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The Javida Gym Ball Single feels pretty simplistic, and it'll be easy for beginners to get into. However, this vaginal exerciser has a ton of seams and doesn't have the weight required for some people. So if you're brand new to vaginal exercisers, want something affordable, and aren't sensitive to seams, the Javida Gym Ball Single could be a good choice for you.
Pretty basic, Simple design, Light enough for weaker muscles
Many, many seams, May not be heavy enough
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The Javida Gym Ball Single is a single-ball vaginal exerciser. Made of silicone and plastic, this small ball is about an inch and a half in width. At about 0.5 ounces in weight, this exerciser includes a twist-able plastic retrieval cord.

The packaging for this vaginal exerciser is pretty basic. It comes in a small box. This small box has a little cardboard "door" on the front that opens up to clearly displays the vaginal exerciser inside the packaging. Inside the packaging, the vaginal ball is contained in a plastic tray that keeps it from moving. The packaging is pretty basic, but it looks pretty, and it'd be more than suitable for gift-giving.

The design for the Javida Gym Ball is pretty simplistic. The ball itself is supposed to be silicone while it has a retrieval cord that's made from plastic. I haven't had any problems with the retrieval cord falling out, and it seems to be pretty tightly designed into the Javida Gym Ball Single to prevent it from just falling out. Unlike most vaginal exercisers, this one only contains one ball to be inserted instead of two. One thing that's instantly noticable about the Javida Gym Ball Single is that it does have a lot of noticable seams. You can easily feel these seams when you run your fingers over the surface of the vaginal exerciser. This also applies during use - especially if you're sensitive to seams. I definitely recommend putting on extra lubricant to make up for this issue and possibly avoiding the Javida Gym Ball Single entirely if you're sensitive to seams since this vaginal ball has some of the most pronounced seams I've ever felt in a sex toy - and I've tried hundreds.

The Javida Gym Ball Single also is pretty unique in its shape. It has an egg-shaped shape which is unique for most vaginal exercisers. Most of them tend to be oval-like or circle-shaped, but this one has more of an egg-shape. It doesn't seem to make much of a difference during use, but if you tend to have problems inserting most vaginal exercisers, the slight slim-to-larger point that the tip of the vaginal exerciser gives might help a bit. I don't think it's going to help most people much, though, and I didn't notice much of a difference during insertion.

This vaginal exerciser ball is pretty average in sensation. In fact, it's on the lighter side (weight-wise) than most vaginal exercisers. This means that I definitely wouldn't recommend it if you're someone that's used other types of vaginal exercisers before and wants more of a challenge. You can feel the inner weighted ball moving around while you walk around, but it doesn't feel too heavy or weighted which may not work your muscles as intensely as you were hoping for - again, it really depends on how much past experience you've had using vaginal exercisers. The egg-shape really doesn't seem to bother me much - I was worried that the pointy-esque end might uncomfortably poke against my body, but it doesn't. It feels about as comfortable as any other vaginal exerciser.

The retrieval string feels okay against the body. I wouldn't call it the most comfortable retrieval string ever, and if it gets bunched up in a weird way in your underwear, it can require some adjustment or it'll poke uncomfortably at your body. The retrieval string is made of a firm plastic material, so it definitely won't break, but it also can get uncomfortable if pressed in the wrong way. On the plus-side, though, it's very easy to clean and pretty hygienic, so that's always a good thing.

This vaginal exerciser is pretty simple to clean. It requires using warm water and antibacterial soap. For some odd reason, this vaginal exerciser has small little holes in the sides of the ball, though, and bodily fluids and lubricant get stuck easily into these holes. I recommend using a cotton swab or something to clean out this area because it's important to clean all areas of the toy. It's only compatible with water-based lubricant, and you can pretty much store this however you want since the silicone and plastic doesn't really pick up any hair or lint.

The Javida Gym Ball Single is okay. I can't say it's extraordinary, but it's not awful either. If you're sensitive to seams, this is not a good choice, but if you aren't so sensitive to seams, it's affordable and pretty simplistic to use. I can easily see this being an okay choice for beginners to vaginal exercisers. Just don't expect anything too mind-blowing.
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