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A Bleeding Experience - Literally

The Kissa may or may not have caused a vaginal massacre. It'll be a mystery forever, but I'm not taking the risk of finding out for sure. As intended, the Kissa didn't do enough for me. I did find some uses for it, though. In the end, I'll never use this internally again, but I'm keeping it because it promotes Eden and is a rare piece - textured, vibrating glass.
Gorgeous, Texture is fun externally, Pretty quiet, Includes pouch, $, G-spot stimulation
Possibly caused internal bleeding, Weak vibrations, Advanced users only
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I got this about a year ago as a free gift from Edenfantasys. I honestly had not tried it til a few months ago, not because I thought it was a bad toy, but because I was almost entirely convinced this toy was not for me in any way. I really thought I knew how this review was going to go...

"The Kissa is gorgeous, but it's a pain in my kissa. The texture is way too intense, the vibrations are too weak, and the experience is painful."

While the quote can be true, and I could write my review that way, it isn't the whole truth. If you use the Kissa with some TLC -okay, a lot of TLC- she can bring you to some amazing orgasms. It was the first glass vibrator I had ever seen and one of few select designs that exist currently. It also is the first toy that edenfantasys put their name on. What the Kissa lacks in vibration power, it makes up with raw, intense texture. I should emphasize that this toy is not for beginners or even those who have a few toys in their chest but have not tried texture. It is moderate in size, but due to the design, it feels much larger. It even has the potential to stimulate the g-spot. The nubbed head is versatile and so are the ribs on the shaft. Even if you end up being unable to insert this toy, the cool glass and texture can arouse you in other ways.

As for me, this toy made me bleed, literally. Since I don't know what caused this, and I am too scared to insert this toy again to find out, I have taken a semi-objective approach to this review.
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Material / Texture

The Kissa has a really unique look. It has a pearlescent plastic vibe underneath a glass shell. These pieces do not come apart. The glass is what you will have contact with. It is tempered which means that it has a high resistance to temperature changes and is not likely to break. If it does, it will break into large pieces instead of shattering. If you notice a chip or crack, discontinue use even with a condom. Glass has no harmful chemicals and is safe for anyone who might be sensitive to lower quality materials. It is smooth and requires little lubrication, usually. For this toy, you will need a lot. Being glass, it also has no smell or taste. It won't melt either, so storing is a breeze. Toys of this material have the potential to last you a lifetime.

Glass and plastic are non-porous, but the plastic cannot be sterilized, so using a condom to share might be a good idea.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

EdenFantasys Logo
The Kissa is an eye full. She really is very pretty and interesting to look at. I don't know another toy that is quite like her. Since these are hand done, no two will be EXACTLY the same, but you will receive something that looks like a polar bear drum stick ice cream cone. My boyfriend says it looks the drill bits from the movie Armageddon. I have not clue what he is talking about, but maybe some of you guys will. Whatever you think it resembles, it's gorgeous.

The Kissa is just under 6" long. The first 1 1/4" is a sphere atop the shaft. It is adorned with tens of raised nubs.
EdenFantasys Logo
Designed for internal stimulation, they can be used for external stimulation on various parts of the body, as well. The head of the vibrator is the largest part. It is about 5" in circumference. This isn't HUGE for a toy, but given the texture and rigidity, it can easily feel much larger than a silicone or jelly toy of the same size. The shaft is 3 1/2" long. This makes the insertable length around 4 3/4". For a toy with this much texture, you don't need a lot of length.

Speaking of more texture, the shaft has a spiral swirl. It is raised just like the nubs Each swirl is about 5/8" apart from each other. They don't start all the way at the top and also do not go all the way to the bottom. The swirls do have flaws. They don't have a uniform thickness and are sometimes wavy. This may very from vibe to vibe. The shaft is completely straight, making the vibrator look wand like.

The base is an off red color that doesn't totally match the rest of the vibrator. It looks sun bleached in a way. The end is rounded with a single protruding button at the base. The cap says Edenfantasys.

Even though the Kissa is incredibly unique, there isn't much it could be confused with. A bedazzled microphone perhaps? Yea... it's not very discreet. It is moderate in size though. That should help with concealing it.
    • Advanced
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Kissa can provide a lot of sensation by itself, but it also vibrates. The controls are very simple. A single push button that just out from the bottom of the vibrator is the only control. Push it once and it starts the first of three settings.

1. The first of three steady vibration levels, this one is very low. It's hard to feel the vibrations through the tip. They are stringer in the shaft where there is less glass mass. The noises level is very low and cannot be heard through a door and is hard to hear across a room.

2. Still steady, this level is not much stronger and is still what I would consider low. It's lower than the starting vibration level of many toys I own. The vibrations can be felt better in the head, but not by much. The noise level can still not be heard through a door, but can likely be heard across a room.

3. The highest level is moderate medium compared to most toys I have experienced. It is unlikely that it will be able to finish many women clitorally, but the vibrations combined with the texture make for a unique feeling. The sound level still cannot be heard through a door...unless it rattles against something hard.

I was pretty dissapointed when I felt the vibrations for the first time. I guess glass just doesn't transfer them well. The vibrations are strongest in the second half of the shaft and dissipate in the head where the bulk of the glass is.

Kissa is not waterproof, but is probably splash proof.
EdenFantasys Logo

To use the toy. Unscrew the base and slide in a single AA battery. Easy as pie.
    • Multiple settings
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

The Kissa is very easy to take care of. The glass cannot be sterilized since there is plastic underneath it (I don't advise it anyways). It can easily be washed with hot water and soap. Then store it in the pouch it came in. Any kind of lubricant can be used with the Kissa. I recommend silicone lubricant since it sticks to the surface better.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Kissa comes in a plastic bag with a cardboard piece stapled to the top - not very impressive. However, it keeps the price of the Kissa lower. The permenant packaging is the black velvet pouch that is included. It is slightly padded, but not plush. You may want to wrap the toy in a washcloth or handkerchief before placing it in the bag if you are concerned. I think it is perfectly adequate since this toy is not only made of glass, but has a plastic core. It makes a great gift in my opinion. Picture opening a small black box to find a shiny ring inside, only it's a black pouch and Kiss is inside!
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal
    • Would make a nice gift


Alright, so here is where I decided to try to be more objective about my experience, otherwise, I'd be giving the Kissa a 1 just based on the massacre that ensued.

I cannot stress it enough...use a lot of lubricant with the Kissa! Again, that head will feel bigger than it is and the texture may fight to get inside of you. Before I used the Kissa internally, I used the cold glass and texture to tease my nipples, clit, and labia. The texture feels wonderful when it is used this way. My partner loved the swirls being rubbed against his boys. It made them perk up like they were meeting the Queen of England. Salute to that! I had a hard time finishing from this clitorally, though. This is because in order to feel the vibrations enough, I had to press down. That hurts when you do it with glass!

So the time came to insert this beauty. I was a little nervous since nubbed glass has burnt me in the past. It took a bit of twisting to get the head in and once it did, I felt a sharp pain, but it quickly went away. using the texture to slowly glide inside of me, I quickly noticed that the Kissa provides a good amount of g-spot pressure for me. It felt really interesting, and in a good way! I knew this wasn't anything that could finish me though. If I went faster, pain came. This toy had to be moved very slowly. I pulled out a clitoral vibrator and finished with them both. The vibrations from the Kiss just didn't do enough internally. They were very mild.

Then the horror...I pulled the Kissa out, setting her on my bathroom counter. I went to the bathroom like I usually do to clean up so I don't get any infections. On the washcloth was blood, and not a tiny amount, a decent amount, and it was clearly coming from me. I did feel pain while using the Kissa, more than once, but it wasn't pain that concerned me to the point that I thought I was injuring myself even though it didn't feel good - obviously. I started to think when my next cycle was... Could the Kissa have kick started my menses? I guess I will never know, because I am too horrified to insert the Kissa ever again. The bleeding stopped, and I got my period over a week later. I suppose it could have been spotting, but again, since I am not sure... I won't be inserting this again.

So, the Kissa is great for playing with texture outside of my body, but not inside. I really thought I was going to sit down and write this review giving the Kissa one star, but that is simply not fair. I can't be certain what happened to me, so I don't want to deter EVERYONE from ever trying this. No, the vibrations weren't great. And no, even without the massacre I would not be raving about how this felt internally, but it is gorgeous, and the texture is great for teasing. It might be good for some internally, but not me. Because of all of this, I think it is more fair to give the Kissa 2 stars.
Follow-up commentary
Kissa has never touched my Kissa again, and never will. I still have it because of its beauty and significance as being an "Eden Fantasys toy", but I'll never recommend it to anyone. Shortly after my review, this toy was discontinued.
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