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The Remedy Rider is a hot pink, phallic shaped, vibrating dildo that has simulated veins on the shaft of the toy for texture.
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The Remedy Rider is a twist dial insertable vibrator that can be used for vaginal thrusting. It is not designed for anal penetration and does not have the required flared base for safety.

It can be used solo or with a partner thrusting it for you.

It will probably be too small for most so its design is best for those who prefer small vibrating dildos and do not require a lot of power.

Material / Texture

The Remedy Rider is made out of silicone which rates a ten on the Eden safety scale. Not only is it safe for your body, but it is also safe for the environment by being phthalate free. Silicone is also a food grade material that is considered to be a non-porous, hypoallergenic, and latex free.

The upper portion of the Remedy Rider is flexible, but the bottom section is hard.

This particular silicone is squishy and has quite a bit of drag to it. The material is textured like veins in a penis and has a phallic shaped head as well.

It is best suited for those who like some texture to their toys and don't prefer smooth toys.

Design / Shape / Size

Unfortunately the Remedy Rider comes in my least favorite color of pink. It is a neon pink as far as pinks are concerned. The Remedy Rider looks like a small penis with a phallic head, and simulated veins throughout the shaft of the toy. The pink that covers the toys is actually a sheath and can be raised partially. Here is a picture showing what I mean.

The Remedy Rider has an overall length of 6 3/4" with an insertable length of 5 1/2". The top of the head measures 3 1/4" around. At the bottom of the head measures 4" around. The shaft measures 3 3/4" around. Below is a picture of it compared to my hand.

Here's a picture comparing it in size to Uma and Jopen Vr2

I feel this is best suited for those who prefer smaller toys and not those who like a little bit of size to their toys.

The remedy rider is not what I would consider discreet so if discretion is important to you, I would keep this put away.

If you plan on traveling with this, it will easily fit in a small purse. If you decide to travel with it make sure to remove the batteries before you travel.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The battery compartment was developed with ease of use in mind. All you have to do is twist it to the left to twist off. Once the battery compartment is off, you can insert the 1 AA battery that is not included, and then twist the battery compartment back on.

The The twist dial controls are very easy to use, all you need to do is twist to the right to turn the Remedy Rider on and twist to the left to turn it off. You continue turning to the left to increase the power. I'm not a fan of twist dial controls in general because I prefer push button controls with set speeds, but that's just a personal preference. However, this particular twist dial control is quite small and could be an issue for some. The controls are located at the bottom of the toy at the battery cap.

The vibration levels increase with a twist of the dial and start off at a 1 Vrooom and go up to a low 3 Vroom. The vibrations are felt throughout the shaft of the toy, but are stronger toward the top of the toy. It does not have any pulsation patterns which I prefer because I like my toys strong and steady.

It is a pretty quiet toy and cannot be heard through thin walls or closed doors.

It does have a seal to protect water from seeping into the battery compartment, but I haven't tested the waterproof capabilities of this because I have my doubts since the shaft can be rolled up. At best I would consider this splash proof.

Care and Maintenance

All silicone toys need to be used with water based lubricant for best use. The silicone is a lint and hair magnet so I would wash this before and after each use.

The Remedy Rider is quite easy to clean; you can clean it with antibacterial soap and water, toy cleaner, or your favorite toy wipe. The product page considers this waterproof, but although this does have a seal in the battery compartment the ability to roll the shaft up makes me wonder about its waterproof capabilities so I have not been submerging it. The veins do make it a little bit more difficult to clean around than a completely smooth toy, but it isn't anything that is overwhelming.

I keep this in my lingerie drawer out of sight of my kids.
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  • Contributor: Gracie
    Nice review. It's nice to be able to get a silicone toy for such a reasonable price, but that would never be enough power for me! Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: hotcherry
    Greta review.
  • Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Contributor: Allstars316
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Beck
    Not a toy for me. But great review.
  • Contributor: Kitka
    It's a shame about the lack of power in this one but great review!
  • Contributor: TheSinDoll
    Great review! Interesting looking toy, just not enough power.
  • Contributor: ToyGeek
    With a little modification, this can be made safe for anal if one is determined to try it that way. You just need a large rubber washer from the hardware store, or, for one time use, you can cut a makeshift washer out of cardboard. Simply work the washer down over the toy, then roll the toy's sleeve up, position the washer, and let the sleeve back down to hold it in place.
  • Contributor: Howley
  • Contributor: pizzahut
    thanks for the review!

  • Contributor: mpfm
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: unfulfilled
    Thank you all for reading it. Thanks for the advice on how to manipulate it to be safe for anal.
  • Contributor: Rory
    Nice review! Thanks!!
  • Contributor: Moniqua
    Thanks for the review.
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