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Noticable Bulge, Beware!

The Tantus Pack 'n play No.1 dildo does a good job of what it's supposed to do: both pack AND play. As long as you are looking for a noticable, erection-like bulge when you pack, this dildo is going to make your dreams come true.
Packs AND plays, Very squishy and pleasurable shaft, Does what it's supposed to, Average-looking
Too stiff for discreet packing, Base a bit thick
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extremely useful review
The Tantus Pack 'n play No.1 dildo is a realistic dildo designed to be used as both a packing cock and as a dildo. Available in the single skin tone and made of silicone (the "super soft" type of silicone that Tantus makes), this dildo is seven and a half inches long with a diameter of 1 3/4 inches. It has a base that makes it compatible with harnesses and packing underwear.

The packaging for the Pack 'n Play No. 1 comes in traditional Tantus packaging. It comes in a clear, plastic box that clearly displays the dildo through the packaging. As many of my Tantus boxes tend to break with overuse. Plus, it's larger than the dildo itself, so using it for storage may not be the best option. It is a nice package, though, and it makes the dildo look as high-quality as the dildo is designed.

Unlike most Tantus silicone dildos, the Pack 'n Play No. 1 only comes in this one realistic skin tone. Maybe Tantus will make this one in different colors if this one is a good seller. As for this one, it's a good skintone, but it's not one that matches my skintone. It's many shades lighter than my pale skin, and I'm not too fond of the tone for that reason. However, for those that regular tan (or just get outside more than I do!), the skintone should be an okay one.

The Tantus Pack 'n Play No. 1 has a pretty simple design. As you can tell from the pictures, the shaft of the dildo is made from a matte material while the head of the dildo is made from a glossy type of silicone. The matte portion fo the dildo is very squishy, and it feels very soft against the fingers. The head tends to be a bit more slippery and glides well with lubricant. With the very realistic head and veined shaft, this dildo is designed to look, and feel, like a real human penis.

So this dildo was designed to both be able to be packed underneath clothing for a packing experience while, when released later, work as a functional dildo. As most people who pack know, if you use one of those soft, flaccid packing cocks, they really don't work for penetration, and then it requires switching out your packing cock to a different dildo in order to play. Tantus is trying to eliminate that problem with this dildo.

For playing, the Pack 'n play No.1 dildo works surprisingly well. It does have a slight flexibility to it, but it still penetrates very easily. In fact, it's still more firm than other types of silicone dildos that are made purely for penetration. This flexibility doesn't "bend" when pressure is applied, so it still works for anal use pretty well. It works fantastically for vaginal use also, and the size is pretty much about "on par" with an average human penis, so it makes for realistic sensations as well. There isn't too much to report in the "sensation" department from it because the dildo is so realistic than it tends to just feel "real" (especially with a condom on!), but that's part of the charm of this dildo. It definitely will work for both vaginal and anal use as long as the recipient enjoys average-sized dildos.

For packing, the Pack 'n play No.1 works well - as long as you want a noticable bulge. For my packing, I tend to like my dildo to be less noticable - and only noticable to my partner when I want to make it noticed. However, the Tantus Pack 'n play No.1 makes that a bit difficult. The dildo does have enough bend to be packed - but it's still not very soft, so it will make a noticable bulge in your pants when you wear it. Short of wearing it underneath some sort of tight Spandex underwear, the Tantus Pack 'n play No.1 will make a noticable bulge underneath clothing. If that's your thing, then it will be great. I prefer mine a bit less noticable, though. It really is about like having an erection underneath your clothing. It feels nice and soft, though, and realistic, but it definitely is something that will be noticed.
When it comes to wearing this dildo with a harness, that's one of my bigger complaints. The base is a bit thick, and if you have a harness with a tight fit, it's slightly uncomfortable. Along with that, while the base-side nearest the shaft is soft and squishy, the base side underneath the dildo (closest to your body) has some rough edges that tend to be a bit uncomfortable in certain positions. This is not the usual soft and comfortable bases that most of the Tantus silicone dildos tend to be equipped with.

As the Tantus Pack 'n Play No. 1 is a silicone dildo, it's only compatible with water-based lubricants. Along with that, it can be cleaned with regular water and antibacterial soap. It also could be boiled by sterilization, but with the soft material of the dildo, avoid making too intense/deep of grips/cuts on the dildo while it's still hot as it might make marks on the material. For storage, keep this beautiful realistic dildo away from where it will be squished or deformed as the material is pretty pliable. It does pick up hair and lint, so also keep it away from fuzzy things.

The Pack 'n Play No. 1 dildo is definitely a good choice if you like a large bulge for packing AND want to be able to play with it later. Along with that, if you just prefer a semi-flexible dildo with squishy, realistic-shaft, this dildo will be a great one as well. I wish it came in other colors, but for what it is, I'll be using this for playing and in-home packing - what fun! I definitely could recommend it for that for the shy (yet still pants-full) among us.)
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    Nice review! I dont know if you have any of the tantus o2 dildos, but if you do would you say it is more firm or less firm than an o2? I was hoping this was less firm and more squishy and soft than an o2. Thanks for the review!
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