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Love-moi Aveline

Like a trip to Paris, Aveline is enticing and adventurous. One of the great (love) artists of the twentieth century, Aveline stimulates the vagina and targets the g-spot with ease. She's just as beautiful as David, only a little more useful!
- good g-spotter
- beautiful
- unintimidating
- some may be put off by her size
- could chip/break if dropped
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Intended as a vaginal dildo, Aveline is crafted to target your g-spot. Its undulating wave design is both beautiful and functional, serving to stimulate pleasure points throughout your vagina. Shallow and deep thrusts are possible with this toy as Aveline is made of (glazed) ceramic. I always alternate between shallow and deep thrusting. Be careful during deep thrusting because it is possible to hit/bruise your cervix.

Aveline lacks a flared base, so be careful with anal insertion. Her body should be long enough to grip during anal usage. I have not used Aveline anally, so I cannot comment on her functionality in this regard. Be sure to sterilize this toy between anal to vaginal uses as to prevent the spread of bacteria.
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Material / Texture

Aveline is made out of smooth ceramic. Her surface is glazed as to avoid any nasty chafing in the vaginal region (NOTE: I read that the Goldfrau, a different ceramic dildo, has an unglazed handle. This is not true for the Aveline). She has a blue flower decal running down her side. Note that this decal is manually applied, not painted. It might be possible to scratch it off if you really try. Assuming this toy does not touch abrasive surfaces, I'm sure that this detail will stay in place.

Because this toy is ceramic it retains heat/cold. In fact, ceramic toys retain temperature longer than stainless steel ones without reaching extreme temperatures. After orgasm, Aveline definitely gets very warm. Most will find her hot, however she is not as hot as my stainless steel or aluminum toys. Remember to heat/cool with hot or cold water. Ice is also appropriate. Never switch between extreme temperatures (as in boiling/freezing) in a short time frame as Aveline will shatter.

Aveline has a blue plastic plug at her back end. This should not concern any user since its seal is extremely tight. It should not come loose, unless you pull it off (please don't). Generally I don't wash the very top of this toy as to avoid getting water/soap in the space between the cap and the toy. This precaution might be unnecessary.

When I first touched Aveline, I thought of art class and gardening. I couldn't put this together until I realized that my vision of art class was actually related to ceramics and my gardening tie came from the ceramic pots in the backyard. It took a few uses to transplant these mundane associations with orgasmic ones!

Design / Shape / Size

The Aveline is a wavy dildo. With a total length of 8 1/4" and an insertable length of about 7+", this toy can reach all around of your vagina. Weighing in at 0.4 lb, Aveline won't hurt your hand either. Aveline is also hollow, which significantly decreases her weight.

Those adverse to unyielding dildos should steer clear of this toy since it won't adapt to your body, despite the waves. And it could feel pretty big if you're not used to larger dildos. However I would recommend it without hesitation to beginners interested in completely solid toys. Aveline's slick surface, unthreatening design and light weight make her a great investment for beginning and advanced users.


Aveline performed as advertised. Her front end is pointed in a way that easily strokes my g-spot. I would have liked to see her end pointed just a little more because I craved harder stimulation. However this would have detracted from her design.

Aveline was exactly what I expected. Literally, exactly. It was pretty scary. And she felt exactly how I imagined. Either I'm getting much better at selecting my toys, or her many reviews were startlingly accurate.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning Aveline is very simple! Lovemoiselle recommends that you rinse under under warm water and dry with a clean cloth. I highly suggest using a liquid antibacterial soap as an added precaution. I have used Softsoap without any issues.

Aveline can be stored in her included velvet pouch. Make sure to rinse/wipe Aveline before every use as she picks up the lint from her pouch.

Aveline is compatible with all lubricants.

With proper care, Aveline should last a lifetime. She is extremely resistant to breakage despite her ceramic composition. However she can chip if dropped or hit. Do not use Aveline if you feel any cracks or bumps as this could be unsafe and unsanitary.


Consistent with its environmentally friendly design, Aveline comes in a black cardboard box. This box has a thin plastic window that gives you a small glimpse of the toy. The Lovemoiselle logo is displayed at the bottom of the case. The sides of the case have flowers similar to the decal of the Aveline. It really is very pretty, although not as sturdy as the Tantus Alumina packaging.

Enclosed in the box is the manual. It also contains the descriptions for other Lovemoiselle products. Cleaning instructions and storage suggestions are clearly presented.

The toy is held in a thick foam casing. Believe it or not, the case grips Aveline so tightly that I cannot recommend it for long term storage. Prying her out of the foam is very difficult! Lovemoiselle must have realized this, otherwise I doubt that they would have included the extra pouch. I would hang onto the case just in case you need to store Aveline during travel.

I should note that the velvet pouch isn't very thick, but it gets the job done. I may invest in storage bags meant for glass toys.

Personal comments

Aveline is very slick, so lube may not be required. However I highly recommend that you use a little bit of lubrication to enhance the experience. Aveline is compatible with all lubricants however Lovemoiselle recommends water based lubricants (no particular reason was given).

Also, warming lubricant makes Aveline feel warmer. This is probably due to my vagina heating up quicker as a result of the warming lubricant, thus warming Aveline. And since Aveline retains her heat, the whole vaginal region stays nice and toasty.


My drawer is a little bit classier thanks to Aveline. Her curves and elegant design are unmatched by any other dildo in my collection. Generally I reach for something more substantial since I love pushing my vagina to its limits. But I just love the gentle touch and simplicity of the Aveline.

Assuming you like rigid dildos, there is almost no way to dislike this toy. With proper care, Aveline will hit your sweet spots for years to come.
Follow-up commentary
This toy is timeless, and beautiful. I've used it many times since I first wrote this review, and it's holding up very very well. Generally I prefer metal toys because the texture is smoother, but I certainly can't fault the Aveline for that. I'm sure that I'll be using this toy, and admiring its beauty, for many years to come.
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