A Travel Companion for your Girly Bits

Overall, this toy is an excellent travel companion, with its small size, water resistance, various settings, easy-to-clean material, and above average power. I gave this toy three stars, rather than four as a reflection of the poor design in regard to effective insertion and G-spot stimulation. It is much better suited to clitoral play than to insertion, making for explosive clitoral orgasms every time!
Travel size, durable, multiple speeds/functions, easy-to-use controls, above average power.
Does not stimulate the G-spot, ridged shaft is difficult to clean.
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The Compact Vibe Mini G by California Exotics is a multi-function, travel-size vibrating toy. If you're seeking G-spot stimulation, look elsewhere for a toy with a more dramatically curved tip. I would recommend this toy as a clitoral stimulator only and *not* as an insertable G-spot toy. Despite it's unassuming, diminutive size and cheerful design and color scheme, I think this item may be best for intermediate to advanced users, who prefer fairly intense vibrations.

Material / Texture

The Compact Mini G is made of hard plastic, with a ridged, textured shaft, and gently curved, Velvet Cote tip. It smells faintly of plastic, but has no discernible taste. The hard plastic is an excellent conductor of vibrations and the Velvet Cote material affords this toy a velvety feel and a nice amount of "grip", stimulating far better than slick, smooth plastic would. The Velvet Cote texture is appropriate for anyone, from beginner to advanced, but the hard plastic ridges on the shaft detract from the experience if you plan on inserting this toy.

Design / Shape / Size

Although the design is not the most discreet, this toy lives up to its name in that it is miniature and it is compact. The Mini G is 5" long, with (supposedly) 2" insertable length, and a 1" diameter, making it an ideal, easy-to-hide travel companion. However, I am completely and utterly baffled at this toy being marketed as a g-spot stimulator. Its recessed, scooped back curve is the opposite of what is typically necessary to access the G-spot. I was unable to even find my g-spot with this toy, let alone to stimulate it effectively, and the sharp ridges around the shaft made insertion uncomfortable for me. I find this toy to be much better suited to clitoral stimulation, where the ridges help to afford the user a nice, non-slip grip. The tapered curve of it is absolutely indispensable in cuddling up to your clit and finding all those sensitive nooks and crannies.

Accessing the battery compartment is very easy, as you just twist off the end and the cap will pop free. Inside is a separate, removable capsule which holds the required two AAA batteries. You simply slide it out, pop in your batteries, and slip it back inside, making sure to fit the notches into place and being sure that the end with screws on it is facing towards the battery cap. When replacing the cap, there may be some resistance and a soft clicking or scraping noise as you twist it back on. This is just the spring on the inside of the cap rubbing against the metal end of the battery capsule. That made me a little nervous, at first, but it doesn't seem to have done any damage thus far.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Despite using only two AAA batteries, the Mini G offers a fairly deep, powerful vibration that is definitely located at the tip of the toy. I prefer the three constant vibration settings, but the pulsing and escalating settings are also very enjoyable, especially since they function at a high level. They're both very stimulating and it's a pleasure to start on the lowest one and work your way up.

The single push-button controls are extremely easy to use, but I feel it may be more convenient to have the button located on the textured shaft, along the "back" of the toy, where your fingers rest when holding it, rather than having to shift your grip on the toy in order to press the button. Pressing the button will cause a muffled click and will cause the toy to switch to the next setting. Unfortunately, there is not easy on/off button, making this item very risky to use if you lack complete privacy. Sometimes, that's part of the fun, but other times it's downright annoying...I think it would be ideal to change the design of this toy some so that the button to cycle through the settings was on the shaft, with a power button on the end to shut it off quickly if need be.


1 - Deep, low, steady vibration
2 - Slightly more powerful, medium, steady vibration
3 - Strong, high, steady vibration
4 - Strong, steady pulsing, at the level of the third setting
5 - Three repeating pulses, escalating low, medium, high.

The toy is fairly quiet and I feel comfortable using it without worrying about people hearing, as long as the door to my room is closed. It performs flawlessly in water and I have not noticed any signs of moisture inside the battery compartment. Be sure to screw the battery cap on tight to seal it completely.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is extremely easy to care for. It's not sticky and is non-porous, which means that a simple wash with soap and water keeps it very clean. Unfortunately, the ridged shaft comes into play again in that it's extremely annoying to clean. Bodily fluids tend to find their way into the dips in between the ridges and are a downright pain to clean unless you have an old toothbrush lying around that will never see the inside of a mouth ever again. This toy would be much better off without the ridged shaft.

I store this toy in my underwear drawer, without a special bag or anything to protect it. The material is not sensitive or sticky and the toy's hard plastic build is very durable. You can use any lubricant with this toy, but I prefer to use water-based lubes with all my toys, just to be on the safe side.


The Mini G came in a clear plastic, easy-to-open, clam shell type package. The insert inside depicts a pasty white, naked couple laughing and having a gay ol' time in the background while the foreground states, in swirly red text..."5 Function Compact Vibe Mini G", a "travel-sized, water proof vibe with 5 powerful functions". It also bears the blue Cal Exotics "Waterproof" seal. It does not come with instructions, but I feel they're unnecessary for this straightforward, user-friendly little vibe.

Personal comments

This is now my go-to clitoral vibrator, replacing my very first toy and my old standby, the Mini Waterproof Vibe, also from California Exotics. I've had that toy for over four years and, although it's still goin' strong, it's grown a little noisier over the years. The Mini G has been a lovely step up with it's fairly quiet noise level and multiple functions.

Unfortunately, I've noticed, just over the last few days, that if I gently shake the Mini G there is a slight rattling going on inside the tip, which is also evident sometimes when the toy is turned on and vibrating...I'm hoping against hope that this isn't a sign that it's going to kick the bucket soon! :( I'll be heartbroken.
Follow-up commentary
This toy is officially my favorite vibrator of all time. I prefer external, clitoral stimulation and the tapered, slightly scooped tip of this vibrator gives me the exact, pinpoint sensations I crave. Unfortunately, it isn't as long-lived as I'd like! I already had to buy a replacement, less than six months after receiving the first one. The battery holder must be removed from its compartment in order to replace the batteries. I found that I was having trouble getting it in and out and would have to remove and replace it a number of times before it was seated in just such a way so that the vibrations would work! Finally it ceased to work all together. Then, when I was trying to see what I could do to fix it, it broke into pieces! I held a small burial ceremony and may have shed a few tears. (Just kidding! I actually sent it in to an adult toy recycling facility, along with a couple that I just didn't use anymore. Check out this site and also this one!

However...I went online immediately after and purchased another. So, that says something about how excellent this toy is...just does not have quite the long life that I wish it had!
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  • Contributor: Kayla
    It's such an interesting toy. I don't think I'd like the texture of it, but you did a really amazing review. Thanks. Smile
  • Contributor: lexical
    Thank you, Mistress Kay!
  • Contributor: Sammi
    I love the design of these. Nice review!
  • Contributor: lexical
    Thank you, Sammi! I think the design is visually appealing, but the ridges are definitely a pain...quite literally Sad face
  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    Wow fail on design of hitting the gspot!
  • Contributor: lexical
    Exactly! I don't think that could have been any more poorly executed.
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great Review! Big smile
  • Contributor: lexical
  • Contributor: Alicia
    Sometimes I'm amazed by the vibes that are marketed as gspot stimulators!!
  • Contributor: Suzy
    YAY for travel buddies!!! Always good to know! Thank you!
  • Contributor: lexical
    Alicia, I know, right? This vibe is pointless for g-spot stim, but it is GREAT for clitoral stimulation

    Suzy, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
  • Contributor: Miss B Haven
    Nice review. Too bad about the poor g-spot stim
  • Contributor: lexical
    Thank you, Wild n Playful. It is a shame, but at least it's turned out to be a useful little sucker in other areas!
  • Contributor: Kdlips
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: lexical
    Ooooold review! wow! lol
  • Contributor: TiffanyW
    Great review
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