. It is also very flexible, which can be a problem at times in use (I'll explain more in performance). It gives nice bounce when smacked against something, and the suction holds surprisingly well for such a large and weighty toy. There is also a lot of texture to this toy, but most of it is not felt internally during use due to the squishy nature of the material.

Here is me pulling at the soft outer material, bending it up, and twisting it off to the side. All are done with very light effort, and notice how well the suction stays.

    • Porous
    • Strong odor
    • Flexible

Design / Shape / Size

I'll repeat that this is a large toy and not for beginners. It is also not at all discreet, but then what do you expect for a large realistic dildo? It measured a full 9 in. from end to end, with 7 1/2 in. being insertable. The girth is pretty uniform and is 6" circumference throughout most of it, with 2" in diameter. The only exception is the head, which is slightly smaller at its largest point measuring 5 3/4 inches, it does not seem smaller because it dips in just below the head. This also gives it a nice pop to it when you take the head in. The balls are slightly firmer feeling than the rest of the toy, and hand down 2 1/2".
Measurements, and that is the Doc Johnson labeled pouch underneath it.

The toy is very realistic looking, it has very noticeable veins (visually, you don't really feel them with use) that have a slight difference in color to add to the realistic look. Mine was overall slightly lighter than the product page and was a nice medium tan color.

Showing the detail of the underside and balls, as well as what the bottom of the suction cup is like.

Here is a picture to show you how large it is compared to other toys. Latin Nights 8" is in the middle, to the o the left we have O2 Adam, and to the right VIP Supersoft.
    • Realistic


One of the best features of this toy is how well the suction stay put. The cock does hang quite a bit on its own due to the weight of it, but this doesn't seem to cause problems during use.

The only issue I had during use with the suction was that at certain angles the toy starts to fold, but after a short learning curve I got the hang of it and had no issues. The only other thing to note about suction is that for me it worked best when the suction was completely dry, and any moisture under it made it slip off my wall a lot. I think this would vary depending on the type of surface you use it on though. It is also worth noting that it cannot stand upright on the suction on its own; it flops over if you leave it for a few seconds. It is harness compatible, but I do not own one and could not test that aspect.

As I said earlier, I recommend using larger condoms with this one. I only had regular sized ones and they barely fit onto it, and then didn't roll down the entire length of it (but then I personally didn't need it to). I needed a bit of a warm-up to be able to use this one, despite the good amount of give to the squishy material. It felt very realistic in use, and will definitely give you a full and slightly stretched feeling. Really the only downside was the smell and a bit of extra maintenance. I'm hoping the scent goes away eventually; but despite a few times washing it, the smell is still very noticeable (albeit not overwhelming anymore).
    • Easy to use
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

The UR3 material of this toy is very porous and should be cleaned quickly after use (no being lazy and leaving it for the morning!). Clean with antibacterial soap and water, often using a soft washcloth helps to get into all the textured areas. It is recommended to use corn starch every time after the toy has been cleaned and dried to help maintain the material. This also helps reduce the stickiness of the material and its tendency to collect lint. The material does need to be taken care of well, and has a tendency to easily get small imperfections if you are not careful. I noticed a few more of these after I got around to using it than when it had first arrived. It does come with a bag to store it in, and the plastic portion of the packaging can be used to keep it in as well (but is a bit bulky). Also, use ONLY water-based lubricant with this to avoid chemical reactions, and be sure to check the lube used in your condoms (if they are lubricated) to be on the safe side too.
    • Easy to store
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


This packaging starts with a cardboard box that has a picture of the toy, along with information about it (mine was written with Spanish in the large lettering and small English print below it). The box was not at all discreet and had a picture of the toy on the front, as well as cut-outs in the back where you could see through to the clear plastic case the toy and pouch were in. The plastic piece that the toy comes in would be a decent place to store the toy, and while the pouch fits the toy - it barely fits. It could have been made just a tiny bit longer and would have fit perfectly. The pouch is not discreet either, and is red, non-padded, and covered with Doc Johnson logos. The packaging does state that it was molded from a real penis, is made in America, and a variety of other things about the material and design. Very informative.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable
Follow-up commentary
I do still like this, because it does look and feel very real. However, I do not like it as much as I originally did. This is partly due to the smell, which does fade a lot over time, but does not ever go away enough to not bother me (I am a bit sensitive to smells). I also do have a lot of other toys to choose from that are silicone (and as such have no smell and are easier to clean), and while they do not feel as realistic I do prefer them most of the time.
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