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Our Bumpy Little Friend

Because of its size and ease of care, The Pleasure ceramic dildo is made for anyone from the most experienced to the beginner when it comes to dildos. Even without a flared end, I found it extremely pleasurable to use anally, but this is a personnel decision and should be considered carefully if your looking for anal toys. Di and I both agree whether in your pussy or your butt, The Pleasure dildo will bump, bump, bump you to wonderful orgasms.
Shape, the bumps will drive you crazy, ease of care, good with any lube.
Could be a little thicker, needs a flared base because it's wonderful for anal play.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


When it comes to how this toy is best used, it's name, Pleasure, says it all. My wife Di and I found that our Bumpy Little Friend not only pleased her pussy, but also made my butt extremely happy. One word of caution when using it anally, Pleasure does not have a flared base. Even though I don't think many people could take its full eight inched anally, its best to err on the side of caution and either use it with great care and a good grip, or as I did, tie a silk cord around the last bump in case you need to retrieve it. My wife said that if she or I thrust Pleasure to deep and to hard into her pussy it did, as glass and ceramic dildos do, cause a slight amount of pain. This wasn't much of a problem for her because she was having to much fun feeling the bumps slide into her pussy and bumping over her G-spot.

She did say that the pleasure increased as she became more excited and her pussy swelled gripping and feeling the bumps better. If they ever make a new model of the Pleasure and make it thicker she'll be the first to buy one. As for using it anally, Pleasure is one of the few non-vibrating toys we own that actually pleases my ass and prostate as well as any vibe does. The bumps gliding over my prostate rapidly produce some incredible orgasms, both with and without ejaculating.
    • Transgendered people

Material / Texture

Di and I own a few glass dildos, but Pleasure is our first ceramic one. As far as texture goes there's no difference between the two materials. Pleasure comes with a list of care items which are pretty much the same as glass. It cleans up nicely with hot water and a good anti-bacterial soap. Never use it if it's cracked or chipped. The only difference I saw was you are not suppose to heat it in a microwave. Just like glass dildos, if you enjoy hot and cold in your sex play you'll enjoy The Pleasure. Di loves the cold touch on her pussy to start with and then she gets even more excited as her pussy heats the ceramic material nicely. The smoothness of ceramic should please both experienced and new users. Because Pleasure is so smooth it requires less lube then textured dildos do even when using it anally.

Design / Shape / Size

Di and I both love the design of Pleasure. It's so simple, yet so pleasing. Just a straight shaft with six 1 1/4 inch pussy pleasing bumps on it. With continued thrusting in and out those bumps are great at stimulating not only the G-spot but, Di says everytime a bump enters her pussy she feels her excitement grow. Di also got very excited, just short of orgasm, running the bumps over her clit. As far as anally, even though I've enjoyed dildos as large as two inches, Pleasure made up for it's lack of size with it's wonderful shape. Because of it's size insertion was very easy. Again I recommend using extreme caution using the Pleasure anally. I never had to get past the first four bumps to enjoy it, but in the midst of orgasm anything could happen so please use caution.


Bump,Bumps,Bumps, that's the best feature of The Pleasure. Ease of cleaning is good too. If Di and I could change anything about The Pleasure, for her it would be to make it slightly thicker and for me I'd love if it had a flared base or was harness compatible so Di could strap it on and pleasure my butt with it. But even without those features it has brought both of us plenty of hot orgasms.

Care and Maintenance

Care for the Pleasure is extremely easy as with any glass or ceramic dildo. A good washing with hot water and a toy cleanser or anti-bacterial soap is all that's needed. I wouldn't recommend putting it in the dishwasher because if it gets chipped all your fun comes to an end. Pleasure comes with a very nice leather and suede case to store it in when your done playing. As far as lubes go, Pleasure can be used with anything.

Personal comments

Besides being a excellent orgasm producer, Pleasure also makes a very nice massager. Shortly after we received Pleasure Di injured her shoulder. I heated the Pleasure up with very hot water and rolled it over her shoulder and it ease a lot of the pain. Of course after her shoulder started feeling better we rolled it over her pussy and it could have been the couple of orgasms she had that made her feel better too.


The first time Di and I used The Pleasure dildo I made the mistake of starting to use it on her hot pussy without any foreplay. Di said that when I first slid it into her pussy the coolness felt great but she really couldn't feel the bumps all that well. It wasn't until I applied some good oral sex to her clit that her pussy lips began to swell and she really started gyrating and gripping the dildo faster and harder and begging me to thrust faster that she said she really started getting a lot of pleasure out of those wonderful bumps. This was soon followed by one of her gushing orgasms. This is why she wished it was a little thicker but after she gets nice and excited Pleasure works just fine. As I watched Di use Pleasure by herself I noticed that when she rubbed it over her clit she rubbed a lot faster then when she uses one of her vibes. She told me that if she rubbed the bumps on our bumpy little friend very fast over her clit it felt the same as nice vibrations do. I know what she's talking about because when I use it anally I thrust it a lot faster then I normally do with other vibes and dildos because the bumps running over my prostate rapidly are extremely pleasurable.
Follow-up commentary
Pleasure is still bringing us Pleasure. We learned a new trick with another toy and decided to give it a try with Pleasure. We lube Pleasure up real good and slipped it into my wife Di's anus and then we had intercourse. The bumps on Pleasure drove my cock crazy and the Di says she could feel all the wonderful extra pressure and the bumps on Pleasure massaging her tight butt. Of course with no flared end we had a silk cord tied to Pleasure so we wouldn't lose it. Sex is a learning experience and with toys there's always something to learn and it's sooo much fun.
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