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PC muscle exerciser

Vaginal exerciser by Nob essence

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A light toy for a hard workout

While the PC Muscle Exerciser may look boring, it gives an excellent pelvic floor muscle workout. Well-crafted from quality materials, its a luxurious kegel exerciser that also doubles as a G-spot toy. Its large size makes it a good choice for beginners. You can tug on this as you squeeze to achieve a much better workout than ball-type kegel exercisers can provide.
Provides excellent PC muscle workout; made from renewable, quality materials
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Even though I wasn't initially excited about this unassuming, boring-looking toy, its turned out to be fantastic. Use it to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and you will reap the benefits that go along with that - easier, stronger orgasms and improved bladder control.

With its generous girth, it works well as a G-spot toy too.
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Material / Texture

My PC Exerciser is made of bamboo. Its lightweight, but hard. It looks like multiple layers of bamboo were glued together, sanded thoroughly, then coated with NobEssence's Lubrosity coating, a durable, natural finish. Its surface is shiny and completely smooth.

The end with one egg-shaped bulb is less shiny than the other end. It appears to have less Lubrosity coating than the other side.

NobEssence uses renewable materials for their products, making it a green product.

Design / Shape / Size

The PC Exerciser has one egg-shaped bulb at one end, a wasp waist and two bulbs at the other end. The larger end has a circumference of five inches. The entire toy is six and a half inches long. NobEssence's logo is stamped into the smaller of the two bulbs on one end.

Although no instructions are provided, I believe that the larger end is intended for insertion and the two-bulb end is meant to serve as a handle.

Its size might be a bit larger than some women like for insertion, but this also makes it easy to squeeze against. It is well sized for kegel exercise beginners.


Because of the large size of the egg-shaped end, this toy provides considerable resistance during use. There are no instructions for use included. Through experimentation, I've come up with a system that works wonderfully.

First, empty your bladder. Then use lube and insert the egg-shaped end. Squeeze as hard as you can as you tug on it with one hand. This will give you plenty of resistance. You can adjust the amount of resistance you desire easily by varying how hard you pull on it. Then release your hand and draw it back inside you as far as you can using only your pelvic floor muscles. Its quite satisfying to feel it move back inside.

I sometimes pull/resist until I can't keep it inside any longer. Pulling on it forces you to squeeze as hard as possible, guaranteeing that your workout is a good one. Its large size means its easy to exert a great deal of force as you squeeze.

I usually feel a little sore from this the next day. Delicious soreness. Thats how strong muscles are made.

The one drawback is that occasionally my urethra feels a little twitchy afterward. I haven't had any trouble peeing and I don't know if that feeling has any significance.

I don't believe that my pelvic floor muscles are particularly strong, from what I can tell. That may be why I like the larger size of this kegel exerciser so much. Even someone with weak muscles should be able to feel satisfying resistance from this exerciser.

I don't believe that ball-type kegel exercisers can offer as good a pelvic floor muscle workout as barbell exercisers like this one. Maybe if you pull on the retrieval cord as you use them they would, but I've had terrible luck breaking the retrieval cords of that style of exerciser.

Used for G-spot stimulation, its wonderful. The large end gives you a wide area so you can massage your entire G-spot. The other end is a great handle no matter whether you use this toy for exercise or fun.

Care and Maintenance

The PC Muscle Exerciser is an easy care product. Simply wash in soap and water after use, then towel dry. NobEssence states that its even ok to soak their products, although I'm not sure what circumstance would inspire you to do that.

Any lube can be used with this toy.

It can be stored in the luxurious box it comes in if desired. I store it in a sock, which provides just enough protection and doesn't take up much room either.


The PC Muscle Exerciser comes in the same luxurious, attractive box as all NobEssence toys. While the box is sturdy and looks nice, its not terribly functional. It opens vertically and I find that nearly every time I pick it up, I grab it too high and I find myself with only the top in my hand, not the entire box. If you do manage to pick up the entire box the top fits loosely and will fall off the minute it tips sideways enough.

I store my PC Exerciser in a sock instead.

I may end up using the larger part of the box to store knitting needles. Its an attractive box and is padded on the inside. Its just not practical.
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  • Waterfall
    Wonderful review and video! Your last couple of reviews have me very interested in getting a toy for kegel exercises other than the typical ball styles ones. Glad to hear this also works for g-spot stimulation Wish listed!
  • Tuesday
    Thanks Waterfall! I strongly recommend the barbell type exercisers over ball toys.
  • married with children
    great review, thanks. Does Nob essence say what they finish the wood with? There are only a couple of food safe finishes that they can use, and alot of toxic finishes that I would not want to put in my body.
  • Tuesday
    Sloppy Donkey, They say its their own special finish that they call "Lubrosity." They don't say what's in it but they do say its body safe. [http://www.nobessence.com/tellmore.htm]
  • Bunnycups
    Excellent review. I think I will get Energie until I can save up for this one. Nob essence is high quality and the PC muscle exerciser doubles as a g-spot toy. It's bi-winning!
  • Selective Sensualist
    This is yet another NobEssence toy I want! Excellent review, as always.

    I wonder if the two smaller bloops on the other end are for more advanced exercises. You know how the smaller Kegel balls are more advanced? Perhaps this is the same principle. The smaller end would definitely be harder to grip and to resist the pulling.
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    I've never really liked ball exercisers, though I've only tried a few. I have a feeling I'd have a lot better luck with something like this. Thanks for the review.
  • Tuesday
    Bunnycups, Actually Energie works really well as a G-spot toy too. Both toys are double wins.
  • Bunnycups
    Thanks for letting me know. The Energie is within my price range, but I really want this one too. I was impressed with the Romp and I really want another luxurious Nob essence toy. I know I'll end up with both in the long run.
    Thanks again for your awesome reviews on these exercisers. I know I'll get the best ones from reading your reviews.
  • Eucaly
    Really great review and I loved the video too, thank you! Certainly going on a wish list.
  • catalunalilith
  • BellaDonna2884
    I've been wanting to try NobEssence, I think this will be the first toy I try from them.
  • dezzydezire
    Thanks for the great review.
  • anonomous
    Great review!
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