Bubble thriller - dildo by Don Wands - review by K101

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Thriller is the last thing that comes to mind. Maybe sensual lover?

The small size and unoffensively pronounced bubbles makes this dildo suitable for someone who doesn't like intense sensations like you'll find with others. Bubble Thriller is useful for light play, such as simply rocking or slowly inserting the bubbles. The subtle G-spot angle seems to have only caused the dildo to bypass my G-spot! Honestly, you can get a much nicer dildo for the price.
Stacked balls.
Size is perfect for me.
Could've been the color the product page shows.
No g-spot stimulation.
Over priced.
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This glass dildo, made up of various sized of balls with a subtle curve is a great piece for someone just starting out with this design/texture. I don't think I'd recommend it to someone who's looking to try their very first glass dildo, but I would more to someone who's tried some texture and is looking to go further.

Bubble Thriller may look familiar to those of you who remember Sapphire Falls -- a glass toy that looks pretty identical to this one. I had Sapphire Falls on my wishlist for so long that I've been in the habit of calling this one "Sapphire Falls!" Just imagine how wonderfully those words sounded when "Sapphire falls" took a *fall* off the bed! But, do note, this is a different toy -- Bubble Thriller, it only seems to be the same toy as Sapphire Falls. If you already own that one, this probably won't be of use to you.

The dildo can be used by angling the curved side towards your G-spot or the curved side towards the back (opposite) wall, whichever you desire. Heck, you could even use the curve pointing toward either side wall if you happen to enjoy that.

While most people prefer a vibrating wand for massages, I often enjoy using a round-ended glass piece for really digging deep into my muscles. This works nicely for that since the glass glides wonderfully over a shirt and the heavyness applies pressure without any effort from you. Another thing I find pleasurable about the stacked balls is using the dildo for sensual teasing by running it up and down my entire crotch, over a pair of underwear so that it glides. The feeling of the balls is lovely for that.

Bubble Thriller can be used solo for intense alone time or with a partner for a surprise. I've used it both alone and with my partner, and find it to be even more fun when he's the thruster. You could even bring Bubble Thriller along in the water, if playing in the water does it for you.

This dildo, Bubble Thriller is going to go by the name "Bubbles" for short, okay?

The stacked balls and slight curve gives the impression that Bubble Thriller is a dildo suitable for hitting the G-spot, in fact I expected this to blow my mind since every "stacked ball" glass piece I own has indeed been mind-blowing. However, I can't help but feel that this baby falls short in several ways, at least for me. I think this dildo is going to be more pleasing to someone who wants subtle stimulation or someone who's sensitive to texture, but enjoys it. As for the promising G-spot angle, it's not likely to suit most anatomies unless you're G-spot is located within the first inch or two inside the vagina, and is also extremely easy to stimulate. I personally thought I had the easiest G-spot in the world, I mean I get G-spot stimulation just from inserting my mini kegel balls for Pete's sake, so I was unpleasantly surprised when this dildo -- that has not only one , but two promising G-spotting features for my personal preferences -- behaved like a bulbous idiot.

Safety precautions and information about glass
Now I'm going to give you all the typical information & safety precautions pertaining to glass toys, most of which is already deeply embedded into most of your brains. If you already know this information, you can skip to the more interesting sections of my review, and I promise I won't cry. I just felt it necessary to not leave this information out just in case someone else didn't know.

You know that glass is hard and will not bend or squish to accommodate you. Instead, glass expects you to accommodate it, either you'll like it or you won't. Those of you who enjoy vigorous and deep thrusting may need to excersize with caution before going too crazy with a new glass toy as it's said to be able to bruise your cervix, and at the least, ramming too hard can be painful. So start gentle.

I personally haven't ever had any of my glass pieces bruise or hurt me or my cervix. This is likely due to my love for the cervical orgasm -- also known as the "X-orgasm" so instead of hurting, I usually find cervical stimulation pleasurable. If you're also the kind of girl who is fortunate enough to experience cervical orgasms, or just enjoy cervical stimulation, the round, smooth and hard tip of Bubble Thriller will prove pleasurable.

And for the last thing many of you already know about glass, but I want to note anyway: run it under warm or cold for extra sensation! On cool evenings like tonight, no refrigeration or cold water was necessary for a fun extra thrill when Bubble is first inserted.

As for anal penetration with Bubbles, I can only say use with caution or not at all. I don't know what anal penetration is like, but I don't think it'd be the best idea to use this glass, highly bubbled toy for that purpose unless you've done so before and know it will be pleasurable rather than painful. The last bubble is quite large, so I would *think* it would provide plenty of a "flared base" not to get taken in by your behind, but again, I do not know for sure since I've never been there.
    • Solo
    • Temperature play

Material / Texture

Can you guess what Bubbles is made of? I'll give you three guesses! Kidding, kidding. It's non-porous, food-grade tempered glass and rates a 10/10 on EF's safety scale, so it's totally safe. However, if you're still concerned about safety, it's also hypo-allergenic, latex and pthalates free.

Glass dildos are dense and unlikely to break easily. It's said that if tempered glass does break, it will do so in large squared off chunks. The chunks would be large enough that you'll notice, rather than tiny shards that you wouldn't notice so easily, and that would certainly pose a risk, so the manufacturers of glass dildos usually want to assure us that it's unlikely and not a huge concern. Unless you happen to be using your dildo while jumping up and down on concrete? I haven't ever dropped this dildo on the ground, but my Rotator and Pink Passion Wand have been dropped from my hands to the hard floor so many times that I'm quite impressed they haven't damaged. In fact, there's not even scratches on my glass dildos, so you really have less concern with glass than with other materials that are porous.

Tempered glass -- what this dildo is made of -- has been treated with a chemical or thermal process to make it stronger and more heat resistant. So for those of you who love a warm dildo, tempered glass is a great option.

Bubble Thriller is 100% smooth, there are no seams, no unfinished areas and certainly no uncomfortable little pieces that feel like nicks. I state this because I actually have a glass dildo that when running my hand or vagina across it, I can feel these pricklies! I'm sure it's due to parts of it being painted with God only knows what, but it's not the most reassuring thing when you're putting glass up your hoo-ha. You can expect a fully smooth, non-prickly dildo with this dude.

While this is incredibly smooth, when compared to my Pink Passion Wand or Rotator, it almost has a drag to it! I don't know what that's all about because none of my other glass toys do this, but it doesn't glide as easily across skin as my others. It doesn't have a large amount of drag or anything that would cause discomfort, but it was interesting enough to note. However, to assuage any drag you may notice, simply using a tiny drop of lubricant diminishes it completely and creates a non-friction, slippery surface for any teasing or massaging you plan to do with Bubbles.

The only texture you'll feel from this will be the bevels between each ball, which isn't exactly texture anyways. There's no bumps, nubs or swirls, so it doesn't create as intense a sensation as a more texture-covered dildo. The popping sensation of inserting or the bulging when thrusting is intense enough that I would not recommend this to someone who's never tried glass, but someone who's had a couple glass pieces and enjoys something of this size and shape. For someone looking for their very first glass piece, I'd recommend trying a dildo with only one ball at the end and a smooth, non-bulgy shaft.

That way you'd be able to know if you enjoy the ball, but still have a smooth, "traditionally shaped" shaft in case it doesn't work out for you. Another good option would be the Wave Wand since it's wavy throughout, but the balls aren't as defined as Bubble Thriller. If you're looking into this dildo particularly for G-spot stimulation and the bulbs, I would honestly say skip this and go for something with a more promising angle for G-spotting and still has bulbed ends, such as the B2B G-spot.

If you're just set on getting this as your first glass piece though, I do think the lack of thickness/girth make it very friendly for a beginner or girl who likes small to average sized toys like me.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Bubbles is a simple dildo with an even more simple design -- stacked balls, which is actually my favorite kind of glass dildo. It seems nothing works for me quite like the stacked ball design, and sometimes they're really large, which renders them useless to me. So these are the reasons I got this dildo, and are going to be what either makes this special to others or what ruins it for them.

Below was my attempt to better show the angle, it's hard to see though since the dildo is almost fully straight.

*Design and Size* It's All About the Balls, Baby!
The entire dildo design is literally a ball stacked on top of another ball stacked on top of another ball, and so on. There are 7 balls total.

EF lists Bubble Thriller as having a diameter of 1 1/2" and a circumference of 4 3/4", but let me go deeper into size explanations.

The total length of Bubble Thriller is 6 1/2" with an insertable length of 5", which will be appreciated by girls like me who enjoy deep thrusting with glass or again, enjoy cervical stimulation, but not so great for those who prefer a short piece of glass. If you happen to be one of the latter, I recommend the glass Rotator instead of this. As always, you'll see my comparions later.

The tip of the dildo begins with a small 3" around ball, and they gradually get larger as you reach the base. Of course this is handcrafted glass, so no two will be identical, and the balls aren't all perfectly shaped/rounded. Not an issue, in fact, I always prefer a handcrafted anything over factory-made, but it's important to note I suppose.

The second ball is slightly larger, but only by a couple centimeters. The third is the same exact size as the second, and the fourth is significantly larger.

Before I go on, let me say more about the first few balls. I personally love that the first ones are so close in size because it means easy, pain-free insertion and not a rough, uncomfortable sensation upon first using. I'm sensitive down there, and cannot handle painfully large insertables. So the graduating sizes are actually something those of you who're like me will appreciate.

The fourth ball measures 4" around, which would be a tad too big for me to insert had the tip been that size, but it works out since it's gradual. Not to mention the roundness of this fourth ball creates this elegant popping sensation once inserted or removed.

The fifth ball is 2 centimeters larger than the fourth, and also created a popping sensation upon removal or insertion.

The sixth ball -- well good luck! I can barely fit it that far inside, but it measures a little over 3 1/2" around, smaller than the fifth.

The seventh ball -- you're really on your own this time as I cannot insert the seventh ball. It measures 5" around. Not only is it so long that it won't reach that far inside me, but if I turn it around, biggest end first, it won't even go in. The last ball is truly too big and blunt for insertion. It may work for someone out there, but not me, and it'd kill me to try. My bones down there are closer together than this ball is around.

Looking at the dildo from fattest end up, it's totally straight up and down until you reach the third ball from the smallest end. Then it begins a very subtle angle, but for someone with a narrow downstairs like me, that subtle angle makes a difference. As I said, the stacked ball-style dildo always works like nothing else for me, and provides some of the best g-spot stimulation, so naturally, that plus the angle could mean g-spotting for specific people, but not most.

Do note though, the angle on my Bubbles begins at the third ball (at smallest end) remember? So if your G-spot is located closer to the entrance of your vagina, you may need to use only the first few balls only in order to stimulate it-- if it does so at all. It'll certainly vary for everyone. Mine is located closer to the entrance, probably less than 2 full inches inside, so comfortably inserting 4-5 balls is fine for me.

If you're interested in Bubble Thriller strictly because of the lovely color, you'll be disappointed. It's solid, not transparent in the least so it actually looks black unless you hold it right up to a light, in which case you can see some purple hues emanating from it, but otherwise, it's black. That's annoying since I did look forward to the pretty color too, but it's not a deal-breaker.

Bubbles weighs a full one pound, so it's not your lightest companion, but what can you expect? Heavyness can work in our favor with glass anyhow.

Note: Bubble Thriller has no flat side, so be careful not to leave it unattended of a flat surface because it could roll off. It stays put on a bed though.

Travelling with Bubbles

In case you weren't paying attention, Bubbles weighs a full one pound, so it's going to be noticeable if carried in your purse. In fact, I had 4 of my glass dildos (including this one) packed in my purse for a night out tonight and boy did my purse weigh me down! I couldn't carry it without it saying "clankity clank!" But that's because DonWands isn't kind enough to send you a blasted pouch along with your $30 dildo! So yes, my friend, you will need to come up with your own pouch or steal one from an older glass dildo, wrap it in a shirt, sock or cosmetic bag for travel. That is, if you like this enough to bring it on your trips. It will fit in a suitcase and when packed between clothing layers, will be safe. I honestly only travel with my glass toys that I love, so this one stays at home.

In my opinion, Bubble Thriller is discreet enough to for me to display on a shelf of a dozen glass ball decor, but sitting alone it's a little more conspicuous. If someone knows their glass dildos, they'll recognize this as a possible dildo. However, it can always be tucked in a drawer or toy box for hide-ability.

Made in China.
    • Partner play


I've never encountered a glass dildo of this design that didn't do wonders for me. The Pink Passion Wand and a few other dildos with this stacked ball shape have made for some of the best G-spot orgasms I've had! So I really expected to be in squirt-heaven with this. Unfortunately, there's just something about Bubble Thriller that does not thrill me. The size couldn't be more perfect for me, the bulbous end as well. Add the subtle angle in the mix and I was sure this would be infallible! One good thing is you don't have to worry about batteries or noise since glass doesn't vibrate or make sound.

Bubble Thriller is not going to be your G-spot's BFF unless your G-spot is even easier than mine to please, and I didn't think that existed. For most of us, it's going to miss that spot and be more of a cervical banger. Bubble Thriller is a great introduction to this stacked-ball type of design, but I doubt it will be anyone's favorite if you've encountered a toy like Pink Passion Wand, Amethyst or Violet Wonder.

In my opinion, Bubble Thriller isn't going to create as intense sensations as other glass options for most of us, but will be something we grab for "warming up." You may enjoy using Bubble Thriller for sensual play, teasing, temperature play and slower play like using the dildo for arousal or added sensation, but not likely for actually having a rock-your-world orgasm. I'm sure someone could with this, but most people require more contact with their G-spot.

Fun Ways to Use Bubble Thriller

- Since Bubbles hasn't been as intense a toy as say the Pink Passion Wand, vigorous thrusting is what worked for me. However, going slow and inserting each bubble one by one makes for a fun teaser, especially if a partner is the one in control of the toy.

- Since Bubbles has a shape that could be used for kegel exercizing, I suppose one could use it for that purpose. Just insert the first one or two bubbles and kegel your heart out!

- If you enjoy a slow build up to an orgasm, you can even insert the first few bubbles and use a bullet vibrator for clitoral stimulation. Feeling your muscles contract around the bubbles is one thing that I found exciting while using it in combination with a clitoral vibrator.

- While this may not work well for everyone, I enjoyed just inserting Bubbles and tilting it in an up/down motion over and over, rather than thrusting in and out. This was about as close as I came to any real G-spot stimulation.

- Twisting. Inserting Bubbles and twisting it around while inserting one bubble at a time was fun. It doesn't beat the sensations of doing this with a toy designed for it like the Rotator, but it provides a more interesting sensation than the old in and out.

- Bubbles also works wonders for tense muscles, on me anyway. Like I said earlier, a glass dildo can be just the thing for tension in the neck and back. The bubbles feel nice just gliding down the back as well, but to really dig in deep, you can use either the larger end or smaller end, place it where you want and apply gentle pressure using circular motions. The small end felt great using it on one particular tense area in my neck.

This is also a good way to bring a glass dildo into couples play. If you and your partner are into massaging, this could be an easy way to introduce glass into your play. Add some massage oil and Bubbles glides over your back like socks on hardwood flooring.

-And of course everyone's favorite: temperature play! I'll admit, the only "thrill" I get with Bubble Thriller is using it when the night air is cool and getting creative with ways to make it hit the right spot. You can alternate between warm and cold or stick with one, whatever your cooter desires!

Care and Maintenance

Caring For Your Bubble Friend

Per the box's instructions, you have 3 options when it comes to cleaning. Most of you already know these, but let me just say them anyhow -- exactly how the box puts it:

Option number 1

1. Use a clean damp cloth.
2. Apply anti-bacterial soap.
3. Rinse glass product carefully.
4. Dry with a clean cloth/paper towel.

Option number 2

1. Use your favorate (yes, they really spelled it that way!) brand of toy cleaner.
2. Spray liberally over surgace of glass product.
3. Wipe dry with a clean cloth/paper towel.

Option number 3

DonWands glass is dishwasher safe.

So there you go folks, use your "favorate" method, basically. However, I want to point out that using a paper towel or a dish towel is my preferred method of drying because they don't leave fibers behind like wash cloths do. I personally prefer using hot water and anti-bacterial soap because it feels like it gets cleaner, but natural toy cleaner spray is a lovely option too.

While this does consist of stacked balls, it's not hard to clean. I never wait to clean my toys, I do so very quickly after use, so it's always quick and easy. However, if you don't, things will dry up on there and you'll need more scrubbing to clean it well. Running it under hot water as soon as you finish will rinse everything away much quicker than letting it dry.

Glass is compatible with all lubricants and will not degrade other toy materials, so this one's pain-free. However, you may not want to place it in direct contact with other glass since it will clink, but it's unlikely it will chip. It does not come with a storage bag of its very own -- for the price it really should -- so make your own, put it in a drawer or whatever you please. It stores easily taking up little room. You could wrap it in a t-shirt or heck, go all out and use bubble wrap on your bubble dildo!


As you can see, Bubbles comes packaged in a regular paper box, held in place inside by a plastic casing, which has a tab for hanging. The box is plenty discreet enough for me as it shows no nude photos, but not discreet enough to disguise what's inside. There's a little see-through window, showing you the entire dude in the box.

The plastic casing is a little different in that it isn't two pieces that pull apart, but one piece with an attached "lid" that snaps shut. I would advise being careful if you're going to store it in the box for the long-term because when you slide it out of the paper box, it can tumble right to the ground since the plastic casing is not reliable for protection at all. Mine slipped out and landed on the bed, thankfully.

The box was thrown out as soon as I jotted down the information for my review. It's not useful for storage and only takes up more space than the bubbly stick.

The box is a charcoal gray with pastel pink and blue text. It's nice enough that I wouldn't mind gifting it in its box, as long as I didn't mind gifting a dildo period. I would gift this to only my personal girls like my sisters or very close girlfriend. Okay, nevermind because if I were going to gift a glass dildo, I'd choose something prettier. But you get my point.

The box says "DonWands glass wands" in pastel pink. It also says "glass indulgence" in that color and "blue bubble thriller" in pastel blue.

Besides saying the same thing, in the same color again near the bottom, that is all the text on the front.

The bottom says "Glow Industries Inc. For novelty use only." It also has DonWands website listed.

One side of the box has a photo of Bubbles, actually pretty close to its real size. It says "DonWands" again there in pastel pink.

The back of the box again says DonWands in pink, lists the website, and then finally becomes informative, but does sound somewhat like something a 2 year old wrote.

"Glass Product Features

-Shaft designed with graduated spheres.
-Shaft is designed with fun series of spheres that you can feel. (Because they felt it necessary to say this twice?)
-Each bubble provides gentle curves for sexy exploration.
-Glass warms to body temperature.
-To heat things up try leaving the glass in warm water prior to use.
-For a cool sensual experience, run glass under cold water prior to use.
-Non-porous and waterproof.
-Phthalates free and hypo-allergenic."

Then it tells you the care instructions, which I typed in the "Care and Maintenance" section.

The other side of the box says DonWands in pink and Blue Bubble Thriller in blue again.

As for storage, the box isn't going to suffice, but a drawer or toy box will. As I've said, if you're big on having a drawstring pouch for each dildo, you'll have to make one or buy one for this. It does come in handy to have a pouch, but for the moment it's fine in any drawer.
    • Minimal


Bubble Thriller will not likely ever be my favorite, unfortunately. There's something about it that just won't rub me right. I can't figure out if it's the subtle angle that's actually keeping it from hitting my G-spot rather than helping or what.

When I first used Bubble Thriller, my excitement was huge! I tried it after a heavy foreplay session consisting of a lot of oral and rubbin', so I was all ready for this to create something explosive. My partner started slowly and then quicker, faster and rougher. I kept expecting it to produce at least a grunt, but I eventually scrunched my nose and said "something just ain't working."

Then I took over, thinking maybe he wasn't thrusting right or the angled side wasn't lined up with my G-spot. So here I go thrusting away, and nothing. It's kind of like when you have a super bad itch, but can't find the right spot to scratch! After getting frustrated and fed up, I switched to my trusty ol' Pink Passion Wand. That did the trick perfectly, so I was getting the impression already that it was Bubble Thriller and not me.

After my first experience with it, I've only been able to acheive similar results with each try, so I got creative and began using Bubbles slowly and focusing on the qualities I can appreciate like the simple, but nice sensation of kegelling around each ball, twisting it in circles as I slowly insert more, and then rocking it up and down. Those are about the only ways I enjoy Bubble Thriller, and then I'll use one of my other glass toys for something more intense.

After several different days of trying it and thinking it would be different, only to end up having to get creative again, I realized I was trying too hard to love this. When I'm in the mood for glass, and I open my box to see which one fits my mood, Bubbles has yet to be one that does. I guess you're not going to love every toy though, and I'll just have to accept that, but it's hard to not keep trying to enjoy it.

Bubbles just can't satsify me completely.

And now, my favorite part -- let's do some comparing!

Not to make this review painfully lengthy, but my personal experience and feelings with Bubbles brought on a lot of thoughts about it compared to my top favorites. So for others who have similar preferences as me, but may be indecisive at this point, I think this may prove helpful. Again, you can always skip through part of my reviews that don't interest you. Here I'll explain what about each work for me and what about Bubbles left me wanting more.

I'm going to compare Bubbles to my three most used glass dildos, starting with my top favorite:

-Pink Passion Wand

Bubbles has an angle to it, whereas Pink Passion Wand is completely straight -- this is one reason I thought it would really provide intense G-spot stimulation.

However, looking closely, you'll see that PPW has a more defined bulbous end with a pointy tip and fatter middle. This one gives me great stimulation there, and the length makes for intense cervical stimulation. The different balls are more noticeable when used internally, so it's probably safe to say that I enjoy intense ridged and curves in the bubbles, and that could be why Bubble Thriller didn't cut it -- it's so smooth and round without any pointyness or really drastic change between balls.

Also, at the other end of the PPW, there's the ball on the end of the shaft that's a good bit skinnier than the ball, so this provides an intense "pop" when inserting and removing. The ball on PPW is larger and more round than the first ball on Bubbles. I didn't realize what a difference there was until using PPW right after Bubbles. I think this minor detail means far less G-spot stimulation with Bubbles.

And of course there are bumps on the shaft, but that's not part of comparison, although some people do prefer bumps. For those that don't like the raised bumps/nubs, you may have better luck with Bubbles!

I think it's safe to conjure it up to the first ball's size and shape being what killed it for me in terms of G-spotting.

Icicles No. 7

Notice that the "end" balls on both Bubbles and No.7 are similar in size. I can't use either of those balls internally due to them being too large, so that's no matter.

There's not a whole lot to compare between these two except for my liking of the pointed tip on No.7 It seems it works better for cervical stimulation than Bubbles because it's pointy but round enough to still be comfortable for me. Bubbles doesn't always want to hit the right spots internally, and due to the subtle angle, it neither hits my G-spot well or my cervix. Unless I'm holding it perfectly in place with the angle directed toward the bottom wall will it hit my cervix just the right way.


Bubbles' small, non-pointy end has nothing on the Rotator's pointy, but rounded and larger end. The rotator has been very nice for less intense G-spotting due to the fatter tip pressing against mine when in use. I found that Bubble Thriller was intriguing to slowly twist while inserting one bubble at a time, but it still doesn't create the nice, unique sensation that the Rotator does when used in the same manner.

I don't necessarily think Bubble Thriller is lacking anything , but I also don't think a whole lot was put into the design. When there's so much better out there, again, like the Pink Passion Wand -- which has a great bubble end with the perfect tip for G-spotting as well as smaller bulbs to follow and then a whole other end that has a bumpy shaft and ball at the end -- it's hard to feel this is anything special. If you already have a few glass dildos with different textures I don't think this will excite you as much.

Basically, I guess it boils down to one thing: Bubbles just doesn't live up to the experience I have with my other glass toys. It could just be me, but I think a lot of people are going to find that it falls just a little short. It's important to take into consideration your own preferences and mine because if you like the things I disliked about Bubbles, it might actually be great for you. I have a hard time recommending it when you can pay around the same price and get a glass dildo with two totally different ends (ahem, Pink Passion Wand!) or at least something with more defined angle/curve for G-spotting. That is, unless you're looking for a glass dildo for really light play.
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