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As long as you aren't looking for a thick and long toy for your pleasure, the French Kiss glass dildo can be a good choice for you. The looped base makes it easier to handle while the textured shaft adds something to focus on during the experience.
Body-safe glass material, Cute design, Looped handle easily gripped
Small in size, Pointy tip
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Made from glass, this dildo is a good choice for anyone that's looking for a rigid, internal sensation with an easy-to-hold handle and a simple-to-clean, non-porous material. The dildo has a slight curve which works well for g-spot or p-spot pressure while the looped handle offers an easy handle for those who get frustrated by the slickness of glass.

While glass is particularly well-suited to g-spot or p-spot pleasure because of its rigid design that will hit that lovely spot over and over, you do have to exercise some caution during thrusting. Glass is very rigid, so you don't want to accidentally injure or bruise yourself in your most sensitive areas.

With the looped handle, this dildo works just as good for solo use as it does for partnered play. The standard waterproofed dildo feature also allows for discreet use in bathtubs and other aquatic areas.

Material / Texture

Like the product photos show, the French Kiss looks similar to a tentacle. It is designed with a similar design in mind, and if you particularly love tentacles or just love texture, the French Kiss is going to be a good dildo choice for you.

The dildo is made from glass. It's a non-porous glass that's quite slick and smooth. There are no nicks or rough edges on the glass - including on the handle. Like most glass toys, glass gets particularly slick (and may even be hard to handle) when it's lubricated. The glass material can be sterilized for use with multiple partners or for multiple sex acts. It has no odor, and it's extremely rigid with no give to it.

Texture is what this dildo was designed for. Along the upper side of the shaft all throughout the looped base, there are small, dotted nubs along the toy. These nubs are easily felt, but they aren't pokey or uncomfortable in any way. There's a gradual elevation change to make them comfortable. Only along the bottom side of the shaft, you'll find a tree-like pattern. It isn't too pronounced, but it's noticeable by your fingers. It doesn't seem to make much of a difference during use, but it adds a different look to the bottom side of the shaft.

Design / Shape / Size

The included looped handle at the base helps eliminate the issue of holding. The loop is large enough to fit two of my fingers into the center of it. This allows you to slip fingers into the base of the toy to help reduce any sort of slipperiness or slickness that tends to go along with a glass material. The loop isn't large enough to fit more than two fingers into, though, so it usually will require supporting the base with the remaining fingers - which may reduce exactly how much of the length that can be inserted.

The shaft has a slight upwards tilt towards the tip. It's not pronounced enough for people that have a deep g-spot or p-spot, but for shallower spots, it will hit that pleasure zone just fine.

The dildo is particularly small in width. If you dislike dildos with wider widths, you'll enjoy this tentacle-like toy. However, if you're seeking a stretching sensation from your toy, this glass dildo may not provide. That being said, it does feel larger than similarly-sized silicone toys because the glass material has no give or flexibility to it.


Whether you enjoy the idea of a very textured toy or just wanted to play with tentacles, this dildo can please. If you dislike dealing with external sex lubes, this toy can also be a good choice. The glass glides against the skin well, and depending upon your own body's slickness, the toy can be used without needing any extra lube.

Exercise care with deep, hard thrusting with this toy. Because of the glass's rigidity, hard thrusting may cause delicate internal areas. The tip of the dildo is also particularly small in size - which makes it even better for bruising. As long as you're careful to rock against the dildo or use gentler thrusts, it shouldn't be a problem. You just may need to redirect an overly-enthusiastic partner if some of the thrusts start to feel a bit too rough. Because of the shorter length, however, it's unlikely that the toy will hit any concerning areas unless you're trying to go particularly deep.

Unlike other glass dildos that may become slippery and difficult to thrust (especially for harder thrusting), the French Kiss includes the loop at the base. During use, this loop allows for an extra way to hold onto the toy. It still helps to wipe down the base of the toy with a paper towel to remove some of the slickness, but the loop allows for an easier grip. Even by holding the toy stationary while moving the body against it, the base provides an effective handle.

Care and Maintenance

Glass sex toys are extremely easy to take care of. Cleaning before and after every use will help to keep the toy in tip-top shape. Regular cleaning can include a bath with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. For in-depth cleaning, consider using a boiling water bath or a water and bleach solution.

Any type of lubricant will work with a glass dildo. Feel free to use water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based.

For storage, you'll want to store the toy in a safe and padded location. A high drop onto a hard surface could potentially break the toy. Choose a safe area or/and a very padded storage bag to ensure a long lifespan for your toy.

Personal comments

The French Kiss comes packaged in basic packaging. The dildo is wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap, and it's slid into an unpadded, velvet drawstring bag. It has a small tag on it that just has a UPC, but there is no wording or demonstrative packaging included. Just the drawstring bag.

The drawstring bag can be used for long-term storage. However, it doesn't provide any padding, so you'll need to treat your dildo with care to keep it in the best shape.


This dildo looks extremely, extremely similar to the Pipedream Icicles No. 24. This toy (the French Kiss), however, is much more slender with a bit extra in length while the Icicles No. 24 offers a wider width.
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