Sedeux Wave - dildo by Sportsheets - review by El-Jaro

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"Mustache ride from Gonzo" or "My affair with a Muppet"

Who wants a mustache ride from Gonzo? I DO! I DO! I found out how great Camilla had it all these years. Used as either a plug or a harness accessory, I love the Sedeux Wave!
Comfy, form-fitting, silicone.
Cavity is too small for some bullets. Slight defects discovered after use.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Sedeux Wave is a silicone g and p spot stimulator from Sportsheets (one of my new favourite companies). It’s solid silicone with a little sinus or cavity in the base for a bullet to live and happily vibrate away (in theory). Unlike prescription drugs, I used this for “off label” use. Packaging states “curved with pleasure bumps for maximum G-spot stimulation”, I read “This mustache ride from Gonzo is going to send you into orbit and make you look at your favorite Muppet in a whole new way”.

Yes, yes it did.

Material / Texture

Ah, the love/hate relationship with silicone. Silicone is non-porous and phthalates-free. It’s notoriously smooth and flexible. The dark side of silicone lies in the chemistry. “Like dissolves like”, which means if you use silicone lube with the Sedeux Wave, you’re going to do an acid burn on Gonzo’s nose. I’d recommend Wet’s water based lube, that’s what I used. Despite the chemical drawbacks of silicone, I’d recommend it over jelly and its family every day and twice on Saturdays. Beginners will appreciate the give of silicone while everyone else will appreciate the simplicity of caring for it.

Design / Shape / Size

The pictures don't really convey how much this looks like a severed Muppet nose; but when I opened up the shipping box to see a severed matte blue Muppet nose with four wonderful little humps on the underside, it was obvious.

The four little bumps (the one furthest from the base being the largest) are for added stimulation when going in and out. Even though the implied orifice from the packaging is for the girl’s naughty bits, I enjoyed them for my off label use. Even though I’ve never used anal beads, I can now imagine how they feel.

I am a self-described size queen, but even the 6 ¼” long and 1 ¼” diameter Sedeux Wave had me grinning and twitching, as I’m sure Camilla does. The original concept for the Wave is a strap-on accessory; however, using it as a plug worked just fine for me when I was sitting and rocking my bottom back and forth in the bathtub. The hollowed base took on a great multi-task position: made it wide enough not to lose somewhere embarrassing and formed a vacuum to keep it in place. +2 bonus points!

Even though the design spec’s are in line for beginners, everyone else can enjoy this too! Unless you can explain to nosy people why you have a severed schnoz in your possession, keep it out of sight; it is what it is.


Gonzo’s nose is silicone, i.e. waterproof. Keep this in mind though, if you’re using this in wet environs, make sure the bullet is waterproof/resistant too.

Drawback: None of the bullets I have would fit into it! A tid bit of info in the description and/or packaging would be handy in that aspect. The cavity is as big around as a AA battery and only 3.5 cm (~1 ½) deep. Make sure you lube the hole up to make getting the bullet out easier.

If you plan on using this with a bullet (totally possible), make sure that it’ll fit AND it doesn’t stick out too far from the base.

As I mentioned above, without a bullet in the base, it has a little bit of suction.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone cleans up great with toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap, boiling, or running it through your dishwasher on the top rack.

Make sure you wash it before use! When I opened the package, there was some kind of stuff crusted in the tip of the Wave. It looks like Gonzo’s nose was injection molded (when you pour the material into a shaped enclosure); so, because of this, make sure you clean the divot at the end. After use, though, make sure you get between the bumps too.

Also, since silicone attract lint and fuzz from as far as the Arctic, keeping it in a sealed container or bag would be a good idea.


Kudos to Sportsheets for an easy to open clam-shell package on the Sedeux Wave. It was a quick pry with fingertips to open it up. Once again, wash Gonzo’s nose before you stick it anywhere fun.

Personal comments

My thoughts on Sportsheets are known on the forums. This company is really impressing me. Other EF members who’ve posted on this thread agree with one thing: Sportsheets’ products are very well made.

Unfortunately, this was the first product I’ve used of theirs that wasn’t as well made. I’m not sure how or why exactly, but 3 or 4 little pores opened up on the underside of the Wave. They aren’t that big and probably got there through flaws in the injection molding process. They aren’t that hard to clean out though, so it’s not too bad.

With the drawbacks of the small cavity at the bottom and the small pores that appeared, I would give it 4 1/2 stars. But, because half's aren't allowed, I'm going to round up to 5. I don't fault the toy, just the information at hand.


I haven't had a chance to use this with a harness, but I did use it as a plug. It was full of awesome and I was filled with it. I'll post a followup to let you know how it works in the harness and a smaller bullet.
Follow-up commentary
My girlfriend and I used the Wave with this harness. It was a little awkward moving, she said...I was in my own world. The curve of the Wave is awesome when it comes to the prostate. We found one vibrating toy that'll fit in the little hole at the end. It doesn't fit that well though and looks silly, so we're happy enough just using this in the harness.

I love this product. A lot.
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