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Sergeant Will Earn Those Stripes.

Sergeant is a firm, girthy dildo with a no-nonsense texture. If you can handle the girth anally or vaginally, you're in for a stimulating massaging treat as Sergeant makes his way. If the girth is a stretch for your body, you might wind up crying for your mother before boot camp is over, because these ridges are unforgiving. If girth puts a spring in your step, g-/p-spot pressure makes you giddy as a fresh recruit, and you feel like a challenge today, Sergeant might be just the dildo you need!
Beautiful firm silicone, ridges give a great massage, perfect g-/p-spot attention.
Ridges on this girth can act like stay-awake rumble strips.
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Picture a peaceful country trail leading from a small town to a farmer's meadow. Now picture a squad of Civil War soldiers trooping down the trail on their way to battle, and another squad, and another. Ten squads pass through---two whole platoons. After they've made their way and the echoes of their marching songs fade off into the distance, look at your path again. Look at the compacted ground, the twigs and branches snapped off the formerly arching trees. The trail doesn't look the same after Sergeants have led their troops through---and that's how my vagina has felt after each rendezvous with the Tantus Sergeant.

Made in the same mold as the Rascal but without the bullethole, and rough-and-tumbler cousin of the Rascal O2, Sergeant is marketed as an anal probe. I was expecting, thanks to the fact that silicone can be sterilized by bleaching or boiling, to use Sergeant both vaginally and anally. When I opened the discreet box that Sergeant was shipped in, my jaw dropped. Anally, I'm quite comfortable with 1.5", but 1.75" needs to be gradually built up to---and Sergeant's tip is designed to dive right in. So despite the fact that I was really looking forward to feeling these ridges anally, I've only had the guts for vaginal use.

Sergeant is textured---but that's great! I love texture. One of my favorite dildos is the Pikilo---and after that, the light ribbing on Sergeant promised to be a stimulating walk in the park---sadly, combined with almost incompressible silicone and the hefty 1+3/4" girth, masturbating with Sergeant turned out to be a crawl across a battlefield.

(No, the knife is not representative of my agony---it was just the quickest reference-sized object at hand.)

Sergeant is a wonderfully crafted dildo. Tantus has made it, as they do all their toys, by hand in the US of the finest platinum-cured silicone. Hypoallergenic, odorless, body-safe, and sterilizable for switching among partners of from orifice to orifice---there's no finer material for a sex toy than Tantus silicone. The particular blend that Sergeant boasts is incredibly stiff, glossy, and does not attract lint. It's the stiffest silicone I've ever come across---I think this is a combination of a stiff blend and a thick girth. If I set Sergeant on a windowsill and press from the top down, it hardly gives at all---even though the shaft has a gentle g-/p-spot curve. I can't even come close to compressing it by squeezing it with my fist. Sergeant is what he is---and he won't take any back talk. The design is really smart---a moderately quick, smooth tip adjusts your orifice of choice to the full 1.75" diameter, where it meets the first of ten ridges.

These ridges---I really want to be able to feel them anally, but I'm just not up to the girth yet. Vaginally---they feel wonderful... all except for one. I want to tell you how Sergeant would feel if my pubic bone were just a smidgen less protrusive. All across the back wall of my vagina (PS spot, for those who like to name their spots) the ridges of Sergeant feel like ripples. It's a wonderful massage going in and out, and the side walls bathe in the glory as well. The 5 insertable inches mean the smooth shiny tip proudly rubs the g-spot, exactly in the way you want it to. If it weren't for my anatomy being 1/32" too small, Sergeant would be a perfect short textured dildo. If I was able to take it anally, I think the experience would be blissful, as well.
But here's the sad truth---my pubic bone is a little too narrow to let Sergeant go about his business. It's not that I can't handle the girth---Lone Star is an eight of an inch bigger, and I can handle a 2" diameter wooden dildo on a good night. It's a combination of girth and texture. One of the ridges (maybe it's the eighth?) grabs the skin of my pubic bone, and grates it. It feels like the vaginal equivalent of the rumble strips that keep interstate drivers from dozing off and driving off the road. Or maybe, more aptly, like the country road rumble strips before stop signs---reminding you that the road doesn't go on forever and you need to slow down.

But I slow down and I still feel like I'm being scraped. I can't win with Sergeant. So as he commands his troops along the paths of my interior, when you stop to check out the scenery the next day you'll know he's been through.

I do really want to try this anally, because the ridges feel wonderful across my PS spot, and I know that they would be unencumbered if I could fit the girth through the first ring of muscles. I hope to try this use out and include the information in my follow-up review.

If you know that the girth won't be too much for you anally or vaginally---that is, if you regularly seek out dildos girthier than 1+3/4", instead of using the big guns as an exception---then Sergeant's textures will be heaven for your insides. But if you're only flirting with girth, or if texture's not your best friend, it might be better to not enlist. (You could try Sergeant Junior, the Tantus Purr...) I'm still hoping I don't get flunked out of boot camp!
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  • Redboxbaby
    LOL! Rumble strips for your cunt.

    Nice review. Sorry it wasn't a grand slam for you.
  • leatherlover
    I hate rumble strips! Thanks for the great review.
  • wetone123
    Hmmm...Rumble strips sound a little bit too much for me. I liked how you described the soldiers tromping everything down in their wake as compared to Sergeant to your vagina! Wow! Thanks for the awesome review
  • Jimbo Jones
    Glad you put the caption on the photo. I was getting a little worried about what you were planning to do with that knife. Thanks for the great review.
  • Antipova
    Thanks everybody! I wish my body was just a little bigger so I could enjoy this soldier. Haha, and better a knife than a machine gun like Leatherlover's brandishing, right?
  • ToyingCouple
    Wonderful review, your opening paragraph is superb!
  • Antipova
    Thanks ToyingCouple! That means a lot coming from you
  • ToyTimeTim
    I guess you could use it like a washboard to clean your clothes too.
    Had my eye on this one for some time, some day I'll take the plunge.
  • Antipova
    It would totally work for that! And make a good bluegrass instrument, too
  • M121212
    Hehe this has been on my list to request for a video review for a long time. I never realized how thick it is, though! Wow. I was thinking it would be like a zing 2.0 but this one looks a lot meaner.

    Thanks so much for the review. Beautiful writing in this one. Sorry about the road texture experience. Ouch!
  • Antipova
    Yeah, I think it was listed as only 1.5 on the product page... I suspected it was the same as the Rascal, though. I've taken things of this size before, but Sergeant was a little meaner than them!
  • Melissa Smith
  • Antipova
    Thanks Melissa.
  • toxie m
    A very enjoyable read, I love the ongoing military theme. Your writing style is one of my favourites This dildo has always intimidated me, props on giving it a go.
  • Antipova
    Thanks so much, txymxy! I don't think this battle's over yet. After playing with the Eleven some, I think I've realized that I can fit 1.75" past my pubic bone easily, but I prefer the bigger part of the girth to go past. If Sergeant was just a smidge slimmer at the shaft than at the head I wouldn't have a problem. Usually, once I figure out the reason something's hard for me, I can figure a way around it, so I'm looking forward to a future skirmish!
  • Love Perpetua
    Oh dear, rumble strips grating against my pubic bone sounds horrible. Thanks for a fantastic review - I love your writing!
  • Antipova
    I'm going to have to try this again now that I can handle bigger sizes... thanks for the comment Love Perpetua!
  • Nothere
    Great review. What's a PS spot?
  • Antipova
    Thanks! It's basically the back wall of the vagina... To be honest, I don't know the mechanics of why in particular it feels good, but I sure do know that it feels good. You can feel it most directly when you take a firm thin dildo (like the Gold Laced G) and spread your legs on you back and kind of penetrate "down" instead of "straight in"... Massaging-type sensations really make mine feel amazing.
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