Oh. My. God.

I absolutely love this toy. It is my favorite glass toy and one of my favorite toys out of my entire collection. I usually go for softer toys, so that says something! It's worth the cost for the excellent quality and it could work for a broad range of uses and people.
Doesn't dry you out, perfect size for my body, great material
Packaging could be smaller,
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This could be considered a traditional dildo, but don't let that fool you into thinking it is boring. This is a somewhat smaller dildo that is crafted from hygienically superior glass. It is ideal for people who are lovers of texture. If you are a size-queen, you may want to move along. This toy rocks when used vaginally and can be used anally, but I would suggest being extra careful if you are using it for this purpose. One bubble is larger than the rest, so it acts as a buffer to keep the toy from being lost forever, but remember that since it is made of glass, it could still slip out of your grip and end up getting stuck. As I said, just be extra careful.

Even though some beginners are afraid of glass toys, I would still be happy to suggest this toy as a first buy. It is smaller, tapered for easy penetration and offers easy care and plenty of pleasure. It could work for men or women and is small enough that it should travel well.

Material / Texture

This beautiful piece is crafted out of dark-blue glass. It's hygienically superior and super easy to clean. It has no odor and no taste. I have fallen in love with glass as it has no drag, doesn't absorb lube and is so safe you can share it. It's not realistic, of course. That fact doesn't keep me from shouting on the mountain tops how wonderful this toy feels. It boasts no real outer texture, but the design makes up for that. I actually love the smooth feel. Being glass you can also experiment with temperature play. If you do this, please do so in a safe way. Extreme temps can either freeze on you or burn you. Please be careful.

Another plus to the glass not being realistic is that you can get a very firm thrust if that is the sort of thing you like. The rigid shaft will hit the right spots as long as your hand is in control. That's something that natural-feeling materials cannot afford.

Design / Shape / Size

The design is pure genius. First of all, I adore the size. It is just right for my body. One tip is tapered and easy to insert. The other is a larger bulb that can either function as more of a "head" to the toy or serve as a handle or buffer when used for anal play. The length is just long enough to grip without feeling too bulky or excessive for me. There is a slight curve in the shaft which is just right and completely comfortable, offering more stimulation where I need it.

The shaft features a bubbled design with the bubbles starting at about 1" wide. These bubbles do not get much bigger (but they are bigger) until you reach the other end where the bubble is about 1 1/2" wide. I prefer the tapered end myself. The bubbles are smooth on the surface, but offer so much stimulation on their own. The size and spacing is just perfect.

The entire length of the toy is a bit less than 7" long, but it's hard to get a completely accurate measurement with the curve.


I really don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. Between the amazing material, ease of care and design, this thing has pushed its way to the favorite toys list for me. I use it more than any other glass toy that I have, and I love them all. I wasn't sure that the bubbles would be comfortable. On the contrary, the bubbles blew my mind! I do feel that the glass can be a bit slippery if my fingers get wet, but there isn't a lot that can be done about that. It's a small price to pay for control and stimulation that you can get from this dildo.

I usually don't have internal orgasms, but this thing made it much easier than other dildos that I have. It doesn't hurt that it's absolutely gorgeous, either!

Care and Maintenance

As this material is hygienically superior, you don't have to worry about it being porous and harboring bacteria. As far as cleaning goes, you can simply clean with soap/toy cleaner and warm water. You can also go a step further by using a %10 bleach solution (Rinse Rinse Rinse!) or boiling. You can also put this thing on the top rack of your dishwasher. It's so easy to clean, it's ridiculous. Do keep in mind that intense heat can up the risk of breaking the product. You won't break it during sexual use, but let's say you boil it, then freeze it for temperature play. You wouldn't be a happy camper if it got dropped and broke in half. Treat it as you would your heirloom glassware in cooking.

Storage is a cinch, since you don't have to worry about dust and lint being so easy to junk up. It's also not going to react with other products. I've never known my glass to scratch, but I would keep it in something soft to be safe.


The Bubble Thriller comes in a plastic clamshell that is packed in a box. The box has a little window in the front, allowing the product to show. It's not discreet and looks like a dildo, despite its unrealistic appearance. The box itself isn't tacky and in fact, looks classy. There is some information about the brand and products on the back of the box, including some care instructions. It's not super informative, but it tells you what you need to know for the most part.

The box itself is the paper/light cardboard material. It's fine enough to purchase the product in, but it's a hassle to have to keep putting such a small toy in a big box. You COULD use it as storage, but it's really just too bulky when you can use a soft cloth or bag to protect your new friend.

Personal comments

I have a love of glass to begin with. The possibilities are endless. I've used this toy for body massage when I heated it up to standard masturbation and it has been wonderful. I don't have to worry about it feeling like it's pulling and dragging on my skin, I don't have to use a ton of lube, I don't have to use a cold toy unless I want to. It's all around fantastic. The design fits my body well and the bubbles feel amazing. Maybe it isn't the toy for everyone, but I certainly enjoyed it. Someone asked me once how I get my glass the "perfect temperature". I figured this is a good time to share it. To get my glass not too warm or too cold, I take a rag or a small towel and run the hottest tap water I can over it until it is completely soaked. I then wrap it around my toy and let it sit for about 5 minutes. By the time I actually lay down to use it, it's not going to burn me, nor feel like I'm putting cold glass inside my body. Hopefully this will work for others!
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  • Contributor: Rossie
    Thank you for the enthusiastic and helpful review.
  • Contributor: spiced
    Thanks for an excellent review! Those bubbles look like they'd feed really good.
  • Contributor: Allstars316
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: K101
    Glad you like this one. I've had it for a long time & I actually never use it, but did like it for using on my back! Glass with a ball at the end always works amazing for a deep tissue massage, in my opinion. I'm still surprised that I didn't get much from this toy since the glass & stacked-ball texture never fails to bring me serious orgasms. Never could figure out just what about it didn't cut it for me. It is lovely though. I enjoyed reading your review & thoughts on it.
  • Contributor: ththpup
    Nice review.
  • Contributor: Red Riding Hood
    Rossie, thank you for reading. I'm glad you thought it was helpful! Spiced, Thanks thanks thanks! It really does feel amazing for me! Allstars, thank you for reading. Kendra, YES glass works so well for overall massage. Especially warmed up. I'm sorry it didn't work so well for you. Every woman's body is different and sometimes it's just being curved to slight or too sharp that can make or break a toy for a woman. I'm so glad you enjoyed the review, though. Ththpup, thank you for reading and the compliments!
  • Contributor: SecretKinksters
    Nice review, thanks for sharing!!
  • Contributor: Red Riding Hood
    Thank you for reading!
  • Contributor: ChubbyNerd
    Great review! I love the look of this dildo.
  • Contributor: Red Riding Hood
    I absolutely love the bubbles, ChubbyNerd. It's a beautiful toy, too!
  • Contributor: Milledge79
    Very curious about this one. Great review thank you!
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