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You're Lovely, Aveline, But I'd Rather You Weren't My Only.

Aveline is a great g-spot dildo; made of ceramic, she holds heat and cold well, and is fun for temperature play. The curve will hit a lot of women's g-spots, but I found that her shape just didn't do a thing for me.
Ceramic is a really fun material, holds temperature well, g-spot curve will work for most
It just... Didn't work for me.
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The Lovemoiselle Aveline, by Lovemoiselle, is a ceramic dildo meant for g-spot play. Best suited for women, due to its lack of anal usability, this toy is versatile, but probably not appropriate for true toy beginners. Aveline's versatility comes in her ability to withstand temperature changes, from warm to cold. As Aveline is ceramic, she's very stiff and unyielding, so caution should be used whenever you're using her.

Material / Texture

Aveline is glazed ceramic with a very smooth, hard surface, similar to stone, metal or glass. Of the three, I'd compare it most aptly to stone, as it's much lighter than metal but doesn't have the same hypersmoothness of glass. Aveline is odorless and tasteless, which is good for those who are sensitive among us. It's not realistically shaped, and doesn't look overtly phallic, but if you left it out, there'd be no doubt that it was dildo. Aveline heats up and cools down at, more or less, the same speed as glass, but it does get a bit hotter.

The flower decal does have a slightly raised texture that was noticeable when you run your fingers over it, but not intrusive during use.

The plug on the bottom is made of plastic, and can be pulled out easily. This can be used to keep water in, or out.

Design / Shape / Size

Aveline has a wavy shape, with a curve intended for g-spot stimulation. Measuring in at 8.25" long, with an insertable length of 7", it has a diameter of 1 3/8". The toy has an additional curve along the shaft for further stimulation. Because it is ceramic, it is very compatible with lubricants, so you don't need to use a lot to get it slick. It heated up very well, especially when filled with water (there are no admonitions against removing the plug and filling it with water in the manual, but I can't recommend it without caution...) but it does get very hot so be careful and always test it, hot or cold, on your forearm before using it internally.

In any event, it is not a large or girthy dildo, so anyone but the most inexperienced with penetration will find this to be a manageable size.


I found that the initial curve did NOT work for me at all. I found it uncomfortable, and I'm not entirely sure why. I've used toys that were bigger, I've used toys that were smaller, I've used toys with larger curves, and I've used toys with gentler curves. I'm not sure why this one didn't work for me, but I found that insertion was painful and, once it was in, the toy was just unsatisfying.

Care and Maintenance

Aveline is easy to clean, you can use antibacterial soap and water for daily maintenance, but be careful not to scrub the decal too vigorously, as it might flake off. You can then dry it with a cloth towel, or let it air dry. Ceramic can also be cleaned in the dishwasher (just like ceramic coffee cups and stoneware).

This toy is breakable, just like glass, though so be gentle with it, and inspect it for cracks or chips before each use--just in case.

Ceramic is suitable for use with all lubricants.


Aveline comes in a black cardboard box, nestled inside a thick foam. Unless you're a linebacker and you're going to tackle the Aveline out of her box, you're going to have a difficult time getting her out. Personally, I tore the box apart rather than fussing with it, so, for me, it wasn't great long-term storage. It does come with a (lint/hair/little fluffy thing) collecting cloth case for storage.

Personal comments

I want to emphasize that I think Aveline would be a good toy for people whose g-spots/bodies work with her shape--she just didn't work for me.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • kelaaa33wish
    Sorry this wasn't the toy for you. Thanks for the good review.
  • Owl Identified
    Aw no I really like Aveline! I'm always slightly afraid I'm going to drop her and break her, so I keep her stashed most of the time, but it's a great toy for me. I'm sorry this was not good for you! Reminds me of my heartbreak with the Ella, which I freaking hated. le sigh. On to the next dildo, right?
  • Miss Anonymous
    Thanks for posting the review!! It was really good.
    I agree with owl! I want to try one of these but i'm so scared that i'm gonna break it, or it's gonna roll onto the floor. I'm sorry it didnt work for you!
  • ToyTimeTim
    I has a sad for you. At least you have a nice piece of art for the mantel.
  • ToyGurl
    Sorry it didn't work out too well. There's always those one or two toys that you end up keeping just to look at! I know how you feel. Good luck in future shopping
  • Waterfall
    Sorry that Aveline didn't work out for you. I have enjoyed Aveline, and I want to try some of the other shapes. I never knew that you could take the plug out and put water in it. Thanks for the review
  • Bunnycups
    That's too bad that Aveline didn't work for you. Aveline was my first ceramic dildo and then I went on a ceramic craze because I enjoyed it so much. Sometimes toys just don't work out for us and we really can't explain why. I hope you find a ceramic dildo that works for you.
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with this. It's always so hard to tell what will work for your body since everyone is so different.

    What is that plug actually for, exactly? I mean, is it so that you can fill it with water, or...I dunno. Something else? That may be a stupid question, but I just don't know. Haha.
  • DeliciousSurprise
    Hi all! Thanks for reading!

    I'm sorry, too, that it didn't work for me but I hope I'll find someone for whom it will work so I can give it to someone who can appreciate it!

    As for the plug's purpose, I had the same question, and I annoyed BBWTT by asking her a zillion times about it, so she asked a ceramics seller on etsy, at my behest/request, and the response she got was twofold. First, which I really ought to have known, having a ceramics professor for an aunt, is that you cannot fire a closed hollow piece in a kiln, because they blow up. Hollow pieces are also much lighter than solid, which is one reason why they're not solid. Secondly, most ceramics are formed with a mold, so there's going to be a pour hole.

    The plug is a nice way to close it.

    If they're watertight, you can fill it with water and have nice temperature play, but as there's no info given by Lovemoiselle I must advise you to fill it up at your own risk.
  • Antipova
    I am not an expert at all, but I think I would not fill ceramic with water. It's fine to get the glazed part wet, but (I assume the inside is unglazed?) the unglazed surface can absorb water, and if it swells and contracts and swells and contracts, over time it would weaken your ceramic. That's just a hunch, but I wouldn't get the unglazed part wet, if it were mine.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Ugh, I have had similar experiences with toys like this. Sucky!
  • DeliciousSurprise
    And that, everyone, is why I cannot recommend filling ceramic with water: so do so at your own risk.

    Lauren, I know, isn't it too depressing when it happens?
  • Eucaly
    So the decoration is a decal? How disappointing. I can easily imagine it wearing off over time.
  • DeliciousSurprise
    i'm not certain if it's painted on or if it's a decal, but it's over the glaze, and, yes, it can be scraped off and will probably wear off over time.
  • Kdlips
    good review.
  • Devz
    Thanks for the review.
  • angel142stx
    Thanks for the review
  • Fuck it.
    Thanks for the review! I'm considering making this my first ceramic toy.
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