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If you think this piece is beautiful on screen, just wait until you see it in person. Although the bulbous dildo has an amber hint, the iridescence will take your breath away. It's not all form, either. The baubles gradually grow in size, so this will work for a variety of users.
Beautiful, balanced, easy to use and clean, compatible with all lubes.
No true G-spot curve, no included storage, lack of texture
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This dildo is so beautiful you'll want to hang it on your Christmas tree or holiday wreath. You wouldn't believe it's intended for sexual pleasure, but it is, and the design isn't one that's particularly new. The bubbles provide varying sensations when inserted vaginally. This low-maintenance dildo is perfect to whip out during solo time or when playing with a friend.
    • Temperature play

Material / Texture

This dildo is made of solid glass, which gives it some weight. It's slightly heavier at one end because the bubbles get larger from side to side; however, it feels fairly balanced and is significantly lighter than metal toys.

The rigidity of glass can make it feel larger than it is, and you can cause internal bruising if you're not careful during use. However, glass has the awesome quality of allowing you to provide plenty of pressure without putting pressure on your own hands or wrists.

The glass is completely slick along every inch of the dildo. This makes insertion incredibly easy. You should be careful not to apply too much lube so that this becomes difficult to hold.

If you're into temperature play, a bowl of warm or cool water changes the temperature of the dildo. It may also pick up some temperature from heating or cooling lubes. You could freeze it, if you're adventurous, but I wouldn't. Don't microwave your glass dildos. Glass tends to feel quite cool out of the package, so you might want to warm this up with your body--unless you like giving yourself or your partner the shock of a cool dildo!

Design / Shape / Size

This dildo has a definite gold hue in the product pictures, and the glass itself seems infused with the color. However, there's so much more to it. The entire piece looks like a series of bubbles that you blew when you were younger. The exterior of the dildo has that technicolor, iridescent effect that shifts when you move your eye or the dildo itself. There are also golden/tan swirls inside the dildo itself, so the whole thing is a real treat to look upon. In short, it's even more beautiful in your hand that on the screen.

But you don't have to take my word for it:

The shape itself is simple. This is a shaft with a series of four baubles of different shapes. It only adds to the impression of blowing bubbles on a summer day. The glass itself is slick with no texture, and the bulges are each different sizes. The design lets you insert either end of the dildo, depending on your preferences.

On the smaller end, the bulge has a diameter of just over 1". It's almost perfectly round except for where it tapes into the next bulge. The width of the dildo between bulges is about .75", and it appears to be uniform, regardless of the girth of the bulge itself.

The next bulge is elongated rather than so spherical, and it has a diameter of 1.35" at its widest. The second interior bulge features the same elongated design, but it's wider at 1.4". Finally, the bauble at the far end of this dildo is, once again, more spherical in shape, and the largest on the toy with a diameter of 1.6".

Because the design gradually increases in size, you can work yourself up to the larger baubles if you're anxious, or start with the larger if you're adventurous. The whole toy measures about 8", but it doesn't seem quite so large in your hand. The way the bulges break it up probably add to this effect.

Fans of extreme texture should look at other toys, because the Amber dildo just doesn't offer it.


Although there's no curve for G-spot stimulation, you could angle the thinner part of the shaft to use a bubble to engage your G-spot. It seems like this would be easiest if you inserted the largest bubble, but your mileage may vary.

The weight and rigidity lend themselves well to stimulation specific areas, and the smaller end might be better for hitting just the right spot if you like pinpoint stimulation. You might also enjoy this externally. While laid flat, the dildo can roll across the body for some interesting (massage?) sensations.

Because this dildo lacks a flared base, it's not safe for anal play.

Care and Maintenance

Slick glass is compatible with any sort of lube and won't react with your other toys. It's unlikely to chip or break. Padded storage will prevent accidents from occurring, but you'll have to supply your own.

The slickness means this cleans up incredibly easy. In fact, glass is one of the few materials that are ideal for cleaning wipes or a spray and wipe down. Just make sure to keep a firm grip during cleanup to prevent it from landing in your tiled sink or on the floor.

You can sterilize with either rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution, and if your kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, this one can go on the top rack.
    • Easy to clean


Doc Johnson could use a little help in the packaging department. The plastic box and tray really cheapen the appearance of this toy. Something with a solid color would look more sophisticated. Plus, those plastic boxes tend to come apart in the mail. Mine did not, but it's happened on plenty of occasions.

It would also be nice if the manufacturer had added a storage pouch of some sort with this. I highly recommend you checking out some of the options here on EF, like this one to keep your glass toy from knocking about your nightstand or luggage. You can keep it safely wrapped in a towel if you're more low-key, of course.


While I loved the design of this, I personally found it a little underwhelming for vaginal use. I prefer bumps, ridges or swirls for a more unique experience. However, plenty of people will love this dildo, so I can't fault it for my preferences.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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