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Not So Enraptured with the Raptor

If you want a toy that hits your G-spot or penetrates you deeply, look elsewhere - the Raptor has no curve and has an insertable length of only 5". But if all you want is a harness-compatible dildo that's girthy enough to feel filling, this may be a good purchase for you, so long as you can contend with the toy's shortcomings.
High quality, silicone, filling, good for harness play.
Short, no curve, uncomfortable ridge, may be too girthy for some.
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The Raptor is a silicone dildo by Tantus, designed primarily for harness play. It has a circular base that enables it to be strapped into any kind of harness with the right sized O-ring, and it has balls that would hang in front of the harness for a more realistic look.

While the Raptor wasn't explicitly designed for solo play, it can certainly be used for that too. It's too big for a beginner to penetration, but an intermediate-to-advanced penetrative masturbator should have no problem with this toy.

The Raptor's flared base means it's also safe for anal play, if you're enough of an anal expert that you can take a toy of the Raptor's size.


Material / Texture

The Tantus Raptor is made of 100% silicone. The shaft and balls of the toy have a soft, velvety, matte texture to them, while the head is glossy and shiny. Both of these silicone finishes have a fair bit of drag, so it's a good idea to use a lot of lube with this toy.

The texture and feeling of this toy is not very skin-like, so if you want a truly realistic cock, I recommend checking out Tantus's line of O2 dildos instead.

The silicone has no taste. It has a very slight silicone-y smell, which I found went away after a wash or two.

This silicone seems to have a firmer formulation than most of my other Tantus toys, although it could be that it just feels firmer because it's thicker. If you're not used to taking firm toys, I recommend starting with a smaller one, because a toy of the Raptor's firmness and size could be overwhelming or even uncomfortable in that case.

Design / Shape / Size

The Raptor seems pretty big when you first look at it, but in use, it's actually fairly short - the balls and base just make it seem longer than it is. It actually only has 5" of insertable length, so if you like your dildos to be able to go really deep, this probably isn't the toy for you.

As for girth, this is one of the largest dildos I own. For those of us who aren't size queens, I recommend warming up with a smaller dildo first, because the Raptor's significant girth can be painful if you jump straight into it. This is especially true because of the fact that the Raptor's widest point is in its head - there's nothing here to help you gradually ease into this toy's width, so lube up and warm up.

Size comparison: Mark O2, Tsunami, Raptor

The Raptor's shaft is angled diagonally, so that it points slightly upward when used in a harness. This is obviously a good design decision for harness use, but I find it slightly annoying for solo use because it means I have to angle my wrist strangely in order to get the dildo to insert comfortably.

This toy has no curve at all, so if you're looking for something to target your G-spot, look elsewhere (the Tantus Adam O2, perhaps - it's a similar size but has a G-spotting curve).

Raptor's frenulum and coronal ridge

There's a ridge that goes around the bottom of the Raptor's head, where it connects to the shaft. This ridge is pretty deep and sharp, so it may be uncomfortable for those who are texture-sensitive. I recommend lubing this area particularly well - and if you hate ridges on dildos, you should skip this toy altogether.

The Raptor isn't discreet in the slightest, because it's very obviously penis-shaped and has testicles. But on the plus side, it won't set off a metal detector if you travel with it.


Because of the Raptor's firm silicone, sturdy base, and upward angle, I imagine it would perform very well in a harness. I don't have a harness or a willing harness-play partner, so I couldn't test out this functionality, but it does seem to be a good choice for that type of play.

Once I get past the uncomfortable girth and ridge during entry, I find that the Raptor provides a nice feeling of fullness. It doesn't stroke my G-spot, no matter how much crazy angling I do, and it's too short to reach my A-spot, so it can't give me the kinds of vaginal pleasure I prefer - but it's a good addition to clitoral orgasms, because it gives my pussy something thick to clench down on at climax.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is non-porous, body-safe, and easy to care for. It can be boiled, washed with a 10% bleach solution, or run through the dishwasher to sanitize, which is important to do if you're sharing this toy or using it in multiple different orifices. For everyday, less thorough cleaning, soap and water will do fine.

Silicone collects lint like crazy, so it's a good idea to give the Raptor a rinse before using it, just to make sure you don't get any dirt and debris in your body by accident.

I prefer to store my silicone toys in plastic sandwich bags. This way, they don't collect as much dirt and they don't touch each other (some silicone toys can have negative reactions to touching each other for long periods of time, so it's best avoided).

As with any silicone toy, only use water-based lube with this one or you risk destroying your toy.


My Raptor arrived in Tantus's classic packaging - clear plastic with red accents, text that describes what kind of products Tantus produces ("soft adult toys"), and an internal plastic clamshell that holds the toy in place.

This packaging isn't the fanciest in the world, but it would be suitable for gifting as long as you wrapped it in something and gave it to the recipient in a private location.

As with all Tantus packaging, I feel that this plastic box is too bulky and falls apart too easily to be used for storage. I recommend keeping this toy in a clear plastic bag instead, especially if you have limited space in which to store your toys.

Raptor packaging


It's hard to say that I was disappointed by the Raptor, because Tantus toys don't really disappoint me - they're all very high quality and beautiful to look at. But the Raptor definitely underwhelmed me, in the sense that it doesn't hit my G-spot or my A-spot at all. It would work well for someone who derives vaginal pleasure mostly from the feeling of being "filled up," but for someone like me who prefers targeted stimulation of my spots, it just doesn't satisfy.
Follow-up commentary
Still not a fan of this toy. I'm looking into selling it or giving it away to a friend.

The suddenly enormous girth right at the head, as well as the sharp ridge beneath the head, make it impossible for me to use this dildo comfortably.

I'm sure there are people out there who would love this, but I'm not one of them, sadly.
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