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Share and Share XS alike!

A really fabulous idea fails in execution for many couples. Share XS is probably magical for people who can get it to work for them, but there are so many variable that can affect performance, it's more an experimental sex toy than one that delivers on what it promises.
A really cool idea, 100% silicone construction, different sizes for personal preference.
Doesn't quite pull off what it promises. Bulb is difficult to keep in place. XS is too eXtra Small.
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The Share XS is an innovative double-ended dildo that works like a strapless strap-on. One end - a bulging silicone bulb - is inserted vaginally and the other end - a penis-shaped dildo - can be used for either vaginal or anal penetration of a lucky partner.

The XS in the Share XS stands for 'extra small' - with both the bulb and the dildo being a lot smaller than other Share products. The dildo part is only a few inches long and not very thick, suggesting it will be ideal for beginner anal play.

Apparently, you can also insert the bulb into your anus, to 'grip' the dildo, but the bulb is quite intimidatingly large for that purpose! Also, the small size of the dildo on the other end suggests that would be wildly impractical for any form of penetration, as your thighs would get in the way if you're built any bigger than Nicole Richie.

The Share XS is made from 100% silicone, making it totally sterilizable and good for sharing with other partners, or other orifices. You can boil Share XS to totally clean it. The silicone construction also means it's totally smell-free, although picks up lint like you would not believe (a common complaint with silicone products).

Share XS comes in an incredibly slick, smart looking box - complete with magnetic clips and Euro-styling that make it look like something you'd bought from a European boutique. There aren't much in the way of instructions - but what instructions there are you'll be able to enjoy in about twelve different languages (like products from Ikea!)

Being a silicone toy, it's best to only use water-based lube, as others can ruin the silicone.

Share XS is such a promising idea - offering the sensual benefits of a 'strapless strap-on' and the ability to really fuck with a free-standing dildo.

For couples who manage to master it, this might be be one of the most rewarding and exhilarating products out there - but just because it has promise, it doesn't mean it'll deliver for everybody - as we found out when we tried it.
My wife and I were both incredibly excited by the thought of the Share XS, although my wife admitted she was intimidated by the size of the 'bulb' that she had to insert. Having researched it on the 'net, she tried without lube and the plug fitted neatly and easily into her vagina.

The result? It looked like she had a tiny blue penis, pointing proudly up from her crotch. I don't mind admitting, I thought it looked INCREDIBLY sexy (as that sort of gender fuckery has always been a fantasy of mine.)

Our plan was for her to fuck me in the ass with Share XS - something that had me as hard as a crowbar at the thought of.

But fantasy is sometimes better than reality. As soon as my wife straightened up, she admitted that she was worried the bulb was going to pop straight out - and even clenching her Kegel muscles, it was difficult for her to keep Share XS in.

But needs must as the Devil drives, so I rolled onto my hands and knees and presented my ass to her, while she shuffled behind me and slathered up her tiny blue penis with water-based lube.

As it turned out, the Share XS was too 'XS' to really do the job. After raising my ass up to the right height, she 'aimed' and found my tightly clenched little tush, but the Share dildo was so small, it only slid in an inch or so after clearing my ass cheeks and her tummy.

It was nice, though. I really got off on feeling my wife's weight on my back and her hips against my thighs and ass - but as far as the anal sensation went, it was akin to being fingered - not fucked as we'd envisioned. My wife also found it difficult to thrust and fuck while keeping the Share XS held in place, and after a while we had to abandon the 'mission' before either of us were close to getting off.

Afterward, we agreed that the Share XS was an excellent idea, but didn't work quite so well in application. I'd have really dug a bigger dildo (and other Share models come with larger dildo attachments) while my wife suggested a pump to 'inflate' the bulb once it's inserted, to stop it slipping out so easily.

Because of my gender fuckery fantasies, I'd also have really dug it if the Share was flesh-colored - as it would look more 'real' that way.

But many of our criticisms are unique to us. The Share XS is marketed as the 'small' Share, so if the size of the dildo isn't right, there are larger Share products out there. The bulb issue is a trickier one - as a larger bulb, my wife admitted, might hold the dildo better, but would be even more intimidating to insert first time around!

It's a really, really clever idea - a 'hands free' dildo - but Share simply won't work for everybody.
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  • Kinky Kitty
    thank you! Great review!
  • SexySkye
    Awesome review!
  • Red
    Oh my god - a pump in the bulb to inflate it once inserted. That's sheer brilliance. It wouldn't work with silicone I don't think (?) but it's such a brilliant idea!

    Oh yeah, nice review as well Smile

    The regular share dildo is actually nicely sized already - the dick on it is on the slender side (although its not quite small enough to be "beginner"). I always use my share with a harness; just a simple nylon one with a very small ring (like, 1") which keeps it really snug and gives me the freedom of spreading my legs wide and using as much lube as I'd like.
  • 2BudZ
    Very useful information Red. My wife and I discussed over the weekend trying to find a toy like this that would suit us perfectly. (but we also want vibes) After reading your review, yes, the bulb might be intimidating for her and the receiving end looks like we'd have the same problems. Thanks so much!
  • her.royal.redness
    Thanks for the review! It looks.. interesting and vaguely terrifying..
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    Thanks for the review!
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    Great experience section!
  • TheirPet
    I'm sorry the xs was too xs for you.
  • WildCalico
    I am looking everywhere for one of these but they've been discontinued. If anyone can help, please contact me...
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