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If you love them big, you must get Bam. Not only does it have a massive girth, but its also attractive and has an amazing suction cup for hands free play. I can't imagine finding a better toy than this.
Excellent suction cup, Large, Soft but firm, Attractive
No vibrator
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I wish I could articulate just how much I love Bam. I seriously believe this toy will leave me satisfied for quite a long time. From now until the foreseeable future all my toys will be measured against Bam.

Bam is about 2 3/4 inches wide, this is some serious width so this should be left to those who have had plenty of experience with larger toys like Dick Rambone or something similar. Speaking of Rambone, I found Bam to be much easier to use as it has only a 13 inch length (10 of which are insertable) compared to the massive and awkward length of Rambone cock. So there was much less fumbling involved during play.

Bam sits very securely upon its suction cup base, attaching itself strongly to pretty much any smooth surface. In fact its so strong I’d be willing to wager you could tear the base off if you tried pulling Bam straight up. According to Eden Fantasys, Bam is made of rubber, but the toy I received seems to be the next generation of Bam dildos, and frankly doesn’t feel quite like rubber, as it is much softer than other rubber toys I have used but still retains a solid firmness.

The package stated it was made of UR5, which made me think it was going to be similar to the UR3 material listed here on Eden; but that was not the case. The box also mentioned Sil-a-Gel, so I’m unsure if UR5 is just another term for Sil-a-Gel or if it is some kind of offshoot. Hopefully someone here may know and be able to help me out a bit. Anyway, I recommend just playing it safe and using a condom with this keep it bacteria free, and it would probably be best to use a water based lube unless you know exactly what this material is. If it is in fact Sil-a-Gel you can use silicone lube as well. And again, sorry I can’t find much information on the nature of UR5.

The girth of this toy is probably going to keep it down to a once a week pleasure ride, but it will be quite a day. After warming up with other toys I finally reached for Bam, knowing it was going to take some patience. After quite some time, I finally got him in, and it was amazing. I had never felt so full before. I couldn’t thrust very much with him just yet as I was still adjusting to the size, but just having it in me was an amazing experience. My second time with Bam went much more quickly but was just as satisfying. The suction cup held to the floor and wall extremely well, not once did Bam lose grip, even during vigorous thrusting. If you think you can handle it, I definitely say this toy is a must buy. I just wish I knew where to go from here!

And just a heads up, it would seem the photo shown to you on Eden is no longer current, as the shaft and head were both the same brown color.
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  • Victoria
    Thanks for going in to such detail about the difference in material...UR5 sounds like a step up! It seems like the new all brown version would be more attractive than the pink-ish head.
  • goodvibrations
    I think I found a replacement for my recently broken toy (it died!).... I had one that I dearly loved for over 2 years it wasn't as "big" as Bam but close and I loved the feeling of being so full.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    It's good to know about the colour. I think the combination in the photos here is so hideous so when I read your cons including "attractive" I was like.. what? LOL
  • Hi I own the latest Bam Dildo & it is not made of UR5 it is UR3
    Ultra Realistic 3.0 as it states in the Clean+Care Guide. & All
    UR3 products can be used with Silicone as well as Water based
    Lubricants Happy Joy joy Smile
  • Hi I own the latest Bam Dildo & it is not made of UR5 it is UR3
    Ultra Realistic 3.0 as it states in the Clean+Care Guide. & All
    UR3 products can be used with Silicone as well as Water based
    Lubricants Happy Joy joy Smile
  • Blush Sorry got it slightly wrong!!! It is made frm UR5 & is all Brown frm Balls 2 Helmet & not made frm UR3,but if you can use Silicone Lube with the ur3,then why not with the new UR5 ? Personally I would think it would be Ok!!
    Hope this helps a bit ?
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Bam sounds like quite the fuck!
  • Yep the Bam is very much the Fuck dear Cinnamon!!!
    Quick update for those interested. I got some Analyse me Relaxing Anal Glide Silicone based Lube by Pjur & put a little on the underside of the Base of my Bam Dildo & their was no reaction what so ever... Few he did `nt melt much to my relief. So in short Yop its quite safe to use Silicone based Lube with the mighty Bam Enjoy !!!! Winking
  • Nashville
    You say a con is that it doesn't have vibrators- was it advertised as having vibrations? With dildos, you get what you pay for (just a basic cock) so you shouldn't be surprised that it doesn't vibrate.
  • anonypuss15
    I just love Bam! He has really changed the relationship between my husband and I. When he first brought home this dildo I could not believe the size of this thing. I told him, "You will never get that thing inside of me!" He just grinned and said, "You watch me!" That night he was so excited that he couldn't wait to try it out. I complained at first, but he wouldn't listen. He just continued to push until after about half a minute the head finally went inside. The pain was excruciating. I told him to wait, but he kept pushing. I said, "Here, let me do it." So, I took it in my hands and I could bareley hold it with one hand. I pulled the end of it out of my aching vagina, and I wiped it off with a towel. Then I held it between my legs with both hands as though I was going to try to insert it, but I swung it up and hit my husband right in the face with it. It nearly knocked him unconscious, and I continued to beat the shit out of my husband with Bam. Bam's balls really fucked up my husband's nose. The police came because he was screaming so loud. All of our neighbors and family have read in the papers about our family disturbance, and I had to explain the embarrassing details so many times that I'm no longer embarrassed about it. To make a long story short, Bam now sets on the mantle in our living room as a reminder of what a dumb-ass my husand is. Bam is my new weapon of choice. When Doug acts up, I just say, "Bam's gonnagitchu!" and he straightens up right away. I love this toy!!!
    Thanks . good review
  • Trashley
    Oh, my god. That comment. HOW HAS NO ONE NOTICED THIS.
  • pinkzombie
    Nice review, thank you!
  • LavenderSkies
  • Chris15461
    Thanks for the info
  • Falsepast
    Vibrations might make this too much, i think
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