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So dildo

Double ended dildo by Dorcel

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Not Quite Eleven

The So Dildo was a flop for me because the small end can barely be felt and the large end is too big to comfortably fit in my vagina. While it seems to be a high-quality, well-constructed dildo, the shape, size, and design just didn't work for my anatomy.
Two different size options, cute color, large end hits G-spot nicely
Small end too small, big end too big, lots of drag, noticeable seam
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The Dorcel So Dildo is a double-ended silicone dildo intended for vaginal penetration and stimulation. It is not safe for anal play, nor would it work for harness play, because it doesn't have a flared base.

This dildo is probably best suited to someone who has some experience with penetration, because though one end is fairly small, the other end is fairly large, girth-wise.

Material / Texture

The So Dildo is made of silicone. It has some flex to it but is mostly pretty firm, as far as silicone goes, especially at the thicker end.

This particular formulation of silicone has a lot of drag to it, so it's a good idea to use a water-based lube with this toy to make it more comfortable.

There's a seam that runs lengthwise all the way around the toy. I couldn't feel it, but if you're sensitive to seams, you might want to avoid the So Dildo.

Toward the smaller end of the toy, there are a couple of ridges just beneath the defined head on that side. I couldn't really feel these ridges because their sensation was sort of "muted" by the larger head right next to them.

Design / Shape / Size

I titled my review "Not Quite Eleven" because the So Dildo is pretty clearly designed to be a smaller, silicone version of the Njoy Eleven. Like the Eleven, the So Dildo has two ends, one significantly girthier than the other, its shaft is slightly S-shaped, and it has some ridges on the smaller end.

The main differences between the Eleven and the So Dildo are that a) the So Dildo is made of silicone while the Eleven is made of steel, b) the So Dildo has smaller heads, at about 1.6" and 1.1" in diameter, versus the Eleven's measurements of 2" and 1.75", c) the So Dildo is also smaller in length, at 9" versus the Eleven's measurement of 11", d) the So Dildo has two ridges on the smaller end instead of three, and e) the Eleven is obviously a lot heavier, being made of steel.

I don't own an Eleven, but I've seen and held one in person enough times to be able to confidently say that it's probably a better toy than the So Dildo. When it comes to G-spot toys, I prefer firm pressure, which steel can obviously provide better than silicone can.

As far as size goes, I think the So Dildo is a decent option for intermediately experienced users because its two ends are appropriately sized for someone who likes penetration but isn't quite a size queen. The smaller end is only 1.1" in diameter, which is too small for me - I can barely feel this end when it's inserted, and it does next to nothing for my G-spot - while the larger end, at 1.6" around, feels huge to me. (This is largely due to how firm that end is. I have squishier dildos of this same diameter that slide in without a problem.)

So, for me, this dildo's sizing didn't work because the large end is too large while the small end is too small, but I'm sure that there is someone for whom these sizes would be perfect.


It seems like this dildo is intended to stimulate the G-spot, but it's debatable whether it actually fulfills that purpose. The small end does practically nothing for my G-spot, since it's slim and not firm enough to really rub my spot the way I prefer.

The larger end, on the other hand, stimulates my G-spot very effectively once it's in, but the actual insertion process is painful and difficult for me because of how girthy this end is. But for those who can handle the girth and firmness, I think the larger end would be a success.

Care and Maintenance

As with all silicone dildos, the So Dildo can be washed with soap and water or cleaned with antibacterial wipes or spray for regular everyday cleaning. For a more intense sanitization, this dildo can be boiled for a few minutes, run through the dishwasher, or bathed in a hydrogen peroxide solution.

Like most silicone toys, this one tends to collect lint and dirt, so rinsing it off before each use might be a good idea. I also like to store my silicone toys in individual plastic baggies to prevent them from collecting lint in between uses.

This dildo should not be used with silicone-based lubricants, as it is made of silicone. A thick, long-lasting water-based lube like Sliquid Sassy will do the trick nicely.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Pumpk1nPatch
    Thanks for your review!
  • K101
    This is a really great review! I enjoyed reading your experience and thoughts on this & I am really glad you included them. I can see now, how this wouldn't be the best for some people. I also like that you described why it didn't work great for you & compared it to Eleven. I've been considering Eleven, (because the Pure Wand was too intense of a curve for me) but was definitely planning to buy So Dildo because of the cheaper price & because it seems the small end would work for me. I hate that it didn't do much for you or even stimulate your g-spot. Thanks for sharing.
  • married with children
    great review, thanks for sharing.
  • SecretKinksters
    Great review! Now I'm not sure if I want it anymore or not, thanks for the info.
  • Rossie
    Thank you for the great review. I feel exactly the same way about the two heads.
  • PropertyOfPotter
    Thanks for the review! I'm still not sure about this one.
  • surreptitious
    What a shame about the size. I can't help but picture them saying "we need a third head for those who like something in the middle!" and creating a weird, three-headed toy. Thanks for the review!
  • The Vixen
    Great review, thanks for the info
  • lalapetitee
    great job!
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