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Lovely Aveline

Aveline is an artwork and G-spot toy combined - a nicely designed, beautiful toy that will work well both for beginners and experienced users. It's easy to hold, easy to use, easy to clean, warms quickly and can be used for temperature play. With care it should last a lifetime.
Great G-spot stimulation, warms quickly, comes with storage bag
storage bag is a lint magnet
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Aveline excels as a G-spot toy. It's smooth, slick and easy to hold and manipulate. Aveline also can be warmed or cooled for those who like temperature play.

Its probably not a good travel toy since its not unbreakable. The product literature states that its formulated to resist breakage and that its only likely to crack or chip, but I doubt it's sturdy enough to make traveling with it realistic.

Material / Texture

Aveline is a glazed ceramic toy with a smooth surface which looks and feels exactly like a coffee cup. I've spent a bit of time comparing the feel of Aveline, coffee cups and glass objects. They feel similar to me. I'm not sure that I could tell if Aveline were made of glass or ceramic in a blind test. But both materials feel wonderful, so perhaps it doesn't matter.

One difference with ceramic is that it heats up faster than glass. After using Aveline I found that it was sometimes surprisingly hot.

The flower along Aveline's side isn't made of the same smooth glaze material. That design is slightly rougher, but you won't feel that once Aveline is inside you.

Design / Shape / Size

Aveline's tip curves up gently, making it effective for G-spot stimulation. The smooth curve of the first three inches allows Aveline to also wrap around and massage the pleasingly sensitive urethral opening at the same time. The opposite end has a small curve that functions nicely as a handle.

It has a circumference of 4 1/2 inches (and a diameter of 1.3 inches), a nice size for G-spot stimulation that will work for both beginners and the experienced user.

Because I could hear a loose chip rattling around inside Aveline, I removed the rubbery plug at the end to free it. I wouldn't have done this otherwise because the plug is in place quite tightly. I wasn't entirely sure I wouldn't break Aveline in the process. After multiple attempts, I finally removed it. It looks like a tiny butt plug. Putting it back it wasn't any easier than removing it. Only because I removed the plug, I could see that Aveline is hollow and made of white clay.

The part of the plug on the outside of Aveline can be lifted up easily. I was concerned that water might get inside during washing. But after washing, drying, then lifting the edges of the plug, it appears that no water seeps under the plug. The plug completely succeeds in keeping water out of Aveline's interior.


Aveline works wonderfully for G-spot stimulation. Until now, I've always needed the added boost of a non-empty bladder in order to squirt, but I managed to do so on an empty bladder for the first time with Aveline.

Its slippery enough that it usually isn't necessary to use lube.

It warms quickly - faster than glass - but can also be put in the refrigerator for a few minutes if you prefer cold sensations.

Care and Maintenance

Aveline is ceramic, so care is easy and straightforward. The instructions recommend rinsing with warm water then drying with a cloth towel. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher, just as you would clean a ceramic dishware. Just don't use abrasive scrubbers or the surface could be scratched.

Ceramic is completely non-porous, so it won't harbor bacteria. It can break however, so be careful not to drop it. Aveline should be checked for chips or cracks before use.

Its safe to use any lubricant with this product, although the product literature recommends using a water based lube.

While it works well for temperature play, never take it quickly from one extreme of temperature to the other or it could break.


Aveline comes in a nicely designed black box with the same flower that's on Aveline's side printed along the side of the box. A black ribbon wraps around it, almost as though its a present. A transparent window gives you a peek of Aveline before you open the box.

Remove the ribbon and open the box and you'll find that Aveline is a challenge to remove from the box. She's in there tightly. For this reason, I don't believe the box is a good everyday storage option for this toy.

A booklet is included that describes Lovemoiselle's other products as well as care instructions. Also included is a storage bag. It's just big enough to fit Aveline. I love how it provides just enough cushioning without taking up extra space. The storage bag is an incredible lint magnet however. I've given up trying to keep it lint free.

Personal comments

I'm quite pleased with this toy and it will stay my box of actively used toys. I like it and its a well-designed toy, but I'm giving it four stars only because a few other toys provide a more intense experience.
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