L'Amour premium silicone massager Tryst 2 - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by *Keona*

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An Overpriced Warm Up

The price is a little much for its capabilities. A lower price would have lowered expectations for the Tryst 2. Despite its shortcomings, its vibrations will work for some. Bring a powerful bullet in as backup and all won't be lost.
Feels nice internally, easy to operate
Lint magnet, not as powerful as I hoped
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The primary use of the Tryst 2 is to provide G Spot stimulation. Depending on the user this may vary. For some, the Tryst 2 will feel more like any other traditional vibrator. As with most vibrators, the option to use it on your clit or any other external parts of the body is possible as well. It's flexibility and small size make it a nice warm up for solo play. Allowing a partner to use it on you puts the Tryst 2 to even better use. About the only thing you can't do with this toy is use it for anal play. *No flared base*

Material / Texture

Pliable and smooth to the touch, yet resistant at the same time. That is the best way to describe the insertable portion of the Tryst 2. The base of the vibrator is hard, and still just as smooth as the rest of the vibrator. There's a dip located on the front side of the shaft that adds some variety to the smooth texture of the Tryst 2. Smooth doesn't automatically mean it's wise to insert the Tryst 2 without proper lubrication. The resistance I referred to previously can provide some discomfort under certain conditions. Vibe burns and/or irritation are in no way appealing. Be "ready" for your toy, or add a few drops of water based lubricant for a truly smooth experience.

Silicone is always awesome. Top safety ranked, it's nonporous and free from any of those nasty phthalates. There's no strong scent or taste accompanying it. Hot pink isn't an ideal color, but when it's inside of your vagina the color becomes a non issue. Safety matters the most.

Design / Shape / Size

Designed for those who prefer smaller toys, the Tryst 2 comes in at a total of 7 inches. 5 of those inches are insertable with a 1 1/2 inch diameter and a 4 1/4 inch circumference. A petite vibrator can still be quite filling. I found the Tryst to be just right for my body. It was easy to insert and big enough to feel pleasant without being uncomfortable. The raised ridges running along the sides did little to increase that fulfillment. They were actually quite forgettable. The dip located on the front side of the shaft is most noticeable both visibly and to the touch. It creates little difference in the width of the shaft and failed to provide extra internal stimulation. Everyone is made up differently. Someone else may find the very same ridge to be pleasurable. Even the curve on the tip left me somewhat disappointed. It's satisfactory, just not enough to fully wow my g spot. The flexibility of the Tryst 2 allows for different results among others. Do not bend it too much and be aware that it does not hold its shape.

Anyone who sees this vibe will know what it's for. Anyone on the other side of a door shouldn't be able to hear it. Background noise of any kind will ensure that the sounds of the vibrator won't be heard. Hiding or storing it will be simple given its small size. The buttons are on the sensitive side. Also, there's no lock option to ensure that it doesnt accidentally turn on. I wouldn't worry too much about that. It would take hitting the power button and then the functions button to operate. Still, there's no guarantee that it won't turn on so remove the batteries after use or before packing it away for travel.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations are pleasant. Be aware that they aren't the strongest of vibrations. What saves the Tryst 2 is the transfer of the vibes from the tip. No power is lost during insertion. The three steady vibrations and 4 pulsations provide enough options to choose from. Without them things would get boring rather quickly. The pulsations feel much better then the steady vibrations and if you do kegels around the Tryst 2 they'll feel even better.

Comments on the trickiness of opening the battery compartment are all true. If you don't have nails you won't be getting this thing opened quickly. You might even break a nail if you aren't careful. A flathead screwdriver did the trick just fine. Snapping it back in place took a few attempts to get it right. If it's not placed back on properly it can cause problems when its time to clean the Tryst. For that reason, I decided not to use it in the shower. It'd be nice if the cap just twisted on and off. I almost didn't want to take the 2 AAA batteries out once I got them in because of the silly cover.

The light up buttons are a nice touch. There's nothing complicated about using them. One controls the power and the other is used to cycle through the 7 settings. The two buttons are elevated, making them easy to push. A few times during thrusting, I accidentally changed the setting and had to cycle through them again to return to the setting I wanted. That little indentation on the top was the perfect place to rest my fingers to keep from accidentally bumping the buttons.

Care and Maintenance

This particular vibrator can not be cared for in exactly the same manner as other silicone toys. The battery compartment is plastic which means no boiling. Potential damage to the inside parts adds another reason not to boil the Tryst. Also, while waterproof, I noticed that some water made its way into the battery compartment along the rim. This could have been due to poorly reattaching the cover. Either way, it's best to be mindful of how you replace the cover to avoid any unnecessary malfunction due to water damage. Clean with warm water and the soap of your choice, toy cleaner, or a bleach solution. Be aware that the Tryst 2 is a lint magnet. Anything floating in the air will find its way to its surface. Examine every part of the toy before use. A lint free towel wouldn't hurt to have handy either. Wiping it down with paper towel or any towel for that matter leaves traces of particles behind.

Cleaning is the hard part. Using water based lube and removing the batteries before placing it in your storage of choice will all ensure that your vibe works in top condition for as long as possible.


The Tryst 2 came in a clear, hard plastic container without paper instructions on how to use it. Basic information about the vibrator was printed on the box. It's not ideal as a form of storage. Throwing the container away and storing the vibrator some place else is a much better option.

Personal comments

I do like the Tryst 2. It's just not a vibe that I'm head over heels in love with. The vibrations are pleasant enough. I took an immediate liking to the pulsations. For me, there's not enough power in the motor to even bother dealing with the initial vibrations. Whenever I turned it on I skipped past the first three settings. My biggest complaint is how much of a magnet this vibe is for lint, hair, dust, and anything else that could possibly stick to it. Even after cleaning it, I found myself not satisfied with the results. I think I may be a bit ocd when it comes to cleaning my toys and the Tryst 2 just made cleaning an even bigger deal then it already was. There were a few times when I didn't even want to bother using it anymore. I'm also doubtful that I'll be using this toy without the aid of another. There's nothing wrong with using more then one toy at a time, but should I decide that one is enough, I actually want it to be enough. That alone ruins its chances of being my favorite vibe of all time. I'll let it be my favorite warm up toy for the moment instead.
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